The U.S. Constitution 101 (or The Constitution for Dummies) PART 2 — Why no U.S. Presidential Candidate has ever had the power to fulfill the campaign promises he or she makes to the American people — How the Humanity Party® intends to change the Constitution — Why the Constitution needs to be changed — How the American people can change the Constitution legally and without bloodshed or uprising

June 11, 2016 |

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(Part 2 of 2)

We have presented 7 facts about the U.S. Constitution that show beyond any doubt that the U.S. Government is a product of and receives its power from a Constitution that exists to protect the economic protocols that allow people to live.

Ours is an economy of buying and selling. It is a Free Market system that is responsible for some of the most incredible advancements in human innovation and technology. But at the same time, it is also responsible for most of the economical disadvantages that exist among human beings. The Free Market economy is responsible for the great gulf that divides the few (1%) from the majority (99%). It creates more poverty for the majority than it does prosperity for the few. It creates more disadvantage than it does advantage.

The people of Earth have been deceived by the image of success and the mark that the great miracles of a Free Market economic system has left upon our minds (foreheads). This great deception is not about the physical advantages provided by a Free Market economy, but the emotional disadvantages that cause depression and unhappiness.

People without money are often happier than those with money. Children who live in economically depressed countries of the world seem much more satisfied and less stressed with their lives (as long as they have their basic physical necessities met) than children of more developed countries who are tormented day and night about worldly success. Children of means and advantage worship the Free Market system and the image it presents and upon which these children base their self-worth. Children of poorer nations and without the money to buy these advantages do not realize they are disadvantaged, thus they experience less personal stress.

At a time past in Earth’s history, humans lived spread throughout the earth. People had the ability to hunt, gather, and cultivate Earth’s limited natural resources for their day-to-day survival WITHOUT NEEDING MONEY.


The U.S. Constitution has been used as a blueprint for many of the Constitutions that most of the developed countries of the world use in their governments.

Why and how this happened is simple:

At some time in the past, every developed country upon Earth has depended upon the United States of America for support. Whether U.S. support came by way of money, military assistance, technology sharing and incentives, or economic dependency, there is no sovereign country upon Earth that can honestly proclaim that it would be what it is today without some type of past support provided by the United States.

Good or bad, the United States system of government created and supports the beast (economic system) that is carrying the human race upon its back.

The U.S. feeds this beast the food that it needs to survive and continue to be strong: MONEY.

Money is the food that feeds the economic beast upon whose back all people upon Earth are riding. Without money and being involved in the Free Market economy, no one on Earth can survive. No person, small or great, rich or poor, free or bond can exist without participating in the economy that provides the goods and services that we all physically need to live.

Although we all need and depend upon money to purchase the basic goods and services that we physically require to survive, more and more of Earth’s inhabitants are depending on the emotional affects of money. It is the main driving force behind human motivation and personal self-worth. We have been deceived into believing that our self-worth is directly tied to our money supply, how we use it and what it can do for us. Yet, the majority does not control or have any power over the money supply.

The means of the miracles of modern technology have deceived us into accepting a standard by which we value each other. We value those who have money above those who do not. And most people, a rising majority, are emotionally chained to a constant effort to increase their individual self-worth the only way that the economic beast allows … by the only food that it eats: MONEY


As mentioned:

“It is a Free Market system that is responsible for some of the most incredible advancements in human innovation and technology.”

Many of these advancements have helped bring more equality to disenfranchised groups of humans, such as women, people of dark skin, and homosexuals, just a few of many examples. Innovation and technology are responsible for a physically easier life. Once humans have tasted the miracles of technology, and that taste is emotionally satisfying and fulfilling, they will continually want to be fed by what tastes good to them.

For example, few upon Earth would ever disagree with the fact that having a washing machine and dryer is a much more convenient way of cleaning clothes than by using a rock down by a river.

The miracles of the Free Market economy, without doubt and logical argument, provide humans with an easier life. And there is no argument that the United States started the economic revolution that has empowered many people and supported their ability to pursue their own individual form of value-based happiness. But there is also no argument nor doubt that along with the physical advantages, the American economic system has created physical disadvantages throughout the world. And just as relevant and important are the emotional disadvantages that the American Dream has created.

With more time on their hands, because of the physical advantages that a Free Market provides, the use of drugs (natural and unnatural, including all forms of alcohol and stimulants) has risen exponentially. Whether a person is advantaged and struggling to maintain emotional stability in the pursuit of worldly value and self-worth–through the demands of education and success in the business world–or is a disadvantage person who desires to deflect the constant emotional turmoil of poverty and need, drugs have become an integral part of human existence. The emotional dependency on drugs has created an economy within an economy. More money is exchanged throughout the world in buying and selling drugs, AND MUCH MORE SO IN THE ENFORCEMENT OF DRUG LAWS, than in any other part of the world’s economy.

