Millennial intellectuals are frustrated with the world’s current money system

March 21, 2017 |

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Millennial intellectuals are frustrated with the world’s current money system. It’s no secret that the current money system creates and sustains poverty and inequality throughout the world.

Many claim that the big banks control the money system, and that to fix the problem, strong government must intercede and control the banking system. But, if asked, “If the government controlled the world banks, what policies and laws should it use?” most have no credible response.

The Humanity Party® (THumP®) not only has the correct response, but can easily explain where the problem started and how it must be fixed.

THumP® agrees that government must control the money system and implement laws and regulations that govern this system for the sake of all people equally. We have presented a preliminary blueprint for this plan.

THumP® is the only political organization in the world that proposes a new Constitution that will mandate what a government can and cannot do (Read this proposed Constitution). THumP®’s proposed Constitution is based on the priorities of all people, rich or poor, utilizing the best parts of Capitalism and Socialism to serve the people without prejudice.

The explanation of why our current money system does not work is simple:

The modern money system is based on and reflects the ancient principles that have always been common among humans: the need for slaves. All money systems that have ever been developed, integrated into, and used by any culture or nation depended on a slave class that was never intended to be part of the money system. Slaves were forced to work for free. Economies, no matter how successful or powerful, would not exist without the free labor of the enslaved.

The money systems of the human world have always been centered on the needs, wants, and establishment of the wealthy that had all the money that required a system of control. As these money systems developed, no thought was given to how the system would affect the unpaid slave class.

Our modern money system, based on these ancient blueprints, does not take into account the masses of humans who are forced to work, many times for free or without the proper pay that could sustain their lives. When slaves were freed, at least politically, they were still dependent on the wealthy who controlled the worlds resources as well as the money system that manages these resources.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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