The End of American Dominance of Skilled Labor

August 31, 2015 |

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Within ten years the U.S. job market will have 50% less skilled opportunities for American college graduates. Why? Because Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Syrian, and other Middle-eastern and African immigrants will study harder and work for a lot less than Americans. Corporations that want to compete in the marketplace and make a profit for their shareholders will hire the most skilled workers for the least amount of money.

What opportunities, then, will be available for Americans, even those with college degrees? Unskilled jobs that have nothing to do with the education that their expensive college degree provided them.

Immigration shift shows India, China outpacing Mexico. Together, China and India have over 2.6 billion people. The U.S. has a little over 300 million people. This means that there are 6 Chinese and Indian people to every 1 American. Statistically, young people from China and India get better grades and have an easier time passing college requirements because they study harder and are culturally inculcated, out of necessity, to concentrate on becoming a skilled worker.

DALLAS (AP) — Siddharth Jaganath wanted to return to India after earning his master’s degree at Texas’ Southern Methodist University. Instead, he built a new life in the U.S. over a decade, becoming a manager at a communications technology company and starting a family in the Dallas suburb of Plano.“You start growing your roots and eventually end up staying here,” the 37-year-old said.His path is an increasingly common one: Immigrants from China and India, many with student or work visas, have overtaken Mexicans as the largest groups coming into the U.S., according to U.S. Census Bureau research released in May. The shift has been building for more than a decade and experts say it’s bringing more highly skilled immigrants here.

“Increasing the flow of highly skilled immigrants would likely have a big impact on those coming from India and China. The majority of them who are 25 and older who arrived within three years of the 2013 numbers had a bachelor’s degree or higher, according to the Migration Policy Institute. Mexican immigrants only had 15 percent, up from 6 percent in 2000.

“China and India’s growing economies have given immigrants access to travel and the ability to pay for an education abroad. Hua Bai came to University of Texas at Dallas from China last year to work on a master’s degree in marketing and information technology management. The 25-year-old said that given the right opportunity, she’d like to stay in the U.S.”

The current U.S. Constitution does not guarantee a person a good job. But It does guarantee the right of U.S. politicians to create laws that help increase the profitability of U.S. business interests, which will, in turn, benefit the U.S. economy and secure the retirement funds and investment portfolios of their constituents.

THumP® does not propose legislation that impedes progress and profitability. Let companies make as much money as they want providing the goods and services that the people demand. HOWEVER, THumP® does propose changing the U.S. Constitution to guarantee that every human being has the basic necessities of life, so that each person can compete fairly in the job market.

As the U.S. integrates itself into the world economy, a situation that is inevitable, it can protect its citizens from poverty and increasing emotional stress by changing its Constitution to reflect the needs of the people. We MUST make it a constitutional right to live without stress. Without stress, the American people can be, and have been, some of the most innovative and creative people upon Earth.

Current politicians will promise to “introduce legislation” that helps people to have a better standard of living. “Introducing” legislation and getting it passed legally under the current Constitution, in a bipartisan government, are two very different things.

If the U.S. Constitution is not changed, within 50 years the United States of America will be under the legal rule of other nations who have used American law to fulfill their own desires for wealth and prosperity. The American worker will become relegated to unskilled labor positions that increase the wealth of corporations that effectually support other nations’ economies. In an ironic twist, Americans will become the slave class for the rest of the world.

THumP® has the solutions.

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