Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record—This would be a crime under a Humanity Party® government

March 28, 2017 |

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Trump moves decisively to wipe out Obama’s climate-change record.

Political parties, each with its own agenda, are required to abide by the law established by its nation’s Constitution. When a political party takes control of the government, it can act however it chooses as long as what it does conforms to constitutional law.

“President Barack Obama sought to weave climate considerations into every aspect of the federal government, Trump is hoping to rip that approach out by its roots.”

There is no law that could have stopped Obama from doing what he did; and there is no law stopping Trump from reversing Obama’s act.

The Humanity Party® stands with Obama in that we believe that the earth’s environment must be protected from unscrupulous acts to generate corporate profit. However, THumP® also stands with Trump and acknowledges that when government steps in to impede entrepreneurship and free market enterprise, it stops the creation of jobs and impedes or eliminates business practices that are dependent upon disrupting and having dominion over the laws of nature.

The argument between the two parties comes down to a fight between the right of a person to be employed in order to earn enough money to fulfill basic human needs, and the earth’s right to exist as it has for billions of years within a natural symbiotic balance.

“[Trump’s] order comes after several moves by [him] to roll back Obama-era restrictions on mining, drilling and coal- and gas-burning operations,” which have resulted in the loss of many high-paying U.S. jobs.

Trump has a pragmatic argument. Obama makes a logical point. The Humanity Party® looks at the issue with both logic and pragmatism. THumP®’s new constitutional proposals support each argument and provide the right solution.

First, the right Constitution will make it illegal for any party to legislate or issue an Executive Order that does not “support … the natural laws of Earth and its environs.” But by the same constitutional authority, “Legislative powers shall be restricted to acts and procedures in the establishment of laws that support the wants and needs of the people.”

Article I – The Legislative Branch; Section 1 – The Legislature

c. Requirement to protect Earth. Legislative powers shall be restricted to acts and procedures in the establishment of laws that support the wants and needs of the people proportionate to the support of the natural laws of Earth and its environs.

This constitutional amendment will force Congress to consider both human and environmental needs when implementing any law. However, and most importantly, the right Constitution will also mandate that the powers of both the Legislative and the Executive Branches of government guarantee “Inalienable Human Rights,” which include but are not limited to, the five basic necessities of life: 1) Nutritious Food; 2) Comprehensive Healthcare, including mental care; 3) Safe and secure Housing and Utilities; 4) Essential Clothing; 5) Public Education from an elementary level up to and including four years at any accredited University.

(See Article IV of our Proposed Constitution)

THumP®’s constitutional proposals encumber the President to focus more on the enforcement of human rights than on environmental issues, while forcing Congress to come up with laws that protect both human life and the earth’s environment.

THumP®’s proposals provide the basic necessities of life to all people equally and do not require anyone to become dependent upon corporate profit for a paycheck. This eliminates the slavery of the laboring class, but bolsters and motivates businesses and corporation to seek profit by providing government-guaranteed and constitutionally mandated goods and services.

Suppose that all of the energy requirements of humans were transformed to renewable energy: wind, for one of a few examples. Desolate places upon Earth can house the wind turbines that produce all the energy that humans could ever use. It will take jobs to make the turbines and put them in place, but once in place, the only jobs that will be left are the few needed to maintain the turbines. What do the people do who helped build and put the turbines in place but who are no longer needed? What do the people who maintain the turbines do when they are replaced by robotic innovation that can maintain the turbines much better than humans can? The earth wins, humans lose.

Long ago, the earth offered its natural resources equally to all humans. This changed drastically as the few conquered the masses and privatized or nationalized all the land, banning an individual from being able to freely sustain their basic needs of life. Slavery was the only way that the powerful could conquer Earth and sustain their massive private and national interests. Unpaid slavery eventually evolved into paid slavery by deceiving the people into believing that anyone could be one of the wealthy, land-owning few, if one worked hard enough.

There are more than eight billion human beings upon the earth at this time. Less than one percent (eighty million) of these hold the rest in chains of slavery and inequality from which there is no escape. The promise of becoming one of the elite—one of this blessed one percent—assures the efficacy of the rationale for the chains of slavery: work hard enough in the fields of slavery, and one day you might become a master.

Upon the prison walls that encase humanity, in plain view of the enslaved, hangs the key to their chains. It is not a tangible key, because there is no actual lock. It is the writing upon the wall that resonates in words that the chained cannot interpret for themselves: The truth shall set you free!

Someone must boldly step forward without agenda and personal expectation, wielding the sword of truth in defense of the yoked. The sword will cut for the benefit of the poor, the meek, the downtrodden, and the exploited of the world.

The Humanity Party® wields this sword of truth.

The wrong type of government creates political policies that benefit a very wealthy class of a relatively few individuals with great power. This consequently creates a middle class that buffers the impact that absolute wealth and power has on the majority of people. This majority includes the poor laboring class that has always suffered in poverty. Throughout history, the poor majority has been able to rise up and overthrow the few in power when the situation called sufficiently for reformation, but in our modern world, the middle class and powerful nationalized militaries stand in their way.

