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July 1, 2016 |

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There is ONLY ONE OBJECTIVE of the Humanity Party®:

End worldwide poverty by leveling the economic playing field so that each human can pursue happiness by living life in liberty. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not possible for someone living in poverty; and most of the world’s population either lives in poverty or is threatened by poverty. The ONLY way to end poverty is to confront it on a global level; whereas the world has become so economically connected that it is impossible to end it any other way.

Someone had to use their legal name to register the Humanity Party®, not only with the government, but with the legal entities required to protect the integrity of the THumP® movement, including registering the trademarks of the names used to identify the movement. Our spokesperson is the scapegoat who has put his life, name, reputation and character on the line, outside of the anonymity associated with the Party. As one of the members of THumP®’s Board of Directors, our spokesperson volunteered to be the only publicly known member. The others remain anonymous.

Because our spokesperson dedicates most of his income to THumP®, the movement does not need, nor does it ask for, donations. Our spokesperson donates his personal money, time, and talents to confront and end poverty.

Why our spokesperson? Why an obscure, unknown man living in the relatively unknown State of Utah in the United States?

From the time that humans first divided themselves into groups of families, communities, cities, states and nations, there have existed social movements with the intent of equalizing the economic playing field. When one family became more important than another, the problems of economic disparity began. There have always been social movements that have attempted to counter this disparity of economic advantage.

Nothing has created more problems for humans than the religious belief systems that are a product of human inequality. When humans began to believe that their family was right and all other families were wrong, religion was the result and all of our social problems began.

Gods and religions became the most powerful destructive force to peace on earth. God soon became the source of justification that made one family “blessed” while another one is “cursed.” These families separated into communities, cities, states and nations. Being thus separated, they lost their ability to communicate with each other and developed their own unique languages. The loss of communication also adds to the social problems that the world faces.

So what does this have to do with our spokesperson?

It has to do with religion.

Our spokesperson wasn’t the first one living in the United States who tried to create social change and justice. There was another similar man who lived in the early 1800′s, who did everything in his power to convince people to give up religion and become a united people.

The United States became the first government that ostensibly protected its citizens’ right to religious belief. No other government in Earth’s history had ever separated social law from religion quite like the United States’ new Constitution did. The problem was, and remains, that the Constitution was written and supported by many men who were religious and wealthy.

Many of the U.S. Founding Fathers (and notice there were no “Mothers”) were Freemasons. Freemasonry developed among wealthy people with a sincere desire to control society their way, according to their morals and beliefs. Freemasonry embodied the desires of wealthy, educated men (and they were all men, women weren’t allowed) to determine what society’s morals should be.

A good example of Freemason ideology today would be the modern Republican Conservative movement. The most recent example of these types of movements is The Foundation for a Better Life, formed in 2000.

In essence, the Freemason movement of the 1800′s and The Foundation for a Better Life are simply ways that very religious and pious men hide their beliefs and ideologies, along with their desire to turn society into their concept of “righteousness,” without outwardly admitting that it’s all about religion and God. These types are “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” and are directly responsible for poverty and inequality in this world. “By their fruits ye shall know them.” Their fruits are poverty and inequality, largely a result of their moral agenda to control society with secret combinations of power between religion, government, and business.

In 2004, a few of those who would become part of the Board of Directors of the Humanity Party® met with the controversial historian, Howard Zinn. It was Zinn who wrote about these secret combinations in his book, A People’s History of the United States. Zinn quotes Banker’s Magazine (1901),

“As the business of the country has learned the secret of combination, it is gradually subverting the power of the politician and rendering him subservient to its purposes.” (Chapter 13: The Socialist Challenge)

Four of the future THumP® Board members met with Zinn many times prior to the publication of his book in 1980. During these meetings, the real U.S. history was discussed and a plan was hatched to introduce a social movement that would undermine the Freemasonry ideologies that were still being embraced and enhanced throughout the world by the 1%. The secret combinations of business and politics was the main topic of these discussions. These five humans (Zinn and the four future THumP® representatives) knew that religion was the culprit behind the elitism attitudes of the wealthy and their desire to control all aspects of society. And no religion was more blatantly involved in freemasonry ideologies than the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon), the richest church (per capita) in the entire world.

