The Humanity Party®’s HumanECard® Mockup

December 23, 2019 |

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Here is a mock-up of what The Humanity Party®’s HumanECard® might look like:

When you read of all the suffering in the world where war, terror, unemployment, desperation, or the devastation of natural disasters exist, think about this:

What if every human being on Earth had one of these cards in their possession? Only the individual knew their unique passcode. If anyone lost their personal card, there would be government centers all over Earth where they could get a new one; or eventually, the account number will be affixed to the individual’s own DNA, fingerprint, iris … then there would be no need to carry a card. Your human smile would be all that you needed.

The card would NOT ALLOW ANY CASH transactions of any kind. It would only allow a person to purchase certain things that the United People of Earth’s (“UPE” now known as the United Nations) democratically elected Congress determined properly sustained human life with basic housing and utilities, basic clothing, basic healthy foods and drink, including pure water, basic health/mental care, and basic education. This card would also allow certain travel credits for anyone needing immediate transportation out of any area on Earth where misery is occurring.

This same UPE Congress would have the legal right to issue funds to pay for the proper usage of the card, issuing fiat money for the purpose (EXACTLY like the current U.S. Congress does).

The possession of this card would not only unite the world economically, but emotionally.

There would be no current physical suffering by any group of people throughout the world, UNLESS, a person is forced to remain under an oppressive group of people; this is when a strong, well-regulated UPE military security force moves in to secure and protect the universal rights of the people.

Look at the news, where it is reported and transparent. Consider the people of Rohingya who are being massacred at the hands of the Myanmar security forces and allied mobs. … IF each person was in possession of this card, the people of Rohingya’s situation would never be like it is. In fact, because money and greed are the underlying basis of the Myanmar security forces and allied mobs, these oppressors wouldn’t want to get rid of the Rohingyians, because they would lose the income from the UPE.

But most people of this apathetic world … don’t know anything about what is happening in Myanmar. The Humanity Party® does and it has the solutions … to this and so many other worldwide problems, too.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

For questions about how the HumanECard® will be paid for, please see The Humanity Party®’s Fair Tax Plan.

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