The HUMANITY PARTY® Proclaims:

The only way that peace on Earth can or ever will be accomplished is if the people of Earth unite and demand liberty and justice for all humans equally and equitably, according to each person’s individual pursuit of happiness. United we stand, divided we fall. There is no other way.

Before life can begin and then necessitate liberty in order to produce the pursuit of happiness, life must be protected, supported, and valued as the most important part of human existence. The right to life truly is the greatest part of our shared humanity.

Therefore, the most pressing matter in the fight for justice and equity is to end poverty.

Charities perpetuate poverty.

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From the time that humans first divided themselves into groups of families, communities, cities, states and nations, there have existed social movements with the intent of equalizing the economic playing field.

But no one has had the courage to stand up to the religions and charities of the earth that claim to help the poor and needy and tell them that they are part of the problem. Nevertheless, common sense and logic scream:

Because poverty continues to increase throughout the world daily, the way that the poor are being helped isn’t working and is evidently adding to the problem.

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The Inalienable Right to Life

THumP® defines poverty as the lack of access to nutritious food, to clean water, to adequate and secure housing, to appropriate clothing for the climate in which a person lives, to comprehensive health and mental care, and to good education of their choice. THumP® defines these goods and services as the Five Basic Necessities of Life (FBNL®). People who lack access to the FBNL® on a daily basis live in poverty.

­­­­Poverty is caused by a person lacking the money to pay for the Five Basic Necessities of Life. We (humans) invented money. We have given power and authority to the few of us to control and manage money. The majority of us can demand how these few (governments) control and manage it. In this way, people are directly responsible for the existence of poverty. And if people are directly responsible for allowing poverty, then people can abolish it.

No right established by law should supersede the right to the basic necessities that support human life. No government should exist that does not prioritize the right to life as its number one purpose and protection. There must be laws established that are unarguable, simple, and definitive in support of human life; laws that are difficult for lawyers and judges to misinterpret.

THumP®’s proposed new Worldwide Constitution definitively institutes the inalienable, basic human right to life. It establishes laws to guarantee the Five Basic Necessities of Life to each and every human being living upon our Earth, free of any debt or charge, from the moment of their birth to the moment of their death (see Proposed Constitution, Article IV, Section 2). A Congress of representatives bound to the law of a proper Constitution would be required to establish and implement social programs that guarantee and provide the FBNL® to all citizens. (Learn more about every human being’s unconditional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our Platform.)

Why is it fair and the right thing to do to provide free basic necessities of life to all people? Because the world has changed. People are now forced to work for others in order to survive (this is called slavery). Many years ago a person was able to travel throughout the earth and provide for oneself from the natural abundance of Earth’s resources, which no one, at that time, owned. The earth and its resources are now owned by less than 1% of the world’s population. Everyone else must rent from these few and pay them for the earth’s resources in order to survive. This is not fair. This is not equal. This must change, or people will continue to rebel and fight this inequality with violence. Do you blame them?

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How poverty leads to terrorism

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not possible for someone living in poverty; and most of the world’s population either lives in poverty or is threatened by poverty.

The ONLY way to end poverty is to confront it on a global level. This is because the world has become so economically connected that it is impossible to end it any other way.

The Economics of Solving Poverty

Poverty can be solved by implementing government oversight and regulation of money in the pursuit of providing the Five Basic Necessities of Life. The solution incorporates the best parts of Capitalism and a Free Market economy (based on the right to pursue wealth and greed) with the best parts of Socialism (based on the advocacy that an economy be owned and regulated by—and used for the benefit of— society as a whole). At this time in human development upon Earth, one economic system without the other would not serve the needs of all people equally.

Enough money can be created and offered on the free market by the government to those who are willing to provide the Five Basic Necessities of Life. This can be accomplished within current economic policies. Wherever money is available, the markets will come for it. To combat any cost inflation resulting from the government’s demand of basic necessities, Congress will have the power to legislate safeguards that limit the inflation rate on all goods and services guaranteed to the people in our Proposed Constitution to 1.5% per annum (see Article I, Section 9(c) and its corresponding Note 9.c to learn more). If the government offers corporations the monetary contracts to provide these goods and services, the rich will become richer by aiding the struggling poor, instead of widening the gap between them.

If given money directly, most people cannot be trusted to spend it on their basic necessities. This is because there are many other items that are not part of the FBNL® that entice the consumerism of human nature (phones, cars, drugs, movies, etc). Therefore, rather than giving money to people, the solution is to instead give each person a type of electronic benefit card (which we call the HumanECard®) that is electronically restricted to only purchasing the FBNL®.

Government bureaucracies have never worked to properly administer to the needs of the people by bypassing the people’s input on the goods and services that they require. The people should be able to choose a provider based on their needs and the quality of goods and services offered. Once the people have made their choice of providers, the government can then ensure that those providers are properly paid. This can be easily accomplished through the HumanECard®. (Visit this page to review details about the power of the Humanity Party®s proposed HumanECard®.) Capitalism, as it has evolved in our world, and through the competition and pursuit of greed that exists therein, will ensure quality goods and services.

