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Note: The Humanity Party® does not accept nor solicit for donations of any kind.

The Humanity Party® does not award prizes or give direct benefits to anyone.

If you receive a text or email from someone claiming to be a representative of The Humanity Party®, do not give out any personal or financial information.

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Note: The Humanity Party® does not accept nor solicit for donations of any kind.

The Humanity Party® does not award prizes or give direct benefits to anyone.

If you receive a text or email from someone claiming to be a representative of The Humanity Party®, do not give out any personal or financial information.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-05-26T20:41:02+00:00
What is the overall end that THumP® is trying to accomplish?2023-04-16T22:10:59+00:00

Besides physical security through military and law enforcement means; to provide for and protect by law the Five Basic Necessities of Life (FBNL®) for all humans from the moment of birth to the moment of death, regardless of economic status, criminal history, age, ethnicity, country of origin, gender, physical and/or mental disability, religion, or sexual orientation.

Any violation of this law would be considered a crime against humanity and punishable as any other crime against humanity is punished.

What are the Five Basic Necessities of Life (FBNL®)?2023-03-27T20:00:01+00:00

1. Nutritious food and clean water.
2. Basic and secure housing and utilities.
3. Basic clothing applicable to the climate.
4. Comprehensive health and mental care.
5. Basic public education, including four years at an accredited university or college.

We now have the technology and industry available to us to provide the basic necessities of life to all human beings equally.

These will be provided using The Humanity Party®’s FBNL® benefit card, called the Human Electronic Benefit Card (HumanECard®).

If everyone is provided their basic needs, won’t that make people not want to work?2023-04-16T22:13:01+00:00

Most humans do not want to just exist in a safe house with electricity and good food to eat. Once they start eating good food, their minds are going to start working better; and with less stress, they’ll have the energy to go out and do something with their life and liberty.

For example, they’ll want to watch TV, but the HumanECard® does not allow them to buy a television. It only allows them to buy the basic necessities of life.

So, they’ll be forced, by sheer necessity and personal motivation, to get a job so they can buy a television; so they can buy a car that will allow them to travel; or so they can get a bigger and better house than what they’re provided for by the HumanECard®.

A person who is provided with the basic necessities of life is going to spend a lot more money in the economy, and work harder for those things that they want, than one who lives hopelessly in despair and poverty.

How would we solve the world’s overpopulation problem?2023-04-16T22:13:59+00:00

How to solve the world’s overpopulation problem, found here.

Who is going to be responsible for paying for and providing the FBNL®?2023-04-16T22:14:49+00:00

The World’s economic powers regulated and controlled by a democratically elected government.

View proposed constitution.

How will the world’s economic powers pay for the government and social programs needed to provide the FBNL® to all humans?2023-06-25T00:03:49+00:00

By implementing The Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan under the new Tax Code listed in Article I, Section 9(a) of the new Proposed Constitution, the World’s economic powers will be able to pay for the needed programs that will provide the FBNL® to all humans equally.

What is the Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan (FTP)?2023-05-22T21:40:38+00:00

The Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan found here.

What are the government and social programs needed to provide the FBNL® to all humans?2023-05-22T21:40:59+00:00

Government and Social Programs needed to provide the Five Basic Necessities of Life (FBNL®) can be found here: Food, Housing, Clothing, Healthcare, and Education.

If the world’s economic powers issue the money to pay for the FBNL®, won’t inflation run out of control?2023-06-24T23:53:21+00:00

Congress will establish safeguards that limit the inflation rate on all goods and services guaranteed to the people in our Proposed Constitution to 1.5% per annum.

Article I, Section 9(c):

“Power to Regulate Inflation on Human Basic Necessities.

TO regulate the inflation on the cost of the goods and services provided under Article IV, not to exceed 1.5% per annum. Congress shall have no power to regulate the inflation of any other goods or services.”

Learn more by reviewing our Fair Tax Plan.

