It’s time to consider a redirection of law and justice that reflect modern-day ideals and realities.

Introducing a new worldwide political party platform that offers a viable, strategic alternative to the existing government systems.

Until the Humanity Party® has candidates from it's party, THumP® calls for a civil uprising demanding real change of the political status quo. This can be done peacefully and according to law at voting booths throughout the world. Instead of voting for any listed candidate, write in "HUMANITY PARTY."

The people of the world can declare that they refuse to continue toleration of a flawed system, and demand that a united world exists that institutes a more humane government. To rise for change, simply register to vote and at the polling booth on the day of elections, write in the words "THE HUMANITY PARTY®."

"A generation may bind itself as long as its majority continues in life; when that has disappeared, another majority is in place, holds all the rights and powers their predecessors once held and may change their laws and institutions to suit themselves. Nothing then is unchangeable but the inherent and unalienable rights of man."

Thomas Jefferson



The World Dream

•  The Illusion of the

World Dream

"It becomes easier for the majority to desensitize their minds from the conditions of poverty and destitution that exist at the bottom of the economic ladder, because of the image in their minds of future success and the opportunity to jump from the ninety-nine percent to the one percent."

Republic  vs. Democracy

•   Constitutional Reform

•   Equality for All

"The legal protection of each individual’s rights and liberties should be the main emphasis of a righteous constitution.  No group or majority should have the right to deny any individual of that person’s personal persuasion and pursuit of happiness."

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

•   Social Welfare Laws

•   Providing Equal

Opportunity by Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs

"No right established by law should supersede the right to the basic necessities that support human life.  No government should exist that does not prioritize the right to life as its number one purpose and protection."

Domestic Policy

•   Reforming

Government to Serve the People

•   Humane Legislation

vs. Inhumane Laws

•   Reforming and

Supporting Domestic Law Enforcement

"The underlying issues that affect domestic policy can be solved by an updated and sound Constitution that provides the overall blueprint that politicians will be forced to follow by laws made for the people and by the people."

World Policy and Diplomacy

•   Building Bridges of

Peace and Prosperity

•   American

Exceptionalism vs. World Reality

•   Apologizing to the


•   America's Role in the

United Nations

"America must remain the most powerful nation upon Earth.  But it must also be the greatest example of our shared humanity.  World policy should only exist to promote this moral example."

the Earth

•   Energy, Agriculture,

and the Environment

"A balance must be reached so that humans can continue to benefit from Earth’s nature while supporting its survival. This must be done by government, its laws, its finances, and its force.  But above all, humanity must remain a government’s number one priority."


The Humanity Party®'s proposed Constitution is a general outline of desired changes that can be incorporated into a government's a government's Constitution.  Because many modern nations have patterned their current Constitutions after the U.S. Constitution, THumP® utilizes the U.S. Constitution as a template. This template is used to also present THumP®'s world Constitution proposals. The Humanity Party®'s proposed Constitution is a general outline of desired changes that can be incorporated into a government's if enough Humanity Party® Representatives are elected to Congress, they can legally rewrite the U.S. Constitution.  THumP®'s proposed Constitution can act as a guideline and offer suggestions for the new Congress to aid in establishing a refreshed set of fundamental principles to govern America. Also, if THumP® can unite enough people throughout the world in support of a one world government, we can use the World Constitution proposals to institute this worldwide government. (NOTE: These proposals are meant to be an outline, not a final draft. A Constitutional Convention would need to be held, and attendees nominated and elected to attend in order to work out the final details of a new Constitution.)

Click to read the proposed Constitution.

By using the United States' first Declaration of Independence, and changing a few words to reflect the current needs of ALL of Earth's inhabitants, we present the solid foundation of a worldwide effort to eliminate what could potentially be the demise of the human race.


Click to read the declaration of reform and change.

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