Opening Up The Borders

September 21, 2015 |

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If the Western powers would unconditionally and liberally open up their borders (accounting for increased security so that illegal weapons and drugs do not enter the country) it would be an affront to the egos of those who control people and treat their citizens inhumanely. Nations’, including the Islamic State’s, power and success depend upon the citizens from whom they gain their power and success. If the citizens want to leave, it threatens a nation’s leaders’ power and success. When there’s none left from whom to gain power or to govern, what’s left is a bunch of male egos determined to fight each other to show physical dominance. So, let the male egos fight amongst themselves.

Without firing a single weapon, opening up borders and offering a good, safe life to human beings will greatly affect a tyrannical and corrupt government’s influence and control. Make it easier for people to leave.

THumP®’s elected President would send in hundreds of thousands of soldiers and form a temporary perimeter around Iraq and Syria, not to attack or kill anyone, unless those inside the perimeter attack. Then, THumP®’s President would drop leaflets from airplanes, and use whatever communication means is available to let the people know that all they need to do to find freedom is escape outside the perimeter with their families. Once outside the perimeter, the refugees will be protected and provided with the basic necessities of life as well as opportunities in more liberal, secure countries. The President would put a two-year limit on the time that the military remains in the area protecting the perimeter and accepting and helping all refugees fleeing the perimeter. This way, the people decide if they want to live under Sharia law or not. After the two-year period, the military leaves anyone left to fight among themselves for the support of the few people who will want to remain.

As it is, the refugees are finding blocked borders and maltreatment, proving the point that the Islamic State has been telling the people: the Great Satan (the Western Powers) do not care about Muslims.

THumP® proposed the following congressional power in its Republic of America Constitution:

Note: The Humanity Party® has since updated its proposed constitution to Worldwide proposals.

Article I, Section 8, Powers of Congress

(i.) Power to Allow Other Nations to Become Part of the Republic of America. TO extend the boundaries of the Republic and the protection of its laws to any foreign nation or entity, whose people, by the majority of their individual votes, desire to become part of the Republic. Any application to become part of the Republic must be made to Congress by the voice of the majority of that foreign people through legal and congressionally verified election results; TO support the implementation of American law in any part of the world where the Republic holds authority and jurisdiction by the will of the people of that area.

THumP® has the solutions.

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