NOTE: The descriptive explanations offered here are only outlines of specific programs, proposed for each purpose and given appropriate acronyms, as might be consistent with the current codes of the United States—a nation where these social programs could be immediately established and implemented. There is much more to each program than what is presented herein. By using common sense and 35 the powers given to Congress by THumP®’s Proposed Constitution, government will be tasked with determining all details and needed aspects of each of the following programs. These examples and suggestions are only for clarity of how Article IV Section 2 of THumP®’s Proposed Constitution can be fulfilled.

Most people living in civilized communities and countries of the world have closets full of extra clothing.  Congress can establish a CLOTHING ASSISTANCE RESOURCES for EVERYONE (CARE) commission to provide clothing to anyone in need.  Used clothing receptacles can be placed in the communities of the world where people can deposit their unwanted clothing.  The CARE commission will establish a way to collect this clothing, wash it, and place it in CARE distribution facilities where the clothing will be free of charge to anyone needing it.  If any clothing is not obtained within a period of one year, it will be sent to a CARE-supported recycling center that will recycle the clothing into other fashion products that are in demand in the free market system.  The recycled clothing will eventually make enough money to pay for the rest of CARE needs.

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For questions about how the FBNL® will be paid for, please see The Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan.

Note: Congress will have the power to legislate safeguards that limit the inflation rate on all goods and services guaranteed to the people in our Proposed Constitution to 1.5% per annum. See Article I: Section 9(c) and its corresponding Note 9.c to learn more.

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