U.S., Japan clash over yen policy at G-7 meeting

May 21, 2016 |

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The value of currency, its production (printing), and how it’s managed and regulated is NOT in the hands of the people whose lives are affected the most.

“Group of Seven finance ministers and central bank chiefs ended a two-day meeting without an agreement on a more balanced policy mix, including additional, possibly coordinated fiscal stimulus, and aligning divergent monetary policies.

“Policy makers have stressed in recent months that, given risks to the global economy, fiscal stimulus and structural reforms should be used to supplement the extraordinary monetary easing being conducted by central banks in the U.S., Europe and Japan. They have also reiterated that countries should avoid resorting to competitive currency devaluations to generate growth at the expense of other nations.”

All money regulation, of any kind, should reside in the hands of the people through their elected Congress.

The authors of the original U.S. Constitution didn’t have a clue how money was going to eventually control the world, nor how few individuals would come to power to control money, thereby controlling the world.

A sound and proper Constitution MUST include the power vested in the people to regulate and control money.

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U.S., Japan clash over yen policy at G-7 meeting

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