In 2012, the first Mormon, Mitt Romney, ran for and almost became the leader of the Free World. Luckily for the world, Romney failed to grab the Presidency. But Mormons continue to hide behind some of the most successful businesses in the world and hold unprecedented political power in the U.S. government in the long-tenured status of U.S. Senators Orin Hatch and Harry Reid.

The US Senate is the most powerful political group of humans that exists upon earth. And when the US Founding Fathers argued the specifics of a new government, a Senate was instituted ONLY to represent the interests, not of the majority, as the Senate was not initially elected by the people, but of the wealthy.

Our spokesperson was raised a Mormon. He understands Mormon attitudes, elitism, and their pious righteousness more than most. He was chosen because of his Mormon heritage. He was chosen because he fit the parameters and specifics needed by THumP®’s future Board to initiate their plan to counter the Masonic, conservative, elitist attitude. He was personally taught by the other members of the Board, who collectively have more background and knowledge of how things work in the world than any other known group of individuals. They are Think Tank of incredible experience and intelligence.

Our spokesperson was taught the real facts behind the Mormon faith and its rise to political, business, and economic aristocracy. It all started with another obscure, unknown, very controversial man living in the State of New York of the United States in the early 1800′s: Joseph Smith, Jr..

When Smith was a young teenager, his father, Joseph Smith, Sr. and older brother, Hyrum, joined a local Masonic Lodge and became pledged members of Freemasonry. Joseph didn’t understand why, and along with his eldest brother, Alvin, questioned why their father and brother would do such a thing. Alvin attended anonymous groups of people who were against Freemasonry and were uniting to fight the ideology. Alvin would take young Joseph along to the meetings. Joseph’s young mind grasped the concepts of how Freemasonry and religion were creating the poverty that existed among the people, especially among the Native American people whose land the European colonialists had stolen and claimed as their God-given “promised land.” And this does not minimize, but includes, the plight of the African people who were enslaved by white business owners.

As he developed and grew, like our spokesperson today, Joseph was recruited by members of this anonymous movement to do whatever was necessary to counter the rise of the 1% and their power in government and business.

The culprit then is the same culprit now: religion. It was a religious belief in a Christian god that condemned to hell any who did not believe in Jesus and justified the way that the white race treated darker races. And in that day, the Native Americans and the African people had no interest in the white man’s Jesus.

When Joseph Smith was ready and able, these anonymous men made him their scapegoat and their “true messenger.” They helped him write a book that countered the white man’s concept that the white race is God’s people and the dark race is of the devil. The book was published as the Book of Mormon.

The idea and concept behind the book was simple: present a Bible-based scenario that the Native Americans were actually part of the House of Israel, God’s people; that the only thing good Christians should be concerned about is the things that Jesus taught the Jews in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, chapters 5, 6, and 7; compare to the BOM’s 3 Nephi, chapters 12, 13, and 14). This sermon would be presented in the BOM story as coming from the actual mouth of a resurrected Jesus teaching the ancestors of the Native Americans his gospel.

The purpose of the book was to introduce a religious belief that countered the orthodox Christian belief that God has only one people, and those people are white. To present a counter to the Bible, those responsible for the content of the Book of Mormon had Joseph Smith write it under their supervision and counsel. They wrote the content for Smith and Smith presented it as if it came from a miracle of God.

The book was written in an effort to counter organized religion and a priesthood where certain men ruled in authority over others. The first 116 pages of handwritten manuscript were completed, and Joseph was told to let other Christians read the manuscript to see how they would react to it. The 116 pages included quotes from the first chapter of Isaiah that condemns organized religion and authority. The story, presented as the Book of Lehi, completely destroys the authenticity and need for religion. This didn’t go over very well with the American Christians to whom Joseph shared the manuscript. In fact, the actual manuscript was eventually stolen by members of the Masonic Lodge to which Smith’s father and brother belonged.

