Understanding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)-its Benefits, Problems, and Purpose — and Exposing the Ignorance of Robert Reich and Bernie Sanders— A Great Pit Dug by the United States and the American People — Only THumP®’s plan can accomplish what TPP is designed to do

October 14, 2015 |

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Somehow … the Obama administration (moderate Democrat) and the Republican party support what is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). More liberal Democrats do not support the agreement, and U.S. Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders, is completely against it.

The public knows VERY little about TPP (one of the most economically influential trade agreements that the world has ever known); and one’s prejudice against or support of TPP depends upon to whom that one looks for an understanding and opinion.

THumP® understands both sides of the issue.

THumP® supports the Obama administration and the Republicans who support the TPP. THumP® maintains that without this trade agreement, the U.S. economy, as well as many of the economies of the nations who receive most U.S. exports (goods and services produced in the U.S.), will begin to erode exponentially according to the economical success of China. However, the reasons why THumP® supports this agreement is extremely different than why the Obama administration and the Republicans support it.

The TPP is actually an attempt to protect the U.S. economy (the greatest consumer nation on Earth) from China. China is not a part of, and would never support, the TPP.

Go to your local store and look at every product’s tag and description to determine where the product was manufactured. One will find that, more and more, products are being produced in China. This wasn’t the case years ago before China entered the “great beast” of the world’s economy. Before China entered the world’s markets, one was more likely to see products made in Singapore, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Columbia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, or South Korea. These are the exact same countries targeted by the TPP.

Here are the facts:

1. The U.S. is the world’s number one consumer nation. The U.S. consumes more products and services than any other nation upon Earth. The rise of a Capitalistic economy (the great beast that controls the minds and hearts of the people of the world) begin with the formation of the United States and the perpetuation of this, first of its kind, “free” (at least for the 1%) government’s protection of a Free Market system. NOTHING IS EVER FREE! Poverty is the direct result of an unregulated Free Market System, where anyone can set up a business for profit in the hopes of becoming wealthy. In order to get profit, a business must sell products and services for more than the cost to produce the goods and services. This is simple economics.

2. The products and services that the U.S. consumes are made available to consumers by U.S. corporations and business, BOTH SMALL AND LARGE. Any competent business owner, who is going to be successful, is going to find the cheapest way to produce the products and services that their company/corporation sells. As the world opened up its market to other countries, that are NOT consumer-based nations, but manufacturing-based economies, U.S. businesses found it more profitable to produce their goods and services offshore in these other countries. The result is the loss of American jobs because most of the products that these businesses sell are now primarily manufactured or created by other nations because of much lower labor costs.

Things have changed for the United States. Because of technological advancements in transportation and world trade, the U.S. economy is PRIMARILY based on consumption: what and how much Americans buy and consume. When Americans are buying lots of goods and services from U.S. businesses/corporations, the U.S. economy flourishes, which then directly affects the economic success of the manufacturing-based nations that provide the products that are consumed in the U.S.

China has more people than the United States, Singapore, Chile, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Columbia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and South Korea COMBINED! China’s ability to produce all the goods that support the U.S. economy threatens these other nations’ economies that used to supply the U.S. with consumer goods.

Without this trade agreement (TPP), which in many ways seeks to protect the economies of these supplier nations by uniting them in a response to China’s overwhelming monopoly on manufacturing, the poverty rate of these countries will continue to increase. But there’s another protection that is not discussed, but was considered and important when the Obama administration and others supported the trade agreement. AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO CONSIDER:

China’s financial success in manufacturing over the years is allowing Chinese business/corporations to buy up U.S. companies and then control them by U.S. corporate laws through the U.S. courts. The Chinese have a lot of money to hire American lawyers to protect their interests under U.S. law.

Not only are Chinese businesses controlling the manufacture of their own products in China, by taking advantage of the cheap labor that the Chinese people provide, but Chinese companies, once they own the businesses that operate in the U.S. that provide their products to the world’s number one consumers (Americans), are profiting from the final sale of their own products.

Sure, these Chinese companies DO create jobs for Americans. They need American laborers to drive the trucks from U.S. ports to their store outlets, stock their stores shelves, clean and manage their stores, and then sell their products to other American consumers. The jobs that are being created are: more truck drivers, more store managers and store employees, who do not need a college education to drive a truck and manage a store.

The Chinese need Americans, not for their expertise and education, an education that costs Americans thousands of dollars of debt and that cannot be repaid on a truck driver’s, store manager or store employee’s wage, but China needs Americans FOR THEIR CONSUMERISM! But if the Americans don’t have enough money to buy products, because Chinese businesses don’t pay them enough to afford the products, an economic vacuum is created in which no one profits, and business interests shift to other nations upon Earth that consume.


Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich, and their likes, want to tax corporations and take more of their profits. They actually believe that this will help support and increase the U.S. economy. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE REAL TRUTH … ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Let’s give the logical scenario:

Bernie Sanders and Robert Reich get their way and pass legislation (laws) that mandate high taxes on U.S. businesses/corporations. U.S. law can control U.S. business practice, BUT IT CANNOT CONTROL CHINESE BUSINESSES! If maintaining a business on U.S. soil is no longer highly profitable for foreign investors, then there’s nothing that U.S. law can do to keep the business from moving offshore to another country, or keeping the business exclusively in China.

