The Humanity Party® has the plan to end worldwide poverty

June 27, 2016 |

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THumP®’s plan is an indisputable plan that can work. In fact, implementing it could end worldwide poverty within a year! That’s right … Within just ONE year!

Study our plan. Think about it.

It would only take a few days to print up the HumanECard®s and issue them throughout the world. It will take a bit longer for the Free Market and those who want the money from the Cards to set up and provide the goods and services that the Cards will allow one to purchase.

WITHIN ONE YEAR, worldwide poverty could end.

Here’s a hypothetical scenario of how easy it could be implemented:

A child is going off to college. Her parents call their bank and order a credit card in the child’s name. They give the child a credit card to pay for all the child’s basic necessities. Wherever that child uses that credit card, it will increase the local economy. The more children going to college that use their parent’s credit card in a certain area, the more the demand for jobs there will be.

Capitalism and the Free Market WORK! But the playing field to acquire the BASIC NECESSITIES OF LIFE must be fair!

The World Bank and IMF: the parents.

The Child: any human living in poverty.

The College: living life.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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