The U.S. Constitution 101 (or The Constitution for Dummies) PART 1 — Why no U.S. Presidential Candidate has ever had the power to fulfill the campaign promises he or she makes to the American people — How the Humanity Party® intends to change the Constitution — Why the Constitution needs to be changed — How the American people can change the Constitution legally and without bloodshed or uprising

June 10, 2016 |

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(Part 1 of 2)

There’s one thing few Americas want to hear, and even fewer want to accept:

When it comes to the U.S. Constitution, the majority of Americans … and it’s safe to say this includes more than 99% of them … do not understand how their Constitution works. Americans do not understand what powers the Constitution provides politicians and the wealthy (and to the judicial courts that support them) in establishing the laws that control people’s daily lives.

The American ego, coupled with American patriotism, blinds most Americans to the fact that they are Dummies when it comes to politics. And unfortunately, because of their ignorance, the majority constantly complain about their government and disparage the politicians who run it. Yet, none of the complainers know how to solve any of the problems of which they complain.

Few Americans can explain exactly WHY they do not trust their government. They cannot give specific reasons why they are dissatisfied with their politicians. They complain without offering any logical basis or any solutions to their complaints.

The Humanity Party®’s intent is to educate people so that they understand what they’re complaining about. THumP® does not complain about any issue that it cannot solve. NO complaint that THumP® has made or will make can be logically countered or proven to be unfounded. Its solutions have never been proven unattainable.

One of the most glaring hypocrisies and deceptions of the U.S. Presidential Candidates is what they promise while they are campaigning for office. NONE … ABSOLUTELY NONE … can, or ever has delivered on all campaign promises.

The American people have short memories. They get caught up in the emotional drama of the Presidential campaign and do not realize that every promise and every proposed change presented by the candidates has been presented in past campaigns.

The Bernie Sanders movement is a perfect example of how ignorant American voters easily fall prey to the emotional rhetoric and promises that can never be fulfilled by an elected U.S. President.

Bernie Sanders is a sitting Senator, and has been for many terms. He should know better than any other (except for Clinton) that he cannot legally, according to the U.S. Constitution, fulfill the promises that he makes to his followers. Sanders sounds good. He sounds passionate and sincere about what he wants to accomplish as the U.S. President. But of all the popular candidates (including Trump and Clinton), Sanders is the most deceptive.

Bernie Sanders KNOWS that he can not deliver on the ideas and promises he is promoting. It appears that Hillary Clinton is more soft and reasonable in her promises; therefore, she is running a slightly more honest campaign than Sanders. And Donald Trump provides a very good pulse of the American people: that they are tired of rank and file politicians. Trump’s success at securing the Republican nomination proves that many Americans desire a different kind of politician.


Without an overhaul of the Constitution, politics will proceed how they have since the Constitution was first implemented in 1787. There simply is no other way outside of REVISING THE CURRENT CONSTITUTION to fulfill the promises that campaigning politicians make … THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! And there is no politician who has the courage to make the statement that the U.S. Constitution is flawed, out-of-date, and needs revision. This statement would be political suicide.

The Humanity Party® has the courage to make the stand and demand the change.

THumP®’s constitutional proposals are unprecedented. They make sense. They will work. They can change government to work for and fulfill the expectations of the people.

However, before Americans can accept these proposals and join and support the Humanity Party®, they must first understand a few basic facts about the U.S. Constitution.

Basic facts about the U.S. Constitution:

1.  It is a piece of paper on which a few general outlines of government are written.

2.  Its words were written down by clerks, who took notes of the often contentious debates held by the men who were meeting to write it.

3.  There were only about 50 humans, all white males of prominent means and popularity, who attended the debates that eventually led to the accepted final draft of the first U.S. Constitution. Women, non-landowners, dark skinned people of all races, and most of the laboring class were not allowed to vote, nor were they represented by the all-white male members of the first Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

4.  Most of the all-white male attendees were lawyers.

On these four facts alone one can easily see how the U.S. Constitution supports the people who actually run and are the most influential in government: white males who have a background in the law (lawyers). But this does not explain how the wealthy “landowners” (i.e., corporate America and the 1%) run the government behind the scenes. Facts number 5, 6, and 7 explain this perfectly:

5.   The Constitutional Convention attendees were appointed by the Legislatures of the different States. The Legislatures of the different States were made up of the wealthiest and most influential people of the area that made up the State. These State Legislatures (men) were the most popular and influential in their particular areas because they were the ones who provided the jobs to and “signed the paychecks” of the laboring class (the majority). 

6.  Fearing that the majority of the people might create laws that impeded the financial success of the wealthy and wouldn’t incorporate political decisions that the wealthy men felt were in their best interests, (and their sincere best interests were to keep providing jobs and a paycheck for the majority), the white men incorporated two chambers of Congress into the Constitution. The House of Representatives, that pretends to be the voice of the majority, and the U.S. Senate. The Senate is the single most powerful body in the U.S. Government. No law can be passed unless 100 people, mostly white men with legal degrees, agree to pass it. ABSOLUTELY NO LAW CAN BE PASSED, which means NO CHANGES.

7.  Until April of 1913, SENATORS WERE APPOINTED (not elected by the people) BY STATE LEGISLATURES. (Refer to Fact 5: “The Legislatures of the different States were made up of the wealthiest and most influential people of the area that made up the States.”)

Although most people who read Facts 1 to 7 want to rise up and complain about the obvious (that wealthy people run the government), NONE can offer any viable solution of how to change these facts!

Why? Because the majority of people are completely dependent upon a wealthy person providing them with a job and a paycheck.

When eager and naive politicians campaign “for change in Washington,” and are trusted and elected, they are soon schooled and integrated into a system of government that exists to SUPPORT THE WEALTHY SO THAT THE WEALTHY CAN CONTINUE TO PROVIDE JOBS AND SIGN PAYCHECKS FOR THE MAJORITY! 

Much more to come …

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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