The Humanity Party®’s solution to the conflict in Palestine

March 26, 2017 |

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If the Humanity Party® held power and control in the Executive Branch (White House) and both houses of Congress of the United States government, this is how we would solve the ongoing crisis between the people of the State of Israel and the people living in the Gaza Strip and West Bank:

Foremost, THumP® does not condone or support violence of any kind, for any reason, except in the defense of and for the equal protection of human life and the free will of all people.

THumP® does not condone protests, movements, or any revolutionary organization of any kind that operates outside the current parameters of law and order and promotes anger and violence. Nevertheless, we recognize that the powers that implement and control law and order are not currently equal, are often corrupt, and add to the disillusionment of the people whom they control. For this purpose, the Humanity Party® exists to offer a wise and pragmatic alternative to the powers that be.

We believe that change must come from peaceful order and rational thinking. We believe that this can be done through the current political processes of democracy, where the voice of the people is heard at voting booths.

However, THumP® recognizes the current democratic inefficiency of the system and form of government established by the current U.S. Constitution; that this Constitution is in dire need of reform that will more clearly reflect modern society and expectations. But we maintain that violence and armed conflict should NEVER be used to overthrow a government and replace its Constitution.

The Humanity Party® is a new American political party that is driven by the progressive desires of many American and other people found throughout the world. We propose that if enough people run for political office as a member of THumP®, and if enough of these are voted into office, the current U.S. Constitution can be completely rewritten as allowed by its own laws.

That said, here is how the Humanity Party®, if in power in both Houses of Congress and in the White House, would move to address the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

The U.S. gives over 3 billion dollars in foreign aid to Israel for the support and sustainability of its powerful military. We believe that any sovereign nation should have a right to defend itself against violence of any kind, and THumP® will continue to support any nation that is threatened by violence, if such nation desires United State’s help.

However, THumP® also recognizes that the United States does not currently address the grievances and issues of the people in the occupied territories that were once intended to become part of a Palestinian State according to UN resolution 242 issued in November of 1967. THumP® acknowledges that these people have viable grievances; and that these grievances are often overlooked by the U.S. Government and many American people. THumP® acknowledges that the Palestinian people act in the only way that they know how: through violence and desperation, in defense of their territory, as they make the claim.

The Israel government believes that the conflict is about terrorism, not territory. The Palestinian people believe that the conflict is about territory, not terrorism. The Palestinian people believe that they have a right to defend their property and the land of their ancestors, which territorial claim is also made by Israel.

THumP® disagrees with both sides of the conflict and maintains that the conflict is about both terrorism and territory. Each side terrorizes the other through violence, whether on the offensive or the defensive. Each side makes a claim to territory that should have nothing to do with religion, ideology, or anything else but humane and just principles.

Therefore, the Humanity Party® proposes the following long-term solution:

The U.S. will continue to aid Israel if it is attacked in any way, by any means, but with its own military intervention, if Israel requires it. However, the U.S. will not give any money directly to Israel in support of its military power. Instead, the U.S. will give each Palestinian a HUMANE Debit Card that will allow each person who receives a card to receive the Five Basic Necessities of Life: healthy food, clothing, housing, health and mental care, and education.

If the Israeli government wants more U.S. money for its government or military, it will have to start providing the Palestinian people with the things that their U.S. backed Debit Card can purchase. In fact, the Israeli government can increase the amount of money it receives from the United States proportionately to the amount of goods and services that it provides to the Palestinians.

For example, a Palestinian will have U.S.-backed funds for a safe and secure house, wherever it might be built. The corporation or company, Israeli or Palestinian, that builds the house will be paid in U.S. dollars.

With their HUMANE Cards in hand, Palestinians will not be crowding the check points into Jerusalem to go to work, but to spend U.S. dollars and increase the wealth of the Israeli people who provide the goods and services. The Palestinians will have their choice of good doctors and hospitals, good food, basic clothing, and good education according to the desire of the Israeli people to provide these things for them. And if the Israelis refuse to open their borders and provide these goods and services to the Palestinian people, then U.S. corporations and companies will help the Palestinian people set up their own free market economic system that will accept the billions of U.S. dollars that back their HUMANE Card purchases.

The Palestinian people will be required to lay down their arms, their rockets, their rocks, and their knives. If any Palestinian uses or supports violence in any way, the U.S. will take away that particular person’s card.

If the Palestinian people refuse this humanitarian and social offer from the United States, and it continues to use violence against Israel, we will join the Israelis in their defense.

Furthermore, we will mandate that the Israeli government recognize and accept the borders established by the 1967 UN resolution 242, removing their control and government back within these established borders to allow a democratic Palestinian State to be formed and recognized.

If the United States can prove that Israel violates the UN resolution and uses military force for any offensive act, and it can proven unequivocally that the act was not in defense of its own borders, the U.S. military will assist the Palestinian government in enforcing its borders. Violence of any kind, for any reason except in defense of human life, will not be tolerated.

Opening up the Palestinian economy to the Free Market, principally by providing the basic necessities of life to the Palestinian people, will let the people know that we care just as much about them as we do about the Israelis. With U.S. dollars and support in hand, things will change drastically in the Middle East.

The U.S. once asked the State of Israel to be its watchdog in the Middle East, protecting American interests at all costs.

If the Humanity Party® were in power, the only American interest in the Middle East would be life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for every human being, regardless of the imaginary borders and prejudiced ideologies that currently separate them.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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