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The Humanity Party® (THumP®) was set up to serve humanity—ALL of humanity.

Our intent is to save humanity by setting up a government that serves ALL humans equally, equitably, and justly. To accomplish this, the solutions that we offer the world are based on what serves the very least among us, or rather, what properly and pragmatically serves the person living on Earth who is regarded as the least significant among us.

We do not regard any other plant, animal, or species above human existence. Where there is a plant, animal, or any other living life form or thing (formation of matter) that serves humanity’s existence, we seek to produce, maintain, and utilize these to serve human need. We see planet Earth as the ultimate place for human development and purpose. Whatever it takes in order to protect Earth for human existence, THumP® seeks to do.

Whether rich or poor, male or female, black or white, bond (incarcerated) or free, or all those who identify themselves as any in-between, THumP® regards no human being above or more significant than any other. EVERY human living upon the earth is equal to and just as important as any other human, regardless of the person’s current living situation.

ANY action taken by ANY human government authority or power should NEVER negatively affect the individual life of the least among us. Therefore, NO government authority has the right to implement any law or power that does not serve ALL humans in each of their individual chosen desires to live, to be free, and to pursue the type of happiness that satisfies each. (These are known as inalienable human rights.) The ONLY purpose of a proper government is to protect these human rights for each individual and to protect each individual from these rights being exercised by others.

A proper human government must support ALL humans equally and equitably. This government cannot have appointed leaders who support their own lives and agendas. The proper government must be constituted to serve the very least among us. In so doing, this government will serve ALL humans properly.

No government official should become popular and wealthy in serving the people of Earth. ALL government authority must SERVE the people, not dominate and control them, except in the protection of each person’s human rights (see above).

Besides the few named legally in order to organize as a political party, THumP® has no identifiable leaders. The members of our Board of Directors do not reveal their true identities. The Directors are not paid for their services and contributions to our political party. Further, THumP® does not accept donations of any kind, of any amount, from anyone.

The Humanity Party® will not succeed, unless people are convinced that our solutions are best for ALL humans and that our solutions can save humanity by bringing peace and security to the world. Once convinced, we hope that word of mouth and social media spread our message.

Everything that we do is good for humanity; and we do nothing that is not plain, simple, clear, and transparent. We invite all humans to unite with us and support the establishment of a government that is united upon Earth—One world, one people, one government.

There is no other way humanity can and will survive.


There are many opinions and theories about climate change. Arguments divide people and cause division. Seemingly sincere groups exist to confront climate change. These groups are created and led by people who become popular and wealthy because of how others support their agendas.

NONE of these groups offers any real solutions.

These groups (charities, NGOs, etc.) depend on the ignorance of those who support them in order to exist and become popular and profitable. These groups are the main reason why humans do not come together for a solution. They complain about the issues, each in their own way, none presenting real solutions. Some, however, present solutions that only benefit the members of these separate groups. These groups cause the divisions and contentions that lead to nothing being done.

Humanity must unite in order to bring real change.

In regards to climate change, what should be the goal of humanity?

Our goals should always be to make Earth the best place possible for HUMAN life.

Most humans love tropical forests. We love green, plush, temperate climates that allow human interaction with the environment that causes us to experience joy. Because most human populations are concentrated in large cities, those who can afford to take vacations, temporarily migrate away from the congestion of urban dwelling to spots that offer the beauty of the natural world.

“Those who can afford” are the only people who are desperate to save the rainforests and preserve the plush, temperate climates and environments that provide these few with a vacation from the stress of their normal life. These are the few.

Most humans cannot afford to take time off of work and vacation. Most humans living upon the earth have never traveled 50 miles outside of the place where they were born. And if a solution to climate change threatens a poor person’s livelihood, that person would feel no need to change something that will negatively affect their life.

Before humans organized into strong groups that exist to benefit ONLY the members of these groups, humans were able to wander and migrate throughout a borderless and undivided planet in search of what would make them happy and support their lives.

Currently, there is no part of Planet Earth that is not owned and controlled by one of these self-centered groups. These rich and powerful groups have the ability, and the legal right (because of how Earth is divided into nations with borders), to do what they want with the land that they own.

