NOTE: The descriptive explanations offered here are only outlines of specific programs, proposed for each purpose and given appropriate acronyms, as might be consistent with the current codes of the United States—a nation where these social programs could be immediately established and implemented. There is much more to each program than what is presented herein. By using common sense and 35 the powers given to Congress by THumP®’s Proposed Constitution, government will be tasked with determining all details and needed aspects of each of the following programs. These examples and suggestions are only for clarity of how Article IV Section 2 of THumP®’s Proposed Constitution can be fulfilled.

EDUCATION and QUALITY UNIVERSAL ASSISTANCE for LEARNING (EQUAL) will be available to all human beings free of charge.  No government can place a specific legal value on education.  It should be available to all people of the world equally.  However, the requirements for graduation can be enhanced and improved by making it difficult for a person to gain a certificate or degree in any particular field to ensure that these degrees are not misused.

For example, those who wish to become a doctor will be required to comply with a strict regimen of medical school education that will ensure quality doctors.  Because medical school will be free to anyone wishing to attend, the importance of receiving a degree will be restrictive and left for those with sincere intent, thus ensuring quality medical professionals.

Because education will be free, the pool of human intellect will grow.  This will create competition between the schools and a greater quality of educated people.  Most importantly, each human being will be allowed to learn those unique things that support his or her own individuality.  People will finally be left with no excuse as to why they did not receive an appropriate education with an emphasis on their personal elective field.  Nevertheless, those who do not desire to go through the regiment of strict educational requirements needed to obtain a degree will not have to.  Because their basic human needs will be provided for, they can go to school, or not, depending on what makes them happy.

School administrators, professors, and teachers will be paid appropriately according to current free market trends.  Although these EQUAL service providers are not as necessary to basic human physical needs as health care providers are, they are important for the emotional state of human beings living in a free market world.  They should be compensated based on their ability to retain students in their classrooms.  Because education will be free, schools will be in competition to hire the best teachers that will attract the most students.  Schools will have to offer the classes that the students want.  The demand for education will create the supply in education as it does in all other aspects of a free market economy.

Private schools will remain under private, for-profit management.  If an educational entrepreneur wants to establish a school that will attract students and provide educational disciplines that meet EQUAL guidelines, then let them compete with those thus established.  Daily attendance will be tracked and schools will be paid based on student attendance.  Students will have an “Education Card,” much like a credit card, that can be used to pay for their education.  Any abuse of EQUAL by school administrators or teachers will result in the charge of a crime against humanity, and be appropriately punished.

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For questions about how the FBNL® will be paid for, please see The Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan.

Note: Congress will have the power to legislate safeguards that limit the inflation rate on all goods and services guaranteed to the people in our Proposed Constitution to 1.5% per annum. See Article I: Section 9(c) and its corresponding Note 9.c to learn more.

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