NOTE: The descriptive explanations offered here are only outlines of specific programs, proposed for each purpose and given appropriate acronyms, as might be consistent with the current codes of the United States—a nation where these social programs could be immediately established and implemented. There is much more to each program than what is presented herein. By using common sense and 35 the powers given to Congress by THumP®’s Proposed Constitution, government will be tasked with determining all details and needed aspects of each of the following programs. These examples and suggestions are only for clarity of how Article IV Section 2 of THumP®’s Proposed Constitution can be fulfilled.

“HEALTH and UNIVERSAL MEDICAL ASSISTANCE NEEDS for EVERYONE” (HUMANE), similar to the current U.S. Medicare/Medicaid systems, will provide physical and mental health care for everyone.  Through the HUMANE program, people will choose their own doctor, hospital, dentist, pharmacist, psychologist, therapist, etc., according to their personal needs and wants.

The best doctors and the best hospitals will see the most patients; therefore, they will make the most money.  A congressionally established HUMANE commission will determine the proper amount to compensate health care providers for their services, compensating healthcare professionals appropriately and fairly.  Nothing is more valuable to a well-fed, well-housed, well-clothed person than their health.  Therefore, health care providers will be compensated sufficiently to affect the most efficient and advanced health care for all people.  Again, people get to choose who their doctor is or which hospital they wish to go to for treatment, without restrictions.  Health care providers will be drawn into the forefront of free market competition.  No other government-backed career will earn more than health care professionals, thus enticing those who want to become wealthy with an incentive and the means to do so in helping provide health services for others.

Each person will have a HUMANE card that will identify the person and have his or her medical records encrypted upon a microchip in their personal card.  No matter where one chooses to go, that person will have their medical records with them.  A Universal Medical Database will be established that has a complete record of everyone’s medical records and history.  If someone loses their card, their medical information will be readily available.  Of course, all of this will be strictly confidential.  A simple swab of the mouth, a fingerprint, or an iris scan will access any human being’s medical records.

HUMANE commissioners can oversee the health care that is provided for any individual.  With a centralized database and the elimination of cash as a means of payment, the ability for health care providers to cheat the system will be eliminated.  HUMANE commissioners will decide what medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and mental health services will be universally provided to ensure the health and welfare of all people equally.

HUMANE will not pay for unnecessary medical attention such as cosmetic surgery or other non-essential services that do not pertain to the general physical and mental health of the individual.  However, cosmetic surgery reconstruction for natural deformities or those caused by accidents, along with gender identity issues that create mental abnormalities, will be covered; those pertaining to the vanity of the individual will not.

Any abuse of the HUMANE program will be considered a crime against humanity and punishable according to the severity of the crime.  Some current health care providers overbill and charge for unseen patients.  If a health care provider is convicted of HUMANE abuse, they will lose their ability to participate in the program and be subject to other criminal penalties.

People will not be able to abuse the program because the covered procedures will be understood and outlined specifically for them.  In fact, if the above FACE program is in effect, most people will be eating a lot healthier, thus limiting their need for general health care at all.  The money alone saved in not allowing the purchase of “junk food” (as is currently the case with the food stamp program), and the resulting beneficial effects on the body, will be enough to pay for the healthcare professionals who want to get rich providing health care to others.

The viability of the HUMANE program comes from the desire of healthcare professionals to be compensated properly for their services.  When these professionals realize that they are going to be valued and compensated according to their needs and wants, they will do whatever it takes to provide quality health care.  Some will continue to desire participation in the program for the sake of caring for the wellbeing of the people of the world.  But, as current human nature is, the better the pay, the better the care.  Again, the way HUMANE will be set up will result in competition, which creates quality in a free market system.

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For questions about how the FBNL® will be paid for, please see The Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan.

Note: Congress will have the power to legislate safeguards that limit the inflation rate on all goods and services guaranteed to the people in our Proposed Constitution to 1.5% per annum. See Article I: Section 9(c) and its corresponding Note 9.c to learn more.

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