Chris Rock — How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police

July 7, 2016 |

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Alton Sterling was shot by police two days ago. Philando Castile was shot by police yesterday. These two men are not the only ones who were shot by police in the last couple of days. But they were the only ones whose deaths were caught on video by citizens outside of law enforcement.

There were hundreds of people in America, many of them dark-skinned men, killed by law enforcement officials during the last week. These police-involved shootings are not occurring any more often than they did before, but with recording technology in the hands of most people through their cell phones, the police are unknowingly being recorded. Most police involved shootings are never reported by the mainstream media because there is no sensationalized evidence of the incident that the media can … sensationalize.

In both cases, the police officers involved will be blamed by the people, but they will be supported and protected by law enforcement. People will rise up and protest for a while, demanding change, demanding that the deaths of these people not go unnoticed. It happens after every media-reported death. But nothing changes. People get more upset, more frustrated, until they become enraged to the point of violence against the very violence that they protest.

THERE IS ONLY ONE SOLUTION with four main points:

1. Train law enforcement officers better and make them aware that if they violate a person’s legal rights and their due process of law (which implies that one is not guilty until proven guilty by a Court), they WILL be prosecuted criminally.

2.  Change people’s legal rights. Outlaw all guns, of any kind, outside of sport and natural predator protection. No person living in a city or a place where natural predators do not exist should be carrying a gun. The 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution does NOT give citizens the right to bear arms outside of a well-regulated militia. The “militia”, as implied by the Constitution’s framers, means any “well-regulated” (by law through Congress) institution that exists for the security of a “free state.” The framers would have never intended for the majority of citizens to bear arms freely. They knew that the majority of people armed, could easily overthrow a government led by the minority, so why would the few men who wrote the Constitution have implied that ordinary, “unregulated” citizens retain the right to overthrow them? At that time, the Framers of the Constitution wanted to stop insurrection and revolution in exchange for law and order. For that reason they included the important clause, “well-regulated militia.”

If guns were outlawed, then the people would know that if a “well-regulated” police officer sees you with a gun, you are already breaking the law, and “well-regulated” measures must be executed to eliminate the threat of a gun for the safety of all. “Well-regulated” police officers must be trained to take the appropriate action to handle observing a gun or assuming that a gun exists in the incident.

Because of the absurd way that American gun owners interpret their 2nd Amendment rights, police know that it is VERY, VERY likely that guns are involved everywhere, in every situation. This makes the “well-regulated militia” (if they are properly “regulated”) paranoid and afraid in approaching each situation. Police officers MUST assume that a gun is on the person or within the person’s reach because that’s what the law currently allows in the United States. The right to bear arms outside of a “well-regulated militia” MUST END!

3. People must learn to obey a command from a police officer and do EXACTLY as they are commanded to do. The people must learn not to argue with police officers and resist arrest or their commands.

4. HOWEVER, being “well-regulated” means that the police officers MUST be wearing video cameras that record their actions. The law should provide provisions that if the events of an arrest, or the events leading up to that arrest, are not recorded, then there can be no case against the arrested that will stand up in court. If no recording device is available, then “well-regulated” officers cannot make a legal arrest according to due process of law, UNLESS there is immediate evidence that the citizen is in possession of a gun and is threatening the lives of others. But even in this case, if all police officers wore sophisticated body cams, and law (”well-regulation”) mandates that there always be two officers available at all times, it is highly unlikely that both officers’ body cams will not be working. Police lie. People lie. An actual video recording doesn’t lie.

There is NO OTHER WAY.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

Chris Rock ~ How Not To Get Your Ass Kicked By The Police

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