HOPE For America’s Future


It’s time to consider a redirection of American law and justice that reflect modern-day ideals and realities.

Introducing a new political party that offers hope for our future with realistic alternatives to the existing government systems. In a world full of uncertainty and turmoil, we can create peace.

The Humanity Party® (THumP®) proposes real life solutions to real problems for people living in America and throughout the world today. Our platform is simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. Learn more about our platform

We believe that all people should have the Five Basic Necessities of Life, provided free of charge. We already have the technology and the resources to make this a reality today.

How will we pay for these social programs? Read more about the Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan.

The change we need can be implemented through the proper constitution. Our proposed Constitution is a general outline of desired changes that can be incorporated into the current U.S. Constitution.

Until we have candidates from our party, THumP® calls for a civil uprising demanding real change of the political status quo. This can be done peacefully and according to law at voting booths throughout the world. Instead of voting for any listed candidate, write in "HUMANITY PARTY." The Humanity Party has the solutions that no one else does.

quoteImagine for a moment, that in the future we eventually figure out how to live with each other in peace and harmony. As science and technology advances, we learn to use these advancements for the mutual benefit of the human race, and at that same time, we learn to live in harmony with the natural environment of the earth. We learn to correct both our social and environmental mistakes of the past, and the earth becomes a wonderful place for humans to live.quote Human Reality, page 26

THumP®’s Political Platform acts as the party’s official manifesto that encompasses our views and political points and ideals. This manifesto includes THumP®’s beliefs, but most importantly, their application to real life. Our party line revolves around three basic inalienable human rights: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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The Humanity Party®'s proposed Constitution is a general outline of desired changes that can be incorporated into the current U.S. Constitution. According to current constitutional law, if enough Humanity Party® Representatives are elected to Congress, they can legally rewrite the Constitution. THumP®'s proposed Constitution can act as a guideline and offer suggestions for the new Congress to aid in establishing a refreshed set of fundamental principles to govern America.

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By using this nation’s first Declaration of Independence, and changing a few words to reflect the current needs of its people, we present the solid foundation of a worldwide effort to eliminate what could potentially be the demise of the human race.


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