There is a group that could become the most rich and powerful group that has ever existed in the known and accepted history of human existence—The United Nations.

The United Nations could be, but is not, the most rich and powerful group of humans on Earth. The Real Truth<® is, the United Nations is financed and controlled by just a few of the self-centered, rich and powerful groups of people—calling themselves sovereign nations. There is really no such thing as the UNITED Nations. This group of leaders couldn’t be more divided. A few rich and powerful nations control the rest that are not.

Pragmatic solutions to climate change CANNOT occur until there is a unification of ALL the people on Earth to accomplish the same goal—control climate change for the benefit of ALL of humanity.

But before the people of Earth can be unified, ALL contention, ignorance, argument, and division of opinion MUST end. The ONLY way that these contentions and divisions can end will be for the people of Earth to know the Real Truth® about climate change.

The “Real Truth®” is things as they really are today, as they really were in the past, which will give humanity a good idea of how things really will be in the future.

For the rest of this presentation, we will use the word “FACT” instead of Real Truth®. However, the self-centered groups mentioned above also use the word “FACT” in deceiving the members of their groups with their misleading information, theories, and opinions.

The majority of humanity has no clue what causes climate change. Therefore, the masses depend upon the leaders of their chosen group not to lie about the “facts.” Because of this blind faith, ignorance prevails and is widespread.

Because of ignorance about the Real Truth®, the organizers of these groups, which include the politicians and leaders of all nations, which are simply nationalized self-centered groups, become popular and wealthy without having to offer any real solutions.

Again, ignorance is the problem. To end ignorance, it is THumP®’s desire to teach people “FACTS” that cannot be reasonably and logically disputed by any particular group.

FACT: Tropical plants and animals have been found under the ice in the layers of ancient dirt, rock, and sediment on the Arctic Continent. At one time during Earth’s history, the Earth’s climate was warm enough so that hardly any ice formed. Most parts of Earth were tropical environments, similar to modern tropical areas.

This first FACT is indisputable, at least by reasonable and logical people. This FACT proves that climate change does not necessarily involve humans. But this “FACT” can only be the Real Truth® IF humans did not exist millions of years ago when the Earth’s climate would have been almost perfect for humans to exist and spread out and enjoy ALL of the land of planet Earth.

What if when the earth provided the perfect environment for humans, they did exist? The theories of the Big Bang and evolution, which maintain that humanity evolved into the premier life forms in only a few hundred-thousands of years, would support the possibility and promote the probability that humans could have existed, but ended up destroying themselves.

(Although The Humanity Party® has access to information and evidences that advanced human cultures once existed and destroyed themselves five different times during the billions of years that Earth is known to have existed, we will not present this information as part of the “FACTS” needed to unite the world in an effort to control climate change.)

FACT: The warming of the Earth, which is just one way that climate changes—the other way is when Earth cools and creates an ice age—is caused by something upon the earth that creates an excess of CO2 and methane gases.

FACT: Humans create lots of CO2 and methane. Animals create lots of methane. Plants use CO2 from the air to create themselves through photosynthesis (using energy from the sun, or another human-made light source). A tree does not become a huge tree by sucking up soil. A tree extracts CO2 from the air, uses the C(arbon) to make itself, and sends the O(xygen) back into the air.

There’s lots of misinformation about the how and why the dinosaurs existed and what caused them to die. Because we don’t live with any dinosaurs in our current experience, we cannot logically use the existence of dinosaurs to explain how to control climate change. We can only use what we know and have experienced.

Let’s use for an example something upon which we can all agree:

There were once millions of bison (buffalo) living in the area known as the Great Plains of North America. Millions of bison create lots of CO2 and methane gas, which the American grasslands loved. The plants and grasses grew plentifully and bounteously in these areas. The bison lived there for thousands and thousands of years, creating harmful gases (as humans suppose), that were not harmful to the environment, but caused the plants to do what plants do best—use CO2 to grow.

