Refining Human Liberty

March 28, 2017 |

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The new administration discovered in recent days, despite how many times the President said in campaign, how easily and quickly healthcare could be replaced, that it couldn’t. The first piece of legislation that the Republicans presented for vote was withdrawn from Congress due to lack of support from within the party itself, despite promises, deal making, and threats. Lack of support had also been voiced by some of the largest health organizations in the country. All the media’s reporting of the failed process goes to illustrate how deeply complex and ineffective American politics have become in our infant 241 years. At this pace, imagine how much worse it will be in the future.

America’s vision of social problems and their solutions has become distorted; The Humanity Party® has the platform to help all people see clearly.

  1. Issue every human a personal HumanECard® for free access to the Five Basic Necessities of Life (FBNL®) from birth to death, i.e., healthy food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, and education. Poverty would be eliminated and people would have greater equitable opportunity to engage in and boost capitalism.
  2. The Humanity Party® is a movement utilizing social media to inform potential supporters who need only sign their names on the website and help spread the information. No fundraising or personal gain is permitted. Elected officials representing The Humanity Party® will emerge through social media.
  3. Tax-Free social programs (See information on the FBNL®) are funded by monies collected from a Consumption-Based Taxation. An Anti-inflation law would be legislated and controlled through an algorithm equation to be charged based on the consumption of all goods and services outside of those required (non-essentials) to support FBNL®. The Humanity Party®’s platform prioritizes and controls all Government administration, budgetary concerns, and spending for the benefit of all humans.
  4. The Humanity Party® supports Immigration Reform, returning America to its original inclusive glory and setting a precedent once and for all in demonstrating to the world its willingness and ability to allow people the fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In doing so, it will abolish currently accepted inhumane, tyrannical, and unjust policies and practices.
  5. All established Government legislative acts and procedures must support the wants and needs of all people, proportionate to the support and protection of Earth’s natural laws and environment.

Political reformation is neither difficult nor impossible when human equality is the clear core principle. No other current or future political organization, party,
or charity has (or will ever) proposed such. WE the People, through The Humanity Party®, must first want it enough to demand it. Please sign the Book of Life® in support.

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