NOTE: The descriptive explanations offered here are only outlines of specific programs, proposed for each purpose and given appropriate acronyms, as might be consistent with the current codes of the United States—a nation where these social programs could be immediately established and implemented. There is much more to each program than what is presented herein. By using common sense and 35 the powers given to Congress by THumP®’s Proposed Constitution, government will be tasked with determining all details and needed aspects of each of the following programs. These examples and suggestions are only for clarity of how Article IV Section 2 of THumP®’s Proposed Constitution can be fulfilled.

Each person can be issued a “HOUSING ASSISTANCE VOUCHER for EVERYONE” (HAVE). This voucher will be used to rent a HAVE-approved residence. The voucher can also be used for long-term payments of motel or hotel accommodations in the case of an emergency housing need. A HAVE commission can be established by Congress.

The government will reimburse the landlord, corporate property management company, or hotel or motel chain according to the average rent of any particular area, or the established market price of the room. The owners of the properties must obtain HAVE pre-approval before a HAVE will be honored. Authorized HAVE inspectors will ensure that the property is safe for residency.

This program could be very similar to the current U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 8 program—the differences being that everyone who wants a voucher will receive one; and the voucher will pay 100% of the market rent instead of a set amount based on the income of the person. The size of the rental unit will also help determine the rental amount. Heads of household with children will need only one voucher (HAVE) per household. The amount approved will depend on the number of dependents under the age of 18 years, or those so dependent by a physical or mental disability, and will also depend upon the number of bedrooms required.

​Once a person reaches the age of 18, he or she will be eligible for his or her own HAVE. A property owner will only receive one HAVE reimbursement per rental unit, regardless of how many adults and children live there. Because owners must pre-approve their renters, they can make restrictions on the occupancy according to their maintenance needs. HAVE commissioners can also determine the appropriate needs of the people relevant to the ability of property owners to provide rental units. HAVE inspectors will be the main employees of this program. They will be trained to inspect residences and ensure safety. Only upon a HAVE inspector approval will a property owner be approved to receive reimbursement of a HAVE voucher. Each residence will be inspected annually. The people who utilize the HAVE program will also be able to contact an inspector if any violation by property owners arises. The property owner can also evict any tenant for violation of applicable landlord/tenant laws by filing a grievance with the HAVE commission.

Property owners are guaranteed payment for each HAVE voucher they receive for the rental of their property. Strict criminal penalties will be enforced to discourage fraud. If convicted of any HAVE rule violation, the property owner will be banned from the program for a set time period, or continually, according to the severity of the violation.

The HAVE assistance program will help people find homes in the area in which they wish to reside, and will also assist property owners with any of their problems. The renters will be responsible for the proper upkeep and care of the residence, unless otherwise provided by the landlord or Home Owners Association. Those who continually violate general rules of reasonable care of the property will be penalized. These penalties will include being remanded to “Managed Family Facilities (MFF),” where a family will be able to live, but will have their freedom restricted until they learn how to responsibly and properly care for property. These MFF will be set up for instruction and support rather than punishment. However, those who cannot be trusted to take care of HAVE-subsidized homes, and have repeatedly proven their unwillingness to do so, will be forced to live in these secure, structured, and government managed facilities.

Each home will be allotted a certain number of HAVES energy credits, which will provide the residence with electricity and gas, depending on the rental unit’s size and proportionate to the number of people residing in the unit. The property owners will be responsible for garbage disposal, sewer, and water, unless otherwise approved by the HAVE program. Compensation for these basic utilities will be included in the acceptable market value of the rental property, set by the owner and approved by the HAVE commission.

The HAVE program can be used to acquire ownership of any property. If a person wishes to own their own home, they must participate in the free market system. However, by utilizing HAVE, a young couple, for example, will be able to save for a substantial down payment on their own home. If the couple chooses to utilize the HAVE program until they have saved enough money to buy their own home outright, that will be their choice.

The free market will flourish because people will be spending the money they would normally have to spend for housing on other things. Construction companies and land developers will rush to build HAVE- approved housing, because they will know that the rent is guaranteed. Competition between companies will lead to better quality housing for everyone because the people get to choose where they live. If a person is living in an approved HAVE residence and a better one is built elsewhere, nothing will prohibit the person from moving to the better unit.

Engineers, architects, and developers will bid on the major contracts needed to house the people of the world—just as they did to develop the vast city of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, in the middle of the desert! Technology will support the development of quality housing anywhere in the world. Wherever there are people who need a home, they will have one through the HAVE program. And when the people have the means to pay for their own privately-owned home, Capitalists will willingly take their money for a profit by providing them with one.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

For questions about how the FBNL® will be paid for, please see The Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan.

Note: Congress will have the power to legislate safeguards that limit the inflation rate on all goods and services guaranteed to the people in our Proposed Constitution to 1.5% per annum. See Article I: Section 9(c) and its corresponding Note 9.c to learn more.

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