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July 2, 2016 |

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Here is the Humanity Party®’s response to Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his solution to terrorism:

Netanyahu states,

“This morning a terrorist sneaked into the bedroom of a thirteen year-old girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel. He murdered young Hallel in cold blood.”

THumP®’s response:

This morning a Syrian child was sleeping when a drone’s Hellfire II missile sneaked in and completely decimated the child’s body. There was nothing left of the child for her parents to bury. (THumP® doesn’t know the child’s name because the mainstream media doesn’t report the deaths of children from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen or wherever drone attacks occur.) 

Netanyahu continues,

“The picture of her bloodstained room is almost too hard to see. There’s a teddybear still on her bed, a red beanbag chair, some pictures on the wall, shoes tightly packed in a bin next to her bunkbed.”

THumP®’s response:

The Hellfire II missile destroyed all of the contents of the room, leaving nothing that could be identified as the child’s belongings.

Netanyahu continues

“Why would any person do this? You don’t murder a sleeping child for peace. You don’t slit a little girl’s throat to protest a policy you don’t like.”

THumP®’s response:

Then why did you murder the child with a Hellfire II missile? If not for peace, for what? Revenge? Or is this child’s murder simply justified as collateral damage? If so, who determines which side can justify a murder as ‘collateral damage’?

Or was it to comply with the inhumane and immoral tenets of Mosaic Law, an eye for an eye?

Or perhaps it is okay with you to murder children who are not part of the House of Israel, because you religion, your God, condones the killing of innocent men, women, and little ones, when your, “Lord [your] God deliveres [them] before [you]; and [you] smote [them], and [their] sons, and all [their] people. And [you] took all [their] cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, [you] left none to remain. (See YOUR BIBLE, Deuteronomy 2:33-34)

Netanyahu continues:

“You do this because you’ve been brainwashed. You’ve been brainwashed by a warped ideology that teaches you that this child isn’t human.”

THumP® response:

Really? And your ideology … your religion that teaches that the Jews are God’s ONLY chosen people, who are the ONLY people blessed by God’s will and choice … that the House of Israel is God’s chosen house forever and is the ONLY people who have a right to the lands of Palestine of the Levant … IS NOT THIS IDEOLOGY embraced and espoused by brainwashed people? REALLY?


“We will not let barbarism defeat humanity. There is no middle ground between beautiful Hallel and her unspeakably evil murderer.”

THumP®’s response:

“Barbarism” is defined as the absence of culture and civilization or extreme cruelty. What culture, what civilized people, would destroy the homes of the families of those whom the State of Israel deems terrorists? A family member commits a crime and their innocent family members are punished? Is this also part of your culture, your civilization, of your barbaric Hebrew laws?

It there any middle ground between the State of Israel and the Gaza Strip or the West Bank? Is there any ‘middle ground’ with your God?

Is it not true that your brainwashed people have embraced a belief that one day your Messiah will rule the world and subject all other people to your God’s ways and commandments, that your God and ways will eventually “defeat humanity”?

And how is your God and Messiah going to implement worldwide acceptance and observance of the Jewish religion? Isn’t there only one way your God can do this: through barbaric acts?

Netanyahu continues:

“Today, each of us is going to fight back. I ask you to walk into your child’s bedroom before they go to sleep, I ask you to hug them, I ask you to kiss them. Teach them that the values that Hallel’s murder most detested, freedom, diversity, pluralism will never die. We’ll always hold them dear. Tell them that we will never let fear, evil, and terror triumph. That we will always stand for justice.”

THumP®’s response:

In what bedroom are the millions of refugees or the economical suppressed people of the Middle East, especially of the Gaza strip and West Bank, supposed to walk into to hug and kiss their child before they go to sleep? Most children in economically depressed countries don’t have their own bedroom.

What are the people of Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, and other economically depressed nations supposed to teach THEIR children about freedom, about diversity?

And pluralism? Really? Pluralism is a condition or system in which two or more states, groups, principles, sources of authority coexist. How’s pluralism working for the people of these countries outside of the West, outside of the State of Israel?

How can these parents teach their children about something that doesn’t exist in their countries, something that will never exist in their countries as long as your country, backed by the West, only accepts and supports freedom and diversity from your point of view?


“Tell them that we will never let fear, evil, and terror triumph. That we will always stand for justice.”

THumP® response:

Fear of evil? ‘Evil’ defined by whom? By your God? By the West’s Christian God? What is evil to you might very well be good to those of a different religion. Those outside of your religion do not fear their own God, they fear yours. They fear your “collective moral compass” of the State of Israel and the West. They have no justice under your form of justice, from the law and order created by your “collective moral compass.”


“And this is how we will fight back. We fight back first by fighting back, fighting the terrorists, fighting their backers, fighting those who incite such murder, whether in Hebron or in Orlando or in Berlin or in Ankara or in Belgium, anywhere! We fight back by making sure that our collective moral compass doesn’t waver even a millimeter.”


Again, your violent, revengeful attitude comes from your religious beliefs and worship of a god who is violent and revengeful. Your brainwashing, responsible for your “collective moral compass”, will not allow you to “waver even a millimeter.” In your warped ideology, your god is the only way. Your god is the only one who can define evil  Your god incites murder. Your god incites revenge. Your god is the indirect cause and motivation of the act that killed Hallel Yaffa Ariel! Your god is responsible for the majority of the violence in the Middle East!

Netanyahu’s final words:

“Today we will cherish Hallel’s memory. We will defend and honor her dignity by redoubling our efforts around the world to defeat the scourge of radical Islamist terror. May Hallel’s memory forever be a blessing.”


Forever be a blessing from whom? From your violent and vindictive God?

You, Sir, have brainwashed your people. You do not sue for peace. You do not sue for freedom for all equally. And you certainly do not sue for pluralism!

You stand in defense of your religion, of your beliefs, of your “collective moral compass.” You give no value or relevance to the thousands of Gentile children who die every year in the violent acts by which your moral compass guides you.

Shame on you, Prime Minister! Shame on you for exploiting the death of an innocent child to promote your ways of violence and terror under the guise and in belief of your sovereign country and religion!

The ONLY thing that will ever be successful at ending terrorism, is if people and their elected officials stop acting like terrorists.

But again, wasn’t it the Jews and their ideology, their brainwashing, that killed a man who supposedly taught:

“Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.”

And if such a man existed today and taught the same things, even if that man were a Jew, what, then, would be your response to him?

You would surely kill him to protect your “collective moral compass”, wouldn’t you?

Shame on you!

Editor’s note: Link to video here.

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