30 Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History Fast Facts – CNN.com

June 12, 2016 |

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No, Madam Secretary, Senator and Democratic Nominee for U.S. President,

We cannot “balance the legitimate Second Amendment rights with preventive measures and control measures” that are anything less than outlawing the ownership of all weapons outside a “Well-regulated militia.” THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!

None … ABSOLUTELY NONE … of the shooters who were responsible for the 50 deadliest attacks in U.S. history would have been denied the right to bear arms, no matter how strict and thorough the background check into their lives.

U.S. Domestic terrorism will continue and will rise well beyond the reported acts of terrorism in other countries, until we have a leader who will spearhead an initiative to outlaw the ownership of all weapons, except those intended for predator protection and sport, and those needed by a WELL-REGULATED MILITIA.

Here is THumP®’s solution:

Regarding a “Well-regulated militia”:

ARTICLE IV, Section 4 – Right to Protection by Law Enforcement Agencies and the Armed Forces.

a.  Number of Law Enforcement Officers per Population. There shall be one hundred law enforcement officers assigned to each ten thousand persons in areas with a population over one million persons; seventy-five assigned to each ten thousand persons in areas with a population over five-hundred thousand persons; fifty assigned to each ten thousand persons in areas with a population over two hundred fifty thousand persons; twenty-five assigned to each ten thousand persons in areas with a population at or under one hundred thousand persons.

b.  One Law Enforcement Agency. There shall be one law enforcement agency empowered throughout the Republic. Upon adoption of this Constitution, this agency shall incorporate and assimilate into its single force and supervision all current Militias and Law Enforcement Agencies of any kind, in any place, upon Earth.

c.  Law Enforcement Education and Removal from Position. (i) All officers commissioned in their duties to provide supervisory authority in any law enforcement capacity shall be required to attend a law enforcement education course of not less than two years. (ii) All non-commissioned personnel shall attend a law enforcement education course of not less than one year. Congress shall establish the curriculum and training of this course of education. (iii) Law enforcement officers and personnel shall serve and protect the people in the enforcement of the laws established by Congress under this Constitution and shall be prohibited from the violation of these laws or the enforcement of any other law. (iv) Any officer or law enforcement personnel who violates the law, in any way, after having been found guilty of any felony by a lawfully established Court, shall be denied and forever prohibited from possessing the rights of law enforcement established by this Constitution.

d.  Use of Lethal and Non-lethal Weapons by Law Enforcement Personnel. (i) Each law enforcement personnel, as prescribed by Congress, shall be armed with two forms of weapons, one non-lethal and one lethal. Congress shall outline the specific guidelines for the use of non-lethal and lethal weapons to subdue a person. (ii) Each officer shall be required to wear a uniform-mounted video camera at all times while on duty. Any officer who does not record the events of that officer’s interactions with any person, (unless the ability to do so is inhibited, in any way, by that person), that officer’s actions in enforcing the law, or that person’s act in allegedly violating the law, shall not be admissible as evidence against that person in a Court of law.

e.  Supervision of Law Enforcement. The Federal Law Enforcement Agency shall be under the direct supervision of the President, as given Executive authority pursuant to Article II, Sections 2(a.) and (b.) and under the guidelines of Congress as described in Article I, Sections 9(f.) and (g.) of this Constitution.

ARTICLE IV, Section 5 – Right to Bear Arms

a.  Authorization to Bear Arms. No person shall have the right to bear arms except those authorized by law to do so under Section 4 of this Article. The right to bear arms shall be strictly prohibited, except as authorized by Congress in the establishment and support of Law Enforcement.

b.  Arms for Sport and Entertainment. The people shall have the right to bear arms for sport or entertainment exclusively under the supervision of Armories and Weapon Facilities as determined and established by Congress.

c.  Manufacture and Distribution of Weapons. It shall be strictly prohibited for any person or entity to manufacture or distribute any weapon or any of its ammunition, of any kind, except as authorized by Congress for the sake of law enforcement, or for the sake of personal sport as authorized by Congress. Weapons manufactures, of any kind, shall be regulated and only approved by a license issued by Congress. The person or entity that initiates or performs the manufacture of any weapon or its ammunition, without Congressional approval, shall be charged with an act of treason against the people of the Republic.

d.  Possession of Weapons and Ammunition and Related Punishments. The possession of any weapon or ammunition by any person in violation of this Article shall be a first-degree felony offense and punished by imprisonment for six months on that person’s first offense, one year on the second offense, and then an additional one year of imprisonment for each new offense thereafter. A person who commits a crime with any arm, of any kind, shall be required to serve a period 50% longer than the sentence requirements of the original crime.

Without revising the Constitution, we cannot, and we will never, end domestic terrorist acts. Any “law-abiding” citizen can become a terrorist with a thought, an ideology, and purpose. We cannot stop people from thinking, holding their opinions and ideologies, but we can stop them from possessing the weapons that they use to make a statement in support of their personal emotional paradigms.

There is NO OTHER WAY, Madam Clinton!

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

30 Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History Fast Facts – CNN.com

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