THumP®’s Position on DACA

January 25, 2018 |

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THumP®’s position on DACA:

“DACA” means Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Basically, no matter how a child arrived in the United States, if the child’s arrival was not “legal,” the government has a right and is required by its immigration laws to take action against the child.

DACA did not become U.S. law through the ordinary legislative process (where Congress establishes the law). The Obama Administration used its Executive Authority to establish the policy. The policy basically “defers” (puts off for a later time) enforcing current U.S. immigration laws.

The Trump Administration used the same Executive Authority to rescind the policy. Some people call Trump a tyrant and evil for rescinding the policy. However, these people do not understand the full purpose behind Trump’s action. In reality, Trump is making a better effort to come up with a permanent fix for immigration policy than Obama did.

This is how:

In August of 2001, the U.S. Congress considered making the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act) a U.S. law. The law would have qualified all children whose parents illegally brought them into the United States for “conditional residency,” and then afford these children the opportunity to apply for permanent residency.

The next month, in September 2001, the World Trade Center was attacked. Paranoia spread. Since then, Congress has not been able to pass the DREAM Act into law, mainly because of Republican, conservative, opposition.

Now, since the Republicans hold the majority in both houses of Congress, and the Presidency, there are no longer any excuses for Congress not to pass the DREAM Act or some other immigration laws.

Trump has stated, “If [Congress] brings me any legislation on immigration, I will sign it.” However, Trump does have HIS requirements before he will sign the bill into law: build the wall he promised those who voted for him. Trump has shown no desire to kick out the children who were born in the U.S. “illegally” … as long as he gets his wall.

Unlike Obama, Trump is forcing Congress to do its job. Obama didn’t do anything except extend the deferment and exacerbate the political chaos of immigration.

THumP®’s position is clear:

WE do not believe that any human being is an “alien”.

WE believe in an equal HUMAN RACE, not in any other race distinction.

WE believe that each human has the right to travel where that person can find gainful employment to support that person’s life and the lives of those who are dependent on that person.

WE believe that there should be no borders or control over immigration or migration.

WE believe that the human race should be united under one nation: the United Republic of EARTH; that all laws applicable to this Republic should be equally enforced upon all Earth’s inhabitants.

Although our vision of a united human race is preferable, we understand the limitations of realizing this vision because of the established divisions of race and ideologies (religions). Therefore, we have proposed a new U.S. Constitution that WILL work for the United States. [Editor’s Note, 2023: Our U.S. Constitutional proposals have been replaced by our Worldwide Constitutional proposals] In our proposal, immigration is established, not by the arguments and divisions of a bipartisan Congress, but through constitution law:

ARTICLE I, Section 9 – Powers of Congress

(i) Power to Allow Other Nations to Become Part of the Republic of America.

TO extend the boundaries of the Republic and the protection of its laws to any foreign nation or entity, whose people, by the majority of their individual votes, desire to become part of the Republic. Any application to become part of the Republic must be made to Congress by the voice of the majority of that foreign people through lawful and congressionally verified election results; TO support the implementation of American law in any part of the world where the Republic holds authority and jurisdiction by the will of the people of that area.

ARTICLE IV, INALIENABLE HUMAN RIGHTS, Section 3– Rights To Citizenship and Immigration

(a) Legal Citizenship.

Each person shall be considered a legal citizen of the Republic and enjoy the equal rights and protections granted by this Constitution upon proof of that person’s birth that occurred, at any time, within the Internationally accepted borders of the Republic or any of its holdings as acquired in compliance with Article I, Section 9(i.); or upon proof of gainful employment, of any lawful kind in any of the borders of the Republic, for a period of at least twelve consecutive months.

(b) Immigrant Rights and Responsibilities.

No person, regardless of age, race, country of origin, gender, economic status, religion, or sexual orientation, shall be prohibited from entering the borders of the Republic in search of gainful employment and with the desire to secure the rights allowed and protected under this Constitution. Until legal citizenship is granted, all such persons entering the Republic shall be required to carry a Republic-issued Visa, which shall include genetic identification registration as established by Congress. Such persons shall carry the Visa on his or her person at all times while traveling throughout the Republic.

( c)Provisions of Citizenship.

A person who is not a legal citizen and who enters this Republic according to subsection (b.) of this Section, shall be allowed the opportunity to find employment and meet the provisions of this section within a one-year time limit. All persons granted a temporary Visa shall be guaranteed all of the Constitutional rights afforded to any legal citizen for a one-year period. If, at the end of one year, that person does not find lawful and gainful employment, that person shall be provided a safe, secure, and free passage back to the country of that person’s origin. A person who fails to secure employment within one year, and who returns to the country of that person’s origin, shall not be allowed to reapply for a temporary Visa for a period of five consecutive years, unless upon returning to that person’s country, that person’s life is endangered or threatened in any way, by any means.

(End of THumP®’s constitutional proposals on immigration.)

No humane law affords to CHILDREN the same responsibility to conform to and bear the consequences of any law as is expected of adults. In ALL cases, the rights of children should be upheld and protected.

“Illegal children” may be wrong, according to some so-called “adult” politicians but adults have simply been wrong longer.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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