The millions of bison were the perfect climate control creators. They created enough gases to maintain one of the most verdant and well-nourished plant bases on Earth. Things changed when the millions of bison were wiped out by humans.

However, according to accepted theory, humans had nothing to do with establishing the symbiotic relationship between the bison and the plants—or did they? (Again, for sake of this presentation, and of argument, we will not present any information that is not widely accepted as probable.)

FACT: The Earth’s climate is going to warm with or without human existence.

FACT: In the past, the Earth’s climate cooled enough to create enormous sheets of ice in most areas of the planet. These ice age events caused Earth’s landmasses to fissure and separate, similarly to how cold temperatures and forming ice can crack any known substance that otherwise appears to be too hard to allow such a split. The major bodies of water upon the earth were once cooled and iced to the point of causing the land to crack and separate.

FACT: Human existence prevents the cooling of the earth to reach a point when another ice age would occur.

FACT: If humans were to completely disappear, the earth would still go through different phases of cooling and warming.

Why wouldn’t humans want Planet Earth to warm enough so that both polar ice caps melted to reveal the best ground for cultivating and producing incredible tropical areas that would benefit human existence?

FACT: As the polar ice caps melt, rich oxygen is released into the atmosphere and fresh water is released. As more fresh water is release into the oceans, the oceans rise.

There are a lot of highly populated cities that would be devastated when the oceans rise. As humans have always done, when they can’t live sustainably in one place, they will migrate and move inland to another. If the ice caps melt and become tropical paradises, wouldn’t humanity simply move from the crowded cities to these comfortable paradises?

But who would own these newly created topical paradises located on the top and bottom of Planet Earth? These owners will control who lives there and how these areas of the earth are used.


The nations of the world already designate vast environments as national parks to protect wildlife. UNITED, the nations of Earth could designate vast, currently uninhabitable areas of the planet as WORLD PARKS that specifically protect plants.

A proper United Nations could buy all the uninhabitable rain forests in the world and protect them from destruction, allowing them to do what rain forests do the best—create plants, remove CO2 from the air, and release lots of oxygen.

A proper United Nations MUST ensure that the economic situation of the people does not change when it purchases the land from other sovereign nations. Many people depend upon the destruction of the rain forests as a means of employment. Irresponsible laws should not be implemented and supported that take away jobs from people.

In areas of the world where most of the floods occur, the proper United Nations can finance and support the creation of dams that generate electricity without burning fossil fuels. These dams can direct the water to other parts of the earth that are experiencing drought.

As has been done in many once-arid and drought-stricken places, capturing the water and keeping it from returning to the oceans—that will cause them to rise—can create vast fields of products that serve humanity with food, shelter, and clothing. These human-based plants will also do what plants do best—extract CO2 and put oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Mentioned above, the Great Plains of North America became dust bowls because of the improper way that humans managed the land after they got rid of the bison. With proper irrigation, fertilization, and management, ANY place on Earth can begin to grow plants that benefit humanity.

One of the main issues in the management of the Great Plains was the products that the farmers grew. These farmers only grew plants for long enough to harvest them in a few months. Few cultivated fields allowed plants to do what they do best—extract CO2 and create oxygen.

In arid, drought-stricken areas of the world, with proper dam and water management, bamboo fields can be created. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth. By the time it is ready to harvest, bamboo has removed much more CO2, and added more oxygen, than any other plant known to humanity. Bamboo is known to grow up to one meter per day. By the time that the bamboo plant has grown for one day, it has removed more carbon from the atmosphere than an acre of wheat that is grown and harvested in a couple of months.

Bamboo can be harvested and turned into building materials, clothing, and food. Few insects and animals eat bamboo, which makes it virtually naturally-indestructible. Humans can control bamboo and make sure this incredibly fast-growing plant does what nature intended it to do—extract CO2 and make oxygen VERY FAST.

Another fast-growing plant exists in the oceans—seaweed. Vast areas of the ocean can be designated as seaweed farms. Seaweed uses photosynthesis in the same way that bamboo does. With huge, properly maintained seaweed World Parks, established in isolated places found in Earth’s vast oceans that are hardly visited by humans, these seaweed parks would need more CO2 than what all the combustible vehicles in the world could currently provide. The technological problem would be getting the wind to transfer the CO2 from the roads to the oceans. This can be accomplished with technology, once humans learn how to control the wind patterns and naturally occurring pressure that creates wind.

