The Spokesperson for the Humanity Party®’s conversation with a Millennial

November 22, 2017 |

| 3 min read

Millennial: I go to school so that I don’t wind up working at McDonald’s or in construction.

Me: What would happen if everyone went to school so they wouldn’t have to work at McDonald’s or in construction?

Millennial: (Silence, because he’s trying to figure out a good response.)

Me: And are you saying that everyone who works at McDonald’s, which I assume you use as a metaphor for blue collar, fast food and retail labor jobs, and construction hasn’t gone to school?

Millennial: No, I’m saying that I want an opportunity to become educated so I don’t have to work those types of jobs.

Me: By saying “those types of jobs,” you mean labor jobs like those who work for McDonald’s and construction. You want a white collar, professional job. Right?

Millennial: I want a job where I am not forced to work so hard to survive.

Me: What would you call someone who is FORCED to work?

Millennial: What do you mean, we’re all forced to work.

Me: Would you agree that anyone who is FORCED to work is a slave?

Millennial: Well, there are different ways that we are forced to work, some of us are forced to work to improve our lives.

Me: You mean “your life” becoming easier and less stressful over the “life” of the person who is not educated and FORCED to take “those types of jobs,” Right?

Millennial: I mean that’s the way life is, some people have life easier because they are more educated than others.

Me: So, you would rather be a slave owner instead of a slave, because a slave owner is still forced to do work in order to keep the slave inline and working for you, Right?

Millennial: I don’t want to be a slave owner! I want to have a good life based on the quality of my work.

Me: So, all “those types of jobs,” do we need them in order for YOUR LIFE to be less stressful? Do we need construction workers who work very hard to build you a house? Do we need the “McDonald’s types of jobs” to serve your kids a Happy Meal, and cater to your lifestyle of less stress because you don’t want to cook or listen to your kids cry for McDonald’s?

Millennial: (The anger is starting to rise and he is losing his capacity to think logically.)

Me: Let’s suppose that all humans had equal opportunity to education and none of us wanted to have one of “those types of jobs.” What would happen to our society and the stress-free life you want for yourself? Can we all be slave owners and none of us slaves? Can we all live a life without stress, without being forced to work to make another’s life stress free?

Millennial: (Silence and a rise in hidden anger, because once a person doesn’t have a logical response, their ego automatically reacts to counter the offensive attack on their intelligence.)

Me: It appears, that if you want a stress-free lifestyle, then you are going to need a whole lot of “slaves” to work so that you don’t have to. And if a stress-free life is more desirable than a stressful one, which jobs, “those type of jobs” or your desired job, SHOULD be the most valuable and important to a stress-free life?

Millennial: (Walking away.)

Me: In your world, creating stress on others so that you are not stressed, is okay and good. In mine, it’s the greatest evil any human could support!

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