THumP®’s Economic Plan to End Poverty throughout the World

January 24, 2018 |

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Here is THumP®’s economic plan to end poverty throughout the world explained in simple terms:

Poor countries receive billions of dollars in aid every year. This money is given to the governments of these countries. The governments use the money to support themselves, in the way that the leaders of said governments have determined is in the best interests of the government, not necessarily of the people.

Instead of giving the financial aid to any government, give each person a HumanECard® that is electronically restricted to purchasing the basic necessities of life: healthy food, clothing, housing, healthcare, and education. The HumanECard® is restricted so that it can’t be used for anything else.

Once the people have the issued HumanECard®s in hand, and the financial entities of the world that manage aid to poor countries have guaranteed payment of cash for the goods and services allowed by the Cards, the ONLY way that any government will receive the cash, is to PROVIDE THE GOODS AND SERVICES allowed for and electronically restricted by the issued HumanECard®s.

To supply these goods and services, the government will need to create and support a business infrastructure that will need lots of paid employees to maintain it. A country’s economic situation will change rapidly and properly. Good jobs that people want will be created. There won’t be any need for unions or watchdog groups that look out for the rights of the laborer. The people will not be forced to work for a company that mistreats them because their basic necessities are already provided for. The people cannot buy a television, computer, or phone with their issued HumanECard®. The people will WANT to work at jobs where they can get cash for these items. And the majority of the jobs will be in the business sectors that offer the goods and services guaranteed by the HumanECard®s.

The people will be in control. The people will use their cards for the best goods and services. The government that wants the cash flow WILL BE FORCED to provide these goods and services or they won’t get any money. The wealth of a nation will be tied to the quality of the goods and services it supplies to its people, who hold all the purchasing power.

Pretty simple plan.

It’s mind blowing that the powers of this world do not understand how this could work.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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