“Israel’s settlement drive is becoming irreversible, diplomats fear” … all because of religious belief and domination

June 1, 2016 |

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Israel’s settlement drive is becoming irreversible, diplomats fear 

There is a good reason why there can be no global peace on Earth: religion.

Consider this important excerpt from this article as a clue to why peace is impossible without a change in government:

“If a peace deal were magically struck tomorrow, the Palestinians would expect the Israelis living in Mitzpe Yericho to leave. But its 3,000 residents, nearly all whom are religious nationalists, have no such intention. To them, the settlement enterprise is God-given and irreversible.”

Without a unified ONE World Government that protects all people’s right to religion, yet first, and more importantly, protects their right to life and the basic goods and services that support life, including protecting the liberty and providing the security to live, there will never be peace.

The Jews believe God gave them the land. The Muslims believe God gave them the land. Because they have different gods, they have different views of who really owns the land. THumP® proposes that there were humans living on the disputed land long before the ancestors of the Jews and Muslims moved to the land. Who was the god of these people?

The Jews in Israel are economically advantaged over the Muslims, not because their god is more powerful, but because their god is supported by the god of the United States of America and the true God of this world: money.

The Hebrew god, obviously, had little foresight of the world’s economic future when he placed his people in the land of Israel. Out of the top 100 oil-producing countries, Israel is number 96. The Muslim god has more foresight, because most of the countries that belong to OPEC (Organization of Oil Exporting Countries) are of a Muslim majority. Oil rules the financial markets of the world. Luckily for Israel, the country that is the world’s largest producer of oil gives them money and protects them: the United States.

Israel receives more foreign aid from the United States than any other country, except one. And lots of kudos to the U.S. for seeing the wisdom in making a Muslim country the number one recipient of its aid: Afghanistan. However, and this is important, most of the aid given to this predominately Muslim country is in the form of war or for the reparations of war, not for peace and prosperity.

But if the United States is the protector and financier of the world, what is God doing?

No righteous and proper government and its laws should ever be influenced by theology, for then a government chooses a god for the people. Governments should exist ONLY to protect people’s liberty and pursuit of happiness in religion, but ONLY AFTER it protects their right to live.

Someone needs to step up and proclaim the obvious:

Everyone is right in their religious beliefs, which makes everyone wrong! –The Voice of The Humanity Party®

THumP® has the solutions.

Israel’s settlement drive is becoming irreversible, diplomats fear

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