A proper United Nations can purchase and designate large portions of currently uninhabitable land to become World Parks that are created, supported, and managed to do what plants do best, as well as provide more abundantly for the human experience.

Many millions of jobs will be created in establishing and managing these World Parks. The people of Earth, under the law and direction of a proper United Nations, would own these parks; and a properly constructed World Constitution would protect them by law.

The Humanity Party® opposes banning combustible engines that use fossil fuels to be replaced with electric vehicles. Humanity has been deceived by the companies that make these electric vehicles. The FACT is that, in the production of an electric vehicle, the extraction and production of the raw materials used for the electric car, especially its batteries and components, do more harm to the environment than the use of fossil fuels.


In other words, those who push a climate change agenda, in order to make themselves popular and enriched, do not take into consideration the jobs that are lost when self-centered environmental laws are enacted. HUMANS SHOULD NOT LOSE THEIR SOURCE OF INCOME TO SAVE THE WORLD. If people lose their lives, what good would Planet Earth be to them?

It is natural for humans to protect their life, liberty, and the pursuit of their own happiness when threatened. Any solution that is proposed and considered must make the lives of ALL humans affected by the solution the number one priority in consideration. Anyone threatened by any solution will fight the change.

What we have presented above are just a few of the short-term solutions that will work NOW without affecting the livelihood of any one person, but in FACT will create millions of jobs throughout the world—jobs that people will want to do in order to control climate change.

What we propose will not eliminate the effects of climate change. We do not want to eliminate the natural processes of climate that can support humanity. We want to control these processes to save humanity and make planet Earth a human-focused planet, which it should become … which it is.

If the world would give us a chance, we would also introduce some technological solutions that can help mitigate and control all forms of climate change.

Here are just a few:

Buildings, roads, coverings, and paints that are photosynthetic can remove CO2 from the air and separate it into carbon and oxygen. The carbon reinforces and maintains the integrity of the structure while the pure oxygen is released back into the atmosphere. (THumP® will gladly provide the knowledge of this technology to ANY group that will use it for the benefit of humanity, first!)

Small nuclear engines can propel ALL vehicle types. A basic nuclear reactor can supply many, many years of energy needed to propel the functions of any engine. (THumP® will gladly provide the knowledge of this technology to ANY group that will use it for the benefit of humanity, first!)

A human-made satellite can be placed within Earth’s orbit that can help control the weather, similarly to what the moon can do. Other planets can be created to produce the minerals and raw materials that humans need on Earth for their wants and enjoyment. Better, humans can explore ways of mining the planets that already exist. (THumP® will gladly provide the knowledge of this technology to ANY group that will use it for the benefit of humanity, first!)

Here is what we promise:

IF humanity will unite as ONE WORLD, ONE PEOPLE, and ONE GOVERNMENT, we will gladly, and freely, provide all the knowledge that we have about how to control Earth’s climate. IF we fail in our efforts to unite the world, humanity will be destroyed by its own doing.

NOTE: The Humanity Party® supports ANY for-profit company that sincerely works towards viable environmental solutions. Filtagreen® International, LLC (“Filtagreen®“) provides an immediate solution to most vehicle emissions. Its product, Efficiamax®, guarantees to “reduce harmful engine emissions from 25% to 60% and reduce fuel consumption at least 5% under normal operating conditions.” —L. Kurt Smith, P.E., Chief Operations Officer.

In our investigation into Filtagreen®, we have found its claims to be true and verifiable. Unfortunately, the major oil-producing companies disparage and fight any other company that provides customers with a product that reduces the use of oil products “at least 5%.”

If Filtagreen® provided its product to all gas/petrol stations throughout the world, the world would immediately see a “25% to 60%” reduction in harmful emissions. The secret combination of political and business powers that exist throughout the world will not endorse any product that reduces its profits.

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