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There will be no effect on gun violence until there are rational changes made to American law and order.

THumP® supports the U.S. Constitution as it is written. We do not solicit changing the current Constitution except by the rules set forth therein. A 2/3 majority in both houses of Congress can legally change, amend, or rewrite the Constitution to reflect more modern ideals and solve many of our social problems.

We call upon the American people to vote in every election. Until we have found credible candidates who will represent our platform with courage, instead of selecting any proposed candidate at the ballot box, we encourage voters to write in: The Humanity Party®. This will send a strong message to the government, regardless of who is elected.

It is our hope that our message will reach the American people.

Our message is one of hope, peace, and unity. We do not condone or organize protests or movements that disrupt peace. We know that change can come through the law and order that is currently established through the election process. However, we know that the major two-party system cannot, will not, accomplish the rational changes that need to be made.

Here is our position on gun control:

We support the U.S. Constitution and its 2nd Amendment AS IT IS WRITTEN, for the purpose for which it was written.

No citizen, outside of a “well-regulated militia” should be able to own a gun for personal protection, unless that protection is against natural predators at locations where such protection is needed.

That said,

We do not believe that government should force the American people to give up their guns. We need the right form of government that can prove to the people that its “well-regulated militia” can do the job better, safer, and more efficiently than unregulated gun owners. Only when the people are convinced that the government is able, will they feel safe enough to trust a government controlled “well-regulated militia.”

Therefore, THumP®’s first course of action is to establish a type of government in which the American people can trust, in which the rest of the world can trust. Only then can people be influenced to give up their possession and use of guns.

Furthermore, we acknowledge that most gun deaths are a cause of suicide. When people lose hope, they lose their desire to live. We insist that if the right form of government existed in which people could hope for a better world, less would want to end their life.

We have researched and found the true motive behind the terrible Las Vegas massacre in October 2017. Although we do not condone the way that the shooter made his point, our information has provided substantial evidence that he did what he did and sacrificed his own life to make a strong point about the need for gun control.

We strongly encourage those who follow The Humanity Party® to immediately report anyone who speaks of making a stand for gun control by sacrificing their life in taking other lives. This is not the way to spark change. Violence begets violence. It always has; it always will.

Our patience comes from our hope that people will consider many of the underlying causes of violence against oneself or against others. Economic and social inequality is one of the root causes of desperate, hopeless acts of violence. Another one, just as important, is emotional inequality, where one feels less valued than others.

We have outlined our platform and presented our plan to give hope to people through economic and social changes, as well as personal self-worth and value. A strong, righteous government that is not self-serving can provide relief from the pressures of hopelessness and worthlessness.

Please carefully review our Proposed Constitution.

In order to prove to the people that a new government is all that is needed to properly protect and keep people safe, we recommend these initial changes:

We need more law enforcement officers who are well trained and well paid – as the first part of the 2nd Amendment implies: “well-regulated.”

We need to eliminate cash from all financial transactions. This will greatly reduce criminal activity where cash is the main source of trade. No gun or its ammunition can be sold or transferred without a regulatory fiduciary overseeing these transactions.

We call upon Congress to pass laws that support the 2nd Amendment as it is written. We propose that the United States consider the gun control laws implemented by the State of Israel.

No person should be able to own a gun or buy ammunition unless that person receives a license. The law should put strict “well-regulated” restrictions on private gun ownership, allowing each person who is awarded a license to own only one hand gun, and no automatic weapons of any kind. Ammunition should be limited and extensively tracked. Every purchase should be properly recorded and tracked.

According to an investigative report published in the New York Post:

“Israel limits gun permits to people who meet strict requirements of residency, occupation, or army rank.

“Forty percent of all gun permit applicants are flat-out rejected by the Israeli government.

“Gun owners must renew their permits every year and immediately report any change of eligibility status to the Israeli federal government.

“Israel relies on professional members of the military and police force for security, rather than ‘good guys with guns’ or even Civil Guard volunteers.”

Israel is located in one of the most violent locations on Earth. Threats to the State of Israel are constant and repetitive, but Israeli citizens are safer than most other places in the world, including the United States. Why? It has a “well-regulated militia.” It was not “good guys with guns” that helped Israel win its wars. It was a “well-regulated militia.”

We only use Israel as an example. The Humanity Party® does not endorse or support any country, nation, or people who believes that their religious beliefs are more
right or that place them above others. We call on Israel and the United States to concentrate on bringing economic and social equality to the disputed parts of that nation, to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. We do not endorse or encourage any type of violence in response to human suffering. If The Humanity Party® were in power, our first priority in that part of the world would be to initiate economic aid and policies that address human suffering in these disputed territories.

We have experienced considerable pushback to our proposal to enforce strict gun control, even making it illegal for anyone outside of a “well-regulated militia” (law enforcement and military) to own a gun except for sport and predator protection.

We ask people to please consider our proposals for the right form of government first. Keep your guns and back our proposals. Once we have proven to the people that the right form of government is one in which a person can hope, and we can prove that this government’s “well-regulated militia” can indeed provide safety and freedom to the people, then we hope that people everywhere will put down their guns and support human equality and a unification of the world.

“Hope” is the intrinsic measure of our humanity, or better, that which we feel can be possible in spite of the improbabilities that seem to be part of our present experience.

It is improbable that we can convince American gun owners to put down their guns, but if we do not try something different that demonstrates a measure of our shared humanity, that we feel can be possible, then there is no hope.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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