The world’s economic system was once used by an ancient author as the basis of a symbolic religious presentation that explains the problems that the human money system has created upon Earth. Through THumP®’s extensive research, the esoteric Christian book of Revelation in the Bible comes alive with apropos significance.

The author presents the world’s economic system as a “great whore that sitteth upon many waters. With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”

In other words, the “kings of the earth” (the politicians and government authorities) are “in bed” with this “great whore” and committing fornication with her. But more significantly, “the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication,” which means that the people of the earth are emotionally and physically affected (just like an inebriated state would do) by how their governments deal with the economy (how their politicians sleep with the whore).

The author describes the desire for world acceptance and value in how we dress and maintain and pursue material possessions as a “woman arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication [with the politicians and government authorities].

The biblical book of Revelation was written during a time when the Roman Empire was on the brink of disaster. The people who lived in the known world at the time were economical exposed to and depressed by the wealth and power of the 1% vs. the needs of the 99%.

The canonization of the New Testament and the formation and institution of the Catholic religion that supported it were a direct result of a secret combination of political and religious leaders who realized that something had to happen to quiet the masses and keep them under control. For this very purpose, a hero was invented and mythologized to fit the paradigm of the emotional needs of the masses at that time  The religious hero, Jesus, the Christ, was invented to promote peace among the masses and counter the uprisings and discontent that was a result of that time period’s economic situation.

The book of Revelation’s author purposefully and ingeniously incorporated his opinion of world events into a religious theme and prose that has confused and confounded every religious scholar who has ever tried to solve its mysteries and symbolism.

Instead of being feared as a presentation of the end of the world, Revelation is actually a disclosure (revelation) of general truths that are just as relevant to the human race today as they were when it was written. The Apocalypse has NOTHING to do with the end of the world. The Greek word “Apocalypse” means nothing more or less than “Disclosure.” Deceptive and ignorant religious leaders feed the fears of their followers with “end of the world” rhetoric to keep them emotionally chained to abusive and divisive religious tenets, most of which are responsible for many of the miserable conditions that the modern human race experiences.

In 2006, one of the members of the Humanity Party®’s Board of Directors unfolded the true meaning behind Revelation’s symbolism. The little known publication has baffled and confounded the religious powers who could not explain Revelation’s symbolism to their followers. THumP® highly recommends this publication (offered free of charge by download) as evidence of the great wisdom and knowledge that exists among those who sit as its Board of Directors. The book is called, 666, the Mark of America–Seat of the Beast.

(NOTE: THumP® would never endorse or promote a book or publication that costs money, or whose intent is the promotion of any one individual or their financial gain. With this endorsement, THumP® does not imply that it supports or agrees with the claims of the author; but his intelligence and understanding of world events and social situations, especially his expertise and knowledge of the world’s religions, make him a valuable part of THumP®’s Board of Directors.)

So it is that the American people need their own hero. The hero that the American people desire is the U.S. President, promoted as the most powerful single human being that exists upon Earth. The American people NEED to believe this. They MUST believe this. This belief is paramount to their emotional paradigms of patriotism and national sovereignty. And consequently, the American people have been deceived into believing that this person is the most powerful human that exists.

This person is NOT!

The U.S. Senate is the most powerful body of human beings that exist. A correct understanding of the U.S. Constitution proves this.

Continuing the basic facts about the U.S. Constitution:

8.  No law is passed without the majority of Senators allowing it to pass. 

9.  The Senate is responsible for the approval of the Supreme Court Justices, who wield the ultimate power in the interpretation of American law and justice.

10.  Although the House of Representatives (ostensibly those who are elected to represent the people) has the sole power to impeach an official, including the President, ONLY the Senate can legally impeach an official through trial. The Senators are the SOLE JUDGE AND JURY of all impeachments.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what promises any candidate for the U.S. Presidency makes. No changes to any government policy or law can be made WITHOUT THE APPROVAL AND SUPPORT OF THE UNITED STATES SENATE, a body of individuals that WAS NOT ELECTED by the people according to the original U.S. Constitution, but appointed by those who really control the government: the wealthy.

The United States Senate DOES NOT represent the interests and needs of the majority.

THumP® appropriately points out the fact that the majority of people are not represented by the majority of Senators: There are only TWO SENATORS from the more liberal State of California who represent 40 million Americans. Their two votes in the Senate are NOT equal to the votes of the more conservative States, in the same area of the western United States, of Montana, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico. The population of California is FAR MORE than the combined population of these other named western States. But these other states have 16 votes in the U.S. Senate compared to the 2 votes that represent the majority.