Having rejected the concept that religion is the basis of all societal corruption, the authors of the Book of Mormon changed and slanted the storyline to become more palatable to Christians and Bible-believers. Joseph would receive the text for the storyline from the others who knew how to write stories that would include hidden, subtle clues to counter religious belief.

In short, the American Christians rejected the idea that the dark-skinned races were just as important as white-skinned people, because they couldn’t give up on organized religion and their “word of God.” Joseph Smith, Jr. gave them what they wanted and eventually suffered the very first original American religion to be established on April 6, 1830.

Eventually, most of the Christians who were initially introduced to Joseph’s ideas, which he got from the anonymous group of men who were helping him, rejected Smith and created their own concept of religion. Joseph was eventually murdered. Once he was gone, those who wanted organized religion to continue completely changed the intent and purpose for which Joseph and his anonymous friends had originally envisioned the Book of Mormon.

Joseph was murdered by an organized effort under the direction of the Freemasons. In 1842, two years before his murder, Joseph became a member of Freemasonry, discovered their secret handshakes, rituals, and rules and mockingly revealed them in a play he and his anonymous friends wrote. The play contains certain characters that represent religious icons and stories from the Bible. And the character that enraged the Freemasons at that time was the character Smith assigned as Lucifer. Lucifer’s character wore the Masonic apron, an exact replica of the apron worn by George Washington when he laid the cornerstone for the U.S. Capital Building on September 18, 1793, with Masonic ceremonies.

Joseph and his anonymous friends knew how corrupt the U.S. Government had become under the guise of freedom and liberty. They knew of the secret combinations that existed between wealthy business and political interests. In fact, they incorporated a discreet and subtle explanation of how these two combinations work together in the Book of Mormon stories that they published.

In spite of the clues, the people who believed and accepted the BOM didn’t care about what the book actually said and implied. The only thing that was important to the white people who embraced this new American religion was that THEY were God’s only chosen people belonging to God’s ONLY true and living church. This is the same prevailing modern-day LDS/Mormon attitude.

When Smith first introduced his play, the Masons were furious at Smith’s mockery and revelation of their secret oaths and symbolic ordinances. From that time forth, every effort was made to get rid of Joseph Smith.

Lucifer being the founder and instigator of the United States government wasn’t the only controversial analogy Smith presented in his play. Smith presented the idea that mortals were advanced human beings existing in a dream state in which they were experiencing everything happening upon Earth. He presented the idea that when mortals pray to God, believing that a loving Heavenly Father or Jesus is answering their prayers, that Lucifer was actually the only one answering them; that God and Jesus weren’t even aware of what was happening during mortal life upon Earth.

Needless to say, Smith’s play made many people very upset. Smith’s play would eventually be modified and became the most sacred ordinance that a Mormon can receive in secret within the walls of the Mormon temples spread throughout the world. Modern Mormons do not see the hidden clues to what Joseph Smith was trying to reveal to them.  They do not want to see or admit to them. They want their religion. They want to believe that they are special. That their families are special. Consequently, the Mormon Church rules the State of Utah.

Our spokesperson was hired as a Security Officer to work in all parts of the Mormon Church headquarters based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He worked there for a few years and became disillusioned with the hypocrisy that he witnessed behind the scenes of this powerful, worldly church. One night in 1987, while doing security rounds in the Salt Lake City Temple, he had a nervous breakdown and his mind became susceptible to psychological processes consistent with aberrations associated with cognitive dissonance. What happened to our spokesperson’s mind at that time is still a matter of controversy. But regardless, he became the perfect candidate to represent a modern group of anonymous people whose desire it was to counter the secret combinations of political and business interests that create and exacerbate poverty and inequality.