Becoming wealthy from one’s desire to supply something others want should never be punished or discouraged. The desire for wealth creates social innovation and technological progress. The free market and a supply-and-demand economy is, has been, and will be the impetus for most technological and standard of living advancements.

When more money (through the HumanECard®) is made available to impoverished areas throughout the world, the local economy will grow exponentially. This is because the goods and service providers will need to hire new employees to help them meet the new demand. This is a win-win economic situation for all.

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The HumanECard®

“The possession of this card would not only unite the world economically, but emotionally.”

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Human Nature and the Motivation to Work

Providing the people with their basic necessities will not make people lazy. Most humans do not want to just exist in a safe house with electricity and good food to eat. Once they start eating good food, their minds are going to start working better; and with less stress, they’ll have the energy to go out and do something with their life and liberty.

Humans want to expand their horizons and take advantage of the goods and services that others provide for their entertainment and enjoyment—things which should not be provided free of charge. It would not be possible for a person to buy a television, computer, or phone with their issued HumanECard®. To afford the services not covered under the Basic Necessities of Life, people will want to work. There’s a big difference between wanting to work and being forced to work. People will be compelled by personal motivation to get a job so that they can buy a television; so that they can buy a car that will allow them to travel; or so that they can get a bigger and better house than what they’re provided for by the HumanECard®. And the majority of the available and quality jobs will be in the business sectors that offer the goods and services guaranteed by the HumanECard®s. A person who is provided with the Five Basic Necessities of Life is going to spend a lot more money in the economy, and work harder for those things that they want, than one who lives hopelessly in despair and poverty.

Emotional health is vital to human motivation. Children are at their creative best when they have their needs provided for and are able to use their free will, unforced, in the exploration of their environment. Children do not like to be forced to do anything. Being forced is work. Play is not being forced to do something, but is often more physically and mentally demanding and challenging than work, yet much more enjoyable. Allowing humans to believe that they are playing with each other at the Game of Life is much more conducive to overall peace and tranquility than forcing free-willed people to do something that they do not enjoy. A government can become the ultimate parent or guardian that inspires its “children” to greatness in their individuality.

Ensuring that the basic necessities of life are guaranteed to all people equally will support and enhance the Free Market system, but will also protect people from becoming slaves and being abused by the companies for which they are forced to work to live.

Together we can eliminate war, hunger, poverty, homelessness, terrorism, protect the environment, and solve every human condition that threatens not only our own self-worth, but that of any other person on Earth.

Human Accountability and Universal Solutions

The only way humanity will be saved is if humans start uniting together and solving the problems that they created themselves. Humans are completely responsible for all the problems that exist. Being thus responsible, humans can solve all of these problems. All that stands in humanity’s way is the pride and vanity that individuals and groups of individuals depend upon for their self-worth and value.

The traditions of the world’s major religions are one of the main underlying causes of human division and inequality.

One of the greatest deceptions of all—that which keeps humanity from improving and solving its own problems—is the assumption that if God wanted to solve the problems on Earth, God would tell his chosen leaders how to do so. Religious leaders teach that most of humanity’s problems are a result of humanity not listening to them, who are God’s ONLY true messengers on the earth. Human poverty and inequality are justified by the masses as, “Just the way things are.” Or, “If God can’t do it, and God rules the Earth, then how could mortals? We’ll wait on God.” This is a great deception. It causes humanity to continue to suffer from problems that could easily be solved by people uniting and fixing the problems themselves.

The Humanity Party® takes the outside force of a God out of the equation and places the responsibility and solutions on the people. Together, united in equality, we can create peace and joy on Earth by solving humanity’s problems, which are our own problems.

Our salvation completely depends on our ability to listen to and comply with the inspiration of our conscience. If we were honest with ourselves and each other: we all know what is right and what is wrong. We can feel it. We can sense it. Often we act contrary to what we know deep inside is right. We know that loving others and treating them good is right. Only by abiding by the strict dictates of our mutual consciences can we expect to get along and live forever upon this earth.

May ALL of humanity learn that we are all equal and that none of us is above another. May we unite as ONE HEART AND ONE MIND with a new attitude towards ourselves and each other. We cannot unite and see each other as equals until we finally realize that we ARE the gods upon whom we depend for salvation.

We can become our own God; one of compassion; one who knows how to solve the problems associated with our world.

This God is HUMANITY and is the only true god of the Humanity Party®.

WE are GOD. And WE can create a better world.

Do not be deceived by complainers, protesters, organizers, or people who don’t offer viable solutions and continually spread negative—and usually incorrect—gossip and controversy. Study our proposals. Educate yourself.

THumP® has the answers and the knowledge. The Humanity Party® has the solutions to every human problem that exists.


We live upon Earth during a time of both immense promise and great peril. It is entirely up to us whether we lift the world to new heights or let it fall into a valley of disrepair. We have it in our power, should we so choose, to lift millions from poverty, to help our citizens realize their dreams, and to ensure that new generations of children are raised free from violence, hatred, and fear.

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