THREE REASONS Why Bernie Sanders would NOT make a good U.S. President

August 29, 2015 |

| 3 min read

Number One: Sanders would polarize the U.S. Government even more than it already is.

The U.S. Government is a two-party (bipartisan) system of Republicans and Democrats. Sanders is an Independent from Vermont, the second smallest State in population in the United States. His reforms and platforms are more progressive (often termed radical, although THumP® agrees with many) than the Republicans’ and Democrats’. Unless the U.S. Constitution is reformed, none of Sander’s proposals would survive the 2/3 Constitutional override of both houses of Congress.

Number Two: Sanders’ personal prejudices and traditions would further destabilize the Middle East, where most of the world’s problems are founded.

Sanders is Jewish. His father was a Polish immigrant whose family was killed during the German holocaust. This fact alone, although it should not weigh into political aspirations, would cause the Muslim nations to not trust him as a President, nor to have their best interests in mind.

The Jewish religion is one of the most divisive and problematic religions on Earth, largely due to the Jewish belief that God gave certain rights and privileges to the Jewish people that God did not give to anyone else. Jews believe that they are God’s chosen people. And because of this theological belief (prejudice), Sanders’ personal biases can affect his judgments as President. Even if Sanders didn’t let his personal religious affiliation affect his decisions, no Muslim would believe him to be sincere.

However, if Sanders were elected President, and he disassociated his religious beliefs from his politics, i.e., that his religion is God’s only religion, and that God has given certain rights to Jews that God doesn’t grant to others, Sanders could then be a force of good and peace for the Middle East. But what are the chances of Sanders giving up his Jewish heritage and making the stand that the Torah (Pentateuch) is not correct? No chance.

Number Three: Sanders disparagement and rhetoric against Capitalism and the wealthy will lead to the loss of more jobs and economic disparity between the rich and the poor.

Instead of building a bridge of understanding and cooperation between the wealthy and the poor, and fighting for Constitutional changes that would build and reinforce this bridge, Sanders propagates negativity and disparagement of the business/corporate viewpoint. Sanders has offered no constructive solutions for financial reform that would end poverty and inequality by working with the business community.

A President should represent all of the people, equally, and support each person’s (whether the person voted for the President or not) values and individual pursuits of happiness. Without constructive dialogue and expansive cooperation with the economic powers of the world, Sanders’ negative influence would cause more American corporations to move their businesses offshore, further isolating the United States from the rest of the world and implicating the U.S. as a consumer nation only instead of a progressive nation and leader in the business world.

THumP® has the solutions. If the Constitution were reformed, Sanders might then be a good choice for the United States. However, without Sanders’ offering an open and transparent view of his personal (religious) beliefs, even if he were granted the power of a U.S. President: thus in power, his presence would destabilize U.S. national security and the protection needed against the radical factions upon Earth that oppose Jewish elitism. We need a President who will unite instead of divide.

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