Can the world’s economy go back to the gold standard instead of issuing new money?2023-04-17T04:11:37+00:00

No. The World’s economy cannot go back to the gold standard because if we were to divide all the gold that has ever been mined, equally among all humans, each person would have a speck of gold in their hand.

There is not enough mined gold to perform the economic functions that are needed to provide goods, services, and the transactions of a market system. It wouldn’t work.

Why is it fair and how can it be possible that American economics control world economics?2023-03-13T20:30:30+00:00

America is the World’s number one consumer. America has the power to establish laws that mandate price controls (i.e., what its consumers pay for goods and services) thus affecting and controlling the World’s economy.

Furthermore, America can establish laws that protect the people of manufacturing countries from human rights abuse. America will not consume goods and services unless the country from which the goods and services originate support and protect the basic human rights of the people who create these consumer goods and services.

Is the Humanity Party® a legal and government-approved political party?2023-05-22T21:41:35+00:00

Yes. THumP® is a legally registered U.S. political party.

How can the Humanity Party®’s new constitution become the law of the land without disrupting the current U.S. Constitution and its laws and protections?2023-05-22T21:42:06+00:00

Article V of the current U.S. Constitution states:

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both Houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose Amendments to this Constitution, or, on the Application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States, shall call a Convention for proposing Amendments, which, in either Case, shall be valid to all Intents and Purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourths of the several States, or by Conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other Mode of Ratification may be proposed by the Congress; Provided that no Amendment which may be made prior to the Year One thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any Manner affect the first and fourth Clauses in the Ninth Section of the first Article; and that no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal Suffrage in the Senate.”

When THumP® becomes an active and official political party option, THumP® will register candidates in all State and District elections for Congress. If THumP® can win at least two-thirds of both Houses, THumP®’s representatives can propose a complete overhaul and revision of the current Constitution.

Who will choose the Humanity Party®’s candidates for office?2023-05-22T21:42:31+00:00

Anyone can claim to be a THumP® candidate and campaign as such. THumP® will monitor social media and determine who is receiving the most support in their campaign for office.

Who promotes THumP®?2023-05-22T21:42:52+00:00

The collective will of people who give their voice and support to what THumP® is trying to accomplish.

Add your voice.

How will the people who promote and support THumP® demonstrate their will?2023-05-22T21:44:02+00:00

We will utilize the people’s voting rights to send a message of non-acceptance of status quo political platforms and agendas. People will register to vote and ‘write-in’ “Humanity Party®” instead of voting for any balloted candidate. People can also show their support of THumP® by signing their names and providing their personal information in THumP® BOOK OF LIFE®.

Who are the people who organized, established, and run THumP®?2023-05-22T21:44:23+00:00

THumP®’s Board of Directors and its Executive Board, found here.

Where and when was ThumP® established?2023-05-22T21:44:49+00:00

The group who would become the Board of Directors first met to discuss The Humanity Party® in March of 2005 in San Diego, California. THumP® officially launched a decade later on July 4, 2015, along with the logical solutions to the world’s problems.

Do any of the people who organized, established and run THumP® receive any compensation for their services?2023-03-13T20:34:45+00:00


Will any of the people who organize, run, and establish THumP® ever receive compensation for their role and activities in THumP®?2023-03-22T17:45:25+00:00


How do we make financial contributions to THumP®?2023-05-22T21:45:08+00:00

THumP® does not solicit nor accept donations of any kind.

What does the THumP® logo represent?2023-05-22T21:45:30+00:00

The Humanity Party®’s logo represents strong hands both offering and demanding (thus the hand “THumP®“ing) that the Five Basic Necessities of Life (FBNL®) be offered to all humankind. The colors of the rainbow symbolize human diversity and acceptance. The wheat represents our need and right to basic nutritious food and clean water. The oak leaf represents our need and right to basic, safe housing. The cotton represents our need and right to basic clothing. The herb leaf represents our need and right to basic health and mental care; and the birch leaf represents our need and right to proper education.

The Humanity Party® explains the real truth about money:2023-03-22T17:45:11+00:00

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