THumP® supports the existence of a Senate. We support the way that laws are created and made through representation by a few who have the time and the power to argue and discuss what the laws should be that regulate human society. This system of government has worked in support of the economic system that is responsible for human economic development and security throughout the history of the earth. However, it is also responsible for economic disparity and unequal disadvantages in opportunity that has led to poverty and inequality.

THumP® believes that the only way poverty and inequality will end is when fair and equitable representation of people exists. This is the ONLY way that a pure and righteous form of government can exist. The needs of the many are more important than the needs of the few. And without proper and equitable representation, the needs of the majority cannot be understood and met. A couple of religiously-induced and conservative Senators from the sparsely populated State of Utah, for example, will never understand the physical and emotional needs of a liberal, non-religious majority residing in the State of California.

But just as important, no U.S. Senator can properly understand the plight of the majority of the people upon Earth.

There are 4 times as many Chinese (1.5 billion) as there are Americans (0.3 billion). Combined with the rest of the population of Asia (3 billion), which accounts for more than half of the entire world’s population (4.5 billion), there are 12 times as many Asians as there are Americans. If we add in the population of India (1.3 billion) and the population of the Middle Eastern and African nations (1.5 billion), Americans are by far the minority. Even if we add Europe’s population of less than 1 billion people to the United States population, the powerful nations that are responsible for the world’s economy policies are BY FAR THE MINORITY.

Poverty is more prevalent in the parts of the world with the least power and political representation. The ONLY way this can change is to establish a ONE World Government whose representation is fair and equitable. THumP® proposes a World Government patterned on what has worked the most efficiently: the United States Government and its Constitution (reformed).

A World House of Representatives and the World Senate would have more Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Representatives and Senators than the fewer American and European representatives. Limiting their numbers to 500 in the House of Representatives and 100 in the Senate would maintain a reasonable number of elected Representatives to discuss and agree upon the laws that affect the world and its economy. And the World Senate would be the most powerful body of humans that exists. It would appoint the World Supreme Court and impeach any official who does not support the World’s Constitution.

The American system of government, if implemented on a worldwide scale, would work just as well as it works for the American people and has allowed the incredible freedoms and opportunities that the Americans enjoy. Nevertheless, the World Constitution MUST include provisions and laws that first protect inalienable human rights, which would make poverty illegal.

The people deserve and need their hero. They need someone who has the power to protect each individual and their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of individual happiness. Appropriately designated by the law in a new Constitution, the President will have the power and the ability to enforce constitutionally established laws, which MUST INCLUDE THAT THE BASIC NECESSITIES OF LIFE BE PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL PEOPLE EQUALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY.

Unless a Constitution outlines and protects these inalienable rights, the Congress that exists to establish laws, and the Courts that interpret the constitutionality of the laws and enforces them, have no basis of interpretation. They are left to the personal desires and interpretations of the “kings of the earth.” The people have no power outside the specific and definitive powers of their accepted Constitutions.




We cannot depend on a Congress to establish these rights. But we can give power to a President to enforce and protect our rights. Without the power of a proper Constitution behind the President, he or she is virtually useless in the protection of people’s rights.

Poverty and inequality of opportunity will end with the institution of a proper Constitution. It MUST be a WORLD CONSTITUTION, not one that supports a sovereignty of people and their particular emotional ideologies and opinions. But one that supports human life. Once “life” is supported, then free humans can pursue the ideologies and opinions that bring them happiness, whatever these might be.

The Humanity Party® has presented the solution to the world’s political problems and solves them in the constitutional proposals it offers. One can review these proposals for the U.S. Constitution at

No one human entity or group understands human need and the political powers that affect these needs more than the Humanity Party®’s Board of Directors. Their voice is the spokesperson of The Humanity Party®. This Voice is the voice of the people who do not currently have a voice. It is THumP®’s desire to give these people a voice.

The Voice of The Humanity Party® has been convicted of crimes and placed in jail. The Voice is currently in jail, and will be incarcerated in the future because of unfair and inhumane laws and the prejudice of the Courts empowered by politics. The Voice is poor. The Voice is rich. The Voice is black. The Voice is white. The Voice is a man. The Voice is a woman. The Voice is free. The Voice is a slave. The Voice is gay. The Voice is straight. The Voice is not religious. The Voice is religion and ideology. The Voice is a child. The Voice is ALL OF US!

The Voice of The Humanity Party®, under the direction of the Humanity Party®’s Board of Directors …


THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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