From 1987, our spokesperson begin to associate with this anonymous group and learn all that they knew and wanted him to do. The first thing that they wanted him to do was to counter the progression and power of the LDS/Mormon Church. Dovetailing Joseph Smith’s work in the 1830′s, our spokesperson was assigned to publish the continuation of the Book of Mormon, as The Sealed Portion of the Book of Mormon–The Final Testament of Jesus Christ. Along with this book, our spokesperson was used to present other books that completely confound religion by using religion. Our spokesperson ’s work is known as the Marvelous Work and a Wonder®.

Any religious person who sincerely and with integrity studies our spokesperson’s publications, will eventually reject religion and open their mind to things that they never considered. A good example of how our spokesperson’s work affects a religious person’s mind was published in a Salt Lake City newspaper: (See link here.) No religious person upon researching our spokesperson’s work will ever think the same way again.

Our spokesperson did exactly what he was told to do. His first mission was to counter religion with logic and intelligence. In 2004, our spokesperson began to publish the books that the members of THumP®’s Board of Directors had assigned him to write and publish. It’s obvious from reading our spokesperson’s books that he had a lot of help. But overtime, he became a man who few would ever attempt to confront in public on record. What he has been taught is profound. He can and has confounded anyone who takes the initiative to challenge him.

In March of 2005, our spokesperson met with those who would soon become the other official members of the Humanity Party®’s Board of Directors. The anonymous group was not ready to launch the movement at that time. Countering religion was their first priority. It wasn’t until a decade later, in March of 2015, that the decision was made to officially launch the Humanity Party® along with the logical solutions to the world’s problems. These solutions are a direct affront to Conservative (Freemasonry) positions and ideologies.

Anonymity is to protect the members of the Board and all those who support the end of worldwide poverty. Anyone who puts their name out there to counter the powers that be, to introduce reforms and propositions that counter the status quo, which includes all religious faith and belief, is going to be persecuted, ridiculed, and fought against. Although it would have been preferable that our spokesperson remain anonymous, thoughtless and malicious enemies made his name known and associated with the Humanity Party®. Their websites, their videos, and their accusations are based on lies, innuendo, and hate. Anyone who sincerely studies THumP®’s platform and solutions will not give any credence to the lies told about one of the members of the Party. There are many others who sincerely want to see the end of poverty and inequality.

Our spokesperson is NOT the official voice of the Party. He is simply one of the members of the Board of Directors and he was used to legally launch the Party. He has a job and receives a paycheck for doing that job. His job pays him what he is worth to the company that employs him. And the Humanity Party® is indebted to our spokesperson and the company owners for their financial aid and sacrifice.

The spokesperson of The Humanity Party® could be any one of the Board of Directors. Most importantly, are the solutions and proposals that they present.

There will never be any change to the terrible economic problems of this world and the terrorism and division that they cause unless people rise up and support sensible and logical plans that are indisputable and unchallengeable.

Groups of anonymous people have always fought the powers that be, the powers that control their lives and are responsible for billions of people suffering while only a few live in peace and comfort. The wisdom of THumP®’s Board of Directors has yet to be challenged. And its choice of a legal agent to represent it was unquestionably the right choice.

Until someone stands up to the challenge and can confound our spokesperson, the Humanity Party® will continue to make the claim that its proposals and solutions are the ONLY way that the world can meet THumP®’s objective:

End worldwide poverty by leveling the economic playing field so that each human can pursue happiness by living life in liberty. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not possible for someone living in poverty, and most of the world’s population either lives in poverty or is threatened by poverty. The ONLY way to end poverty is to confront it on a global level, whereas the world has become so economically connected that it is impossible to end it any other way.

The Humanity Party® stands behind its Board of Directors. It stands behind and thanks our spokesperson for his service and undaunting dedication to the Board’s needs for a public agent.

IF, or when, a critic or enemy can intelligently confound our spokesperson and prove that what he has done and is doing is not for the good of all people of Earth, then the Humanity Party® will stand down and dissolve itself. But because we know this is impossible, because we taught him everything that he knows, and we know that there are no other viable solutions found anywhere in the world. We will continue to promote our agenda.

We are The Humanity Party®.

We forgive because we have compassion.

We are humane people.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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