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In this video, Milton Friedman, an American economist and Nobel Laureate, answers questions from students attending Stanford University in the 1970′s. The students’ questions are subjective and are exemplary of the attitudes of a lot of youth today, who are educated and think of themselves as progressive thinkers who want to solve society’s ills.

Much of Bernie Sanders’ support comes from young adults who think that they have the intelligence and human experience to know what is best for society. The Humanity Party®’s lack of popularity and progress is also due to the youth, who think that they know, but who do not. Occupy Wall Street went viral and gained hundreds of thousands of youth supporting its cause, but THumP®couldn’t garner even a few thousand supporters.

Few in their twenties have any idea how society really works, and although their complaints are well-thought out and presented with vibrant and youthful energy, but with limited life experience, their solutions are not. They have very few solutions. The have only complaints. The solutions that they propose cannot work. In fact, the very education that influenced their complaints, also works against them in finding the proper solutions.

The proper government and its laws can never, and should never be, organized by the mentality of students from Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, or any other “elite” University, or any other University for that matter. A college education and the ability to express oneself with big words and “learned” articulation will not solve the problems of society. A proper government must be applied to the poorest people with the least opportunities, concentrating on their understand and ability to deal with life. THumP®’s solutions center around the actual day-to-day needs of the least among us, but recognizes and supports the reality of the common market trends that affect these least among us. THumP®proposes a government that is setup to care properly for the least, knowing that in such a system, the “greatest” will also benefit.

Unfortunately for the world, the arrogance of the “learned” youth will be its undoing.

It’s a very cunning plan, the pride and arrogance of the educated, the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of them! When they are learned they think they are wise, and they do not listen to common sense and their deep-seated humanity, for they set it aside, supposing they know of themselves. Therefore, their wisdom is foolishness and it doesn’t profit them nor anyone else. But to be learned is good if they listen to common sense and take into consideration that all people, including those who pursue wealth as their happiness, need to be protected and upheld.

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