You can’t stop terrorism by terrorist acts — You can’t stop poverty by poverty acts — You must end both by implementing the opposite: peace and prosperity

June 30, 2016 |

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You can’t stop terrorism by terrorist acts. You can’t stop poverty by poverty acts. You must end both by implementing the opposite: peace and prosperity. –Spokesperson for The Humanity Party® (2016)

The Humanity Party® presents a viable solution to end worldwide terrorism:

Terrorism will never end by using violence to fight violence; and traced to its roots, terrorism began with poverty.

Today’s terrorism began in the hearts of people living in countries faced with despair and poverty while other people live in countries with hope and prosperity. Convinced by their leaders that the fault of this inequality is caused by the people living in hope and prosperity, the hopeless became desperate to place blame and fight for their equality.

In search of a solution to their economic situation, the hopeless looked to religion for answers. If there is a god, then surely that god has the answers. And if God has chosen certain men to be God’s only spokesmen, then these men must know God’s will for the people.

The ONLY way to confound religious leaders is to educate their followers and open their eyes to real truth. The truth is, religious leaders have no solutions to poverty and inequality because it is in their best interests to keep the people looking up to them for the proper solutions. Religious leaders use these social issues to deceive the people and maintain leadership and authority over them.

Terrorism cannot be properly confronted until the people finally realize that they have been cajoled and deceived by their religious leaders. And the only way that this can be done is through intelligent discussion and a presentation of facts on how religion began in the first place.

Religious leaders have no answers and solutions for poverty and inequality. Why? Because religion is directly responsible for inequality (we’re right, they’re wrong). Those who are wrong are not equal with those who are right. Therefore, those who are wrong are not entitled to the same economic ‘blessings’ granted by God and reserved for those who are right.

Furthermore, religious leaders are not equal to their followers. The leaders talk to God and receive God’s commands for the people. The people cannot talk to God. The leaders are economically supported by the people. The people are not economically supported by their leaders.

One of the main reasons why the people of Earth have not figured out how to solve their own problems is because they trust that if social problems were supposed to be solved, God would solve them. And since the people cannot talk to God themselves, they must rely upon their leaders for guidance and answers.

This scenario of ‘the people can’t talk to their god so they need someone else to do it for them’ was ironically presented by the Greek storytellers and authors who helped the nomadic Hebrew people write their religious history.

These Hebrew stories became the Old Testament of the Bible.

Nomadic Hebrew leaders couldn’t use their ancient written language to express the dramatic and fantastical stories that were orally passed down from generation to generation from Hebrew tradition. The ancient Hebrew language did not have the proper letters and grammar yet developed to write the stories that the Hebrew leaders had been telling their people.

The Greeks were proficient and very successful writers. Hebrew history was first written in the Greek language, circa 600 b.c.e.. The Greek language was used until the Hebrew language had evolved enough to be able to tell the stories with the same efficacy as the Greek emotional and dramatic effects that were needed to impress the people and keep them in awe of their own history.

The Greeks, for all intents and purposes, were the Ghost Writers for the Hebrews. The Greeks were paid good money for their writing services.

Throughout the stories of the Bible there is overwhelming evidence, cleverly hidden and subtle, of how the Greek writers mocked the Hebrew legends. None was more profound and relevant to Greek ideologies than the way that the writers presented the story of how Moses became the leader to whom the people looked for guidance from God – God’s ONLY spokesperson upon earth. Not to be outdone, the clues given of the beginnings of religious Priesthood right and authority are also impressive. The Greeks, who didn’t believe one word of the Hebrew legends, but were paid good money to create the stories, couldn’t help themselves in hiding obvious contradictions to Hebrew religious doctrine.

The Hebrew religion believes that God talks to specifically chosen Priesthood Leaders ONLY. Here’s how the clever Greeks presented their hidden counter to this doctrine:

God commands Moses to prepare the people to “meet with God” and hear God’s words from the mouth of God directly. (See Exodus 19:10-17)

The people were afraid to approach and listen to God, so they told Moses to speak with God: “Speak thou with us, and we will hear: but let not God speak with us, lest we die.” (See Exodus 20:18-19)

The Greek writers presented the irony of God telling the people that He would speak to them personally and that they didn’t need a spokesman. But the people refused to obey God because Moses had convinced them that they were unworthy to speak to God, and that only he and his appointed spokesman, Aaron, could.

The Greeks presented the fact that a normal person could speak with God and didn’t need leaders to hear God’s word. The people ‘sinned’ in not wanting to speak with God directly when God had commanded them to do so in the beginning.

Thus appointed by the people to be God’s spokesman for them, the people went to Moses to be judged by the law “from the morning unto the evening.” Just ONE man sitting all day long judging and teaching all those people. That’s how God commanded it to be because the people didn’t want to talk to Him directly.

Moses father-in-law, Jethro, comes along and counsels Moses, “Thou wilt surely wear away, both thou, and this people that is with thee: for this thing is too heavy for thee; thou art not able to perform it thyself alone.” (Exodus 18:18)

Jethro, NOT God, told Moses to establish an organization of priests, “rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens: And let them judge the people at all seasons.” This is how the idea of priesthood authority began.

The Greek story writers mocked the idea of men having authority over others, something that Greek society didn’t tolerate very well in that time period. The Bible story specifically explains that God did NOT authorize any priesthood authority, Jethro did. It explains that God was upset with the people for needing other men to rule over them and deliver His word.

