Here is a simple video to show one example of how the money game is played in the private (business sector)

August 31, 2015 |

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Here is a simple video to show one example of how the money game is played in the private (business sector). In this video, the 2008 Recession is clearly explained. But this example is just one of many similar examples of how credit is used to make money without providing any goods or services to the economy. The levels of the wealthy who make money without working (called investing) are clearly exemplified in the short video.

To end the recession, the government printed the money or borrowed it from investors according to the laws that the U.S. Congress invented for credit and borrowing, which of course, always benefit the wealthy. Without a strong government, the world’s financial markets would have collapsed in 2008, worse than they did in 1930 (Great Depression). Can one imagine what would have happened if there was no way that the government could have intervened to end the Recession or the Great Depression?

Those who fight the implementation of a strong, centralized government are those who naively believe in the private sector managing its own affairs. The private sector has always taken advantage of the masses for the benefit of the few. A STRONG government must exist, even stronger than the private sector, to protect all citizens from the money game.

Mahatma Gandhi said that the GREATEST SIN of humankind … the one that causes more social ills than any other is: Wealth Without Work. This refers to the practice of getting something for nothing – manipulating markets and assets so you don’t have to work or produce added value, just manipulate people and things.

THumP® does not advocate taking away or changing the money game. In fact, THumP® policies will make the wealthy wealthier; but only if their money (Wealth Without Work) is made through offering the basic necessities of life to those who don’t have any money to invest and gain from the game without working.

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