Let’s say, for example, that you want something … anything. Go to Amazon.com or many other online retailers and order the product, bypassing the local store that employs people to provide you with what you want to buy. In 24 hrs. you will have your product, and you didn’t need to waste any gas or time in going to a local store (another American business entity) to get it.

If Bernie Sanders, Robert Reich and those who are emotionally excited about their complaints and disparagement of wealth and corporate profits, succeed, MOST U.S.-based BUSINESSES/CORPORATIONS WILL GO TO ANOTHER COUNTRY AND SET UP BUSINESS. It takes ONLY 12 hours for a product made in China to be delivered to U.S. shores by huge transport planes (which are becoming larger and larger so that they can carry more and more products). Then, it takes only 12 more hours to get that product shipped anywhere in the U.S. That’s only 1 day from the largest manufacturing country in the world to the largest consumer nation.

An American consumer can sit at home and consume products that are touched only by U.S. delivery truck drivers, who, if technology ever gets its way, might be replaced by delivery drones, eliminating most U.S. onshore jobs.

So, if a company no longer needs any part of the U.S. employment market to supply goods and services to Americans, what are Americans going to do? What kinds of jobs will be created for the American consumer?

American Capitalism has created a great economic pit that was dug by the American desire to consume all the precious things of the world. And now, that great pit, which has been dug by Americans and the Free Market system and Capitalism, which system was founded upon human nature that creates an emotional affect attached to owning and consuming things. This great pit will be filled by those who dug it, unto their utter destruction, not the destruction of them physically, (except when the poverty they have created inspires terrorist actions against them), but of their emotional destruction through their experiences of a hell that has no end, caused by their constant worry about money and ‘keeping up with the Joneses,’ or rather, those who are trying to climb out of the pit. As Americans try to climb out of the pit they have dug for themselves, they climb all over each other to reach the top, exacerbating the emotional hell they are experiencing.

In the video attached to this post, Robert Reich (former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, American political economist, professor, author, and political commentator) correctly explains but then complains about TPP, frightening his followers, and supporting Bernie Sander’s ignorant and biased view on the issues that the TPP presents .

Reich correctly points out one of the resulting factors of TPP:

“Corporations and Wall Street get an international tribunal of private attorneys (i.e., a court system), outside any nation’s legal system, that can order compensations for any lost profits found to result from a nation’s regulations. That means even U.S. based corporations can challenge any U.S. regulation that they claim unfairly diminishes their profits.”

Reich then uses an example of pharmaceutical companies, implying that they will have the ability to sue in an international court to protect their patents to keep their drug prices high by controlling competition from less expensive generic brands.

Drug companies invest millions of dollars and provide jobs to researchers to produce drugs that the American consumer needs and wants. Because of the pit that the Americans have dug for themselves, and the emotional hell that they experience, THEY NEED … THEY WANT … DRUGS that will lessen the emotional affect of not having enough money! If the pharmaceutical companies are not protected in their research and developments, they will have no incentive to keep producing the medicines that alleviate American stress. Yes, these pharmaceutical companies are part of the great pit described above.


Sanders and Reich can complain ad nauseam, but their ignorance will only dig the great pit deeper. A viable legal document, a NEW CONSTITUTION, is the ONLY WAY any change will ever be made! There is no other way! The new constitution, a worldwide constitution, will establish laws for all countries, for all people, by regulating the economic processes that control our lives.

In another self-promoting video, Robert Reich correctly states:

“If our democracy were working as it should, the rules of the market would help most of us. Instead as income and wealth is concentrated at the top, over the last 40 years, so has the power to make the rules of the market by influencing the politicians, regulatory heads, and even the courts and the lawyers who appear before them. Where the result is rigged for the benefit of the few. … We must make the market work for us rather than for only a few at the top … to do that we must exert the power that is supposed to be ours. How do we do this?”

Then Robert Reich pitches his book, SAVING CAPITALISM, FOR THE MANY, NOT THE FEW. Reich offers no viable solutions in properly saving capitalism for the many. Capitalism and the Free Market exist ONLY for the few. It was incorporated into human life upon Earth from the desire of one to become wealthy. What American, or any other person, does not want, if he or she could, become self-sufficient and financially independent? It’s this personal drive and desire for the things of the world and the honors of men that promote and support Capitalism and the Free Market system that has overwhelmed our world. Few wealthy people buy lottery tickets. The poor do. Those who complain so much about the wealthy have the same desire for wealth and success. This human nature, responsible for the great pit described above, will not go away anytime soon.

The ONLY WAY that “the rules of the market would help most of us,” is if there are laws established that are unarguable, simple, and definitive in support of human life; laws that are difficult for lawyers and judges to misinterpret. This can ONLY be done by establishing a NEW WORLDWIDE CONSTITUTION that creates a One World Government; yes, a New World Order, in which all the inhabitants of Earth are guaranteed, free of charge, the basic necessities of life: nutritious food, secure and safe housing, proper clothing, good medical health and mental care, and education. THIS CANNOT BE DONE WITHOUT LAWS THAT PROTECT AND SUPPORT CAPITALISM, which is, has been, and will be the impetus for most technological and standard of living advancements, promoted by the establishment of the freedoms offered by the government of the United States of America, the nation in possession of the most powerful military force on Earth! But, alas, how the U.S. uses its great military force digs the pit even deeper.

Find out more and how we can solve all human problems by uniting behind the Humanity Party®. (www.humanityparty.com)

(Via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O_Sbbeqfdw)

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