Why did the Greek writers include such an obvious clue against one having authority over another? Because they could see how the Hebrew leaders were taking advantage of the people in the other laws and commandments of Moses. Specifically in how the “first fruits” and best cuts of meats were ‘commanded by God’ to be given in support of the Hebrew priesthood leaders.

The Bible is FULL of these obvious clues. These were interpolated into creative stories by wise Greek authors who were hopeful that their services in inventing Hebrew history might give some clue to the hypocrisy of it all.

Modern religious leaders do not point these obvious facts out to their followers. Religious leaders, who are ALWAYS supported by the people with money and goods in exchange for delivering the ‘word of God’, are the ones who interpret and expound upon ‘God’s written word’, interpreting those parts of the Bible in such a way that keeps them in power and authority.

The Humanity Party®’s Board of Directors knows more about the history and beginnings of religion than any group of historians or scholars that exists upon earth today. Through the spokesperson for The Humanity Party®, they will eventually present a detailed explanation of the underpinnings and beginnings of religious belief, in hopes of freeing the people’s minds from the influence and power that religion holds over the people. Because the people trust in religion, the people will not unite together to solve the problems that they have created until they can accept and respect each other’s religious beliefs as true for the individual. If human action has created a problem, it will take human action to solve it.

The first step in helping the people see the abuse and destructive nature of religion and the terrorism that religion creates is to present a viable plan that can end poverty and inequality. This will prove that God can’t do it, or refuses to, but people actually can. But since confounding religious belief is much harder, because many people who are not living in poverty also believe and belong to many different types of religious organizations, equality of religious belief must be the first step in ending terrorism.

The first needed step in creating religious equality throughout the Middle East is for the United States to admit its mistakes in how it has dealt with Middle East issues. The US financially, and militarily, supports Israel (the result of Hebrew tradition and belief based on the ideas of the character Moses). Therefore, the US should equally, financially and militarily, support a Muslim Caliphate.

The Middle Eastern countries should get together and cede a portion of land to the people who want to form their own religious state and live according to their religious beliefs. The Muslim people must learn to trust the Western people. They must believe that their religious beliefs are just as important and valuable as western religious belief.

Turkey can cede a southeast portion of land, Iran can cede a northwest portion, Iraq a northern portion, and Syria a northeast portion in the formation of a Caliphate State about the size of Israel.

The US must stand up for and help create this peaceful Caliphate instead of fighting against it, with the strict stipulation that the people of the new Muslim Caliphate must lay down their weapons and live with their neighbors in peace.

There can be strong borders placed around the Caliphate that do not allow weapons of any kind to enter the Caliphate, allowing only the goods and services that create and support life for the people of the Caliphate to pursue their own form of religion. The boarders around the Caliphate should allow people to leave the Caliphate without restriction. But all people must be restricted when they enter into the Caliphate in the things that they are trying to take across the border. No weapons allowed.

The new Caliphate will need a great amount of financial support in the beginning to create its infrastructure and new government. The people who want to, can live their strict Sharia law according to their desires of happiness. The West should protect and support the Muslim people in their rights as fervently as it does the Hebrew people of Israel. The West must reiterate to the Caliphate leaders that they MUST ALLOW ANYONE THE FREEDOM TO LEAVE THE CALIPHATE UNMOLESTED!

How many modern Muslims really want to be part of a Caliphate the restricts human freedoms and rights like Sharia laws does? How many people will migrate into the Caliphate State compared to how many people will eventually immigrate out of it?

Terrorism will continue as long as the West continues to show disrespect for the religious beliefs and the traditions of the Middle East in treating one religion and a group of people differently than another. Because the West rules the world in all aspects of social economics, the West must implement equal economic policies throughout the Middle East, either by limiting the amount of support given to Israel or giving the same amount to everyone else.

The compromise is simple, and this must be agreed to before there will be any peace:


“A well regulated Militia, existing and necessary to the security of a free State, must be allowed, for the purpose for which it exists and is necessary, to bear arms of any kind, including any explosive device or the materials needed to produce such device. No person outside of a well regulated Militia has the right to keep and bear Arms or any kind or purchase or possess any explosive device or the materials needed to produce such device.“

If ALL governments of the world implemented this law, the violence would exponentially end. Although a One World Government elected by the popular vote of all humans on Earth is recommended and preferred, for now, it is unlikely. So, governments can maintain their sovereignty by having their own “well regulated” militias. But the common people should not have access to weapons of any kind.

In the past, when swords, arrows, and crude weapons were the norm, the people could then rise up and overthrow a corrupt government with revolution. But today, it is simply not possible and will only lead to more terrorism. NO group of people can overthrow their government WITHOUT THE HELP OF A MORE POWERFUL GOVERNMENT assisting them.

Because weapons are bought and sold on the Free Market, those nations that control the Free Market can also control the purchase and sale of all weapons of any kind and the materials that create these weapons. Eliminate cash. Electronic currency can be monitored and controlled to eliminate the purchase of anything that is illegal. And a good government, however, would not make things illegal that make a person happy, whatever that thing might be as long as that thing doesn’t hurt another person.

But for the people of the world to trust the West to hold supreme power and military might over them (which it already does), the people of the world must trust that their voice matters, that their religious beliefs matter, that their lives are just as important as the lives of Westerners.

There is no other way to peace upon earth, except equality and goodwill towards all humans. We have to start somewhere. And the Humanity Party® is a good start.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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