Teetering on the edge of wealth and believing that they could become just as the wealthy, the middle class stands between the rich and poor: coveting one, while fearing a return to the other. The middle class validates the actions of the rich, while pacifying the cries of the poor.

The military strength of the governments that control human civilization overpowers weaker nations and leaves many desolate; causing thousands of deaths from the effects of war, hunger, disease, and poverty left over from military conquests and occupations.

There is no part of our current civilization that promotes equality. There is no government upon Earth that protects the rights of all people equally while protecting the natural environs that sustain human life upon Earth.

If the earth has evolved naturally, then humans are a product of this natural evolution, and this evolution cannot be stopped. We belong to the earth’s environment just as all other species of plants and animals do.

We are Homo sapiens. “Homo sapiens” means “wise ones.” The term is taken from the scientific classification given as the genus homo and the species sapiens. Of course, those who invented this scientific classification system did not see themselves as stupid creatures, and thus were so inclined to include their genius in comparison to the rest of the animal kingdom as intelligent and wise (sapiens).

These wise ones of the animal kingdom came up with a theory in which they could, through their self-proclaimed wisdom, logically support their classification system. This became the Theory of Evolution. Its premise is based on what is termed, “Natural Selection,” which again as they suppose, is wise because they thought of it.

Natural selection can best be described as an evolutionary mechanism that occurs when some individuals of a population are better able to adapt to their environment, and subsequently produce more offspring. Nature, in effect, selects which members of a population are fit to survive long enough to reproduce. Differential reproductive success between individuals is the key. Those who produce more offspring have a greater influence on the gene frequencies of the next generation. In easier terms for the common wise ones to understand: “Survival Of The Fittest.”

It would seem, therefore, that if this wise theory could be substantiated as a true law of nature, it would apply to all of the animal kingdom. Yet, if science has proven that a species exists to maintain and perpetuate itself, then the Theory of Evolution has no verifiable application in the ant world, for example, in which the strongest (the soldiers) could surely kill every worker and every queen and take over the hill. Likewise, an alpha male could kill all other males, he being the strongest of the group, as well as could an alpha female drive off or kill the other females, thus assuring her prominence and future posterity.

If only the strongest survive, how have insect species existed for millions of years without any indication of evolution or subjection to the theorized law of natural selection? Could it be that Darwin (the so-called father of the Theory of Evolution) was not paying attention to the ants crawling up his pants as he crouched on the ground watching the birds? Furthermore, if Homo sapiens evolved from other primates, why aren’t other primates evolving?

The more the species sapiens learns about itself and its environs, the more it begins to realize that there are more than just two kingdoms on this planet. There are three: the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the human kingdom. Because the human kingdom follows none of the instinctual and natural laws that the other two kingdoms follow, it cannot be logically included under the same natural classifications.

The plant kingdom cannot survive without the animal kingdom, and the animal kingdom cannot survive without the plant kingdom; but both can do rather well without the human kingdom. In fact, because of the human kingdom, the plant and animal kingdoms are being destroyed, not by natural law, but by wise human law. The laws of nature create a balance and order (some refer to as a symbiotic state) that perfectly sustain the perpetuation of the creatures for which these laws exist. The lion eats no more than that which satisfies its hunger. When its hunger is satisfied, it does not kill unless it feels its life is threatened. The flower takes no more sun and water than what it needs to grow and flourish.

The laws of nature uphold the design of all creatures to sustain the life of their species and also maintain the environment from which they take this life. Creatures beholden to these natural laws do not have the ability to see themselves as individual and separate parts, but fulfill the measure of their creation in order to sustain the whole. No individual buffalo looks at its herd and makes the decision not to mate so that the herd doesn’t get any bigger. No plant or animal subjected to the laws of nature worries about tomorrow, nor do they look up at the stars and wonder what those shining lights are.

Humans are not subjected to the laws of nature. Yes, they are affected by the natural world, but they stand alone from all other genuses in their ability to consciously rebel against any law they so choose. This natural earth is not subjected to human law, but follows the course it has been following for millions of years. It wasn’t until the wise ones showed up that natural law began to be violated and disregarded.

Natural law fills the atmosphere with clean, pure air that brings energy to the plants and animals it sustains. It fills streams and rivers with pristine water and supports colorful and healthy plants and wildlife. It assures the calm rest of winter brings the refreshing life of spring. In all things, nature creates a balance and order for the benefit of all those subjected to it. There is only one thing that keeps nature from doing what it does best: human nature.

We are humans. We are the greatest species that has ever existed upon Earth. Therefore, according to the evolutionary rights afforded by natural law, we have dominion over the earth, its environs, and everything found in these environs. We can either use this dominion to sustain our lives or destroy ourselves.

The Humanity Party® exists to sustain human life by using its dominion and power to protect Earth’s fragile environment.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®


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