The Problem With Bernie Sanders’ Bold Plan To Aid Puerto Rico

May 21, 2016 |

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This is why Bernie Sanders should NOT be the U.S. President.  He will cause many more problems than he would have the power to solve.  Sanders is NOT telling his followers the truth about politics.  He speaks viscerally to emotions and has no intellectual backing for the good solutions that he proposes.

THumP® has the intelligent solutions.

Although Sanders has wonderful ideas that the Humanity Party® supports and recognizes as viable solutions to the problems, Sanders continues to imply that a U.S. President has the power to implement these solutions.  A President does NOT have the power to do what Sanders wants to do.  Sanders has yet explained how he is going to legally implement his promises (not even one) with the current Congress and under the auspices of the current U.S. Constitution.

It was Senator Bernie Sanders, who in 2010, used his own political office, more powerful than the President’s, when it comes to policy making, that impedes the progress of the people, the poor, to find solace and help in government:

“Sanders is mistaken. Ironically, the reforms Congress passed to rein in Wall Street following the 2008 financial crisis — reforms Sanders supported — are part of why the Federal Reserve can’t do what Sanders is now demanding.

“’The type of assistance Senator Sanders is asking the Fed to provide would not be legally possible,’ said Donald Kohn, who served on the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors from 2002 to 2010. ‘[It is] not what the Congress intended. Among other things, [the law] requires that any facility be broadly based and not intended for a particular troubled borrower.’”

The Problem With Bernie Sanders’ Bold Plan To Aid Puerto Rico

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