Big Win Over ISIS Could Mean a New War that wouldn’t have been necessary if THumP® was in charge … THumP® has the solution

June 2, 2016 |

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The inevitable defeat of ISIS will introduce more instability to the Middle East and cause more worldwide terrorism (especially in the United States).

ISIS developed from a fervor held in the hearts of mostly young men who had no economic opportunities to create a normal life for themselves. Having no value or self-worth, they sought for something to do to feel important and useful. Accordingly, opportunistic religious leaders exploited the feelings of these young men, deceiving and manipulating them into sacrificing their lives. These few leaders exploited a religion dedicated to peace and equality (Islam) to motivate and inspire their own agendas and personal values. This same scenario has been happening for thousands of years upon earth.

Well does this article point out:

“Who exactly will govern those towns now? Will it be the Kurds who have led the fight against ISIS? Or will it be what some in the Pentagon have privately called the “token Arabs” trained by the U.S. to accompany them?

“Two defense officials told The Daily Beast Wednesday they don’t know. They believe the Arabs would be in charge. But even these officials admit that asking the 5,000-or-so newly-trained Arab fighters to control three or more formerly ISIS-controlled areas—and at the same time move into the ISIS capital of Raqqa—would be difficult.

”On the other hand, some worry that a Kurdish controlled Manbij could be ethnically cleansed, creating the kind of Sunni disenfranchisement that led to the rise of ISIS.

“… The question “what happens after ISIS?” looms increasingly over the U.S.-led effort. … ‘ISIS is losing. The U.S needs to make sure what emerges next is not an utter wreck that will allow this brutal organization or something like it to move back in,’ Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a senior fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, explained to The Daily Beast.”

There is no argument that the brutality and lack of human rights associated with ISIS had to be stopped. But in the process of stopping ISIS, tens of thousands of innocent children, women, and men have been killed. ISIS killed many who didn’t agree with their laws, and many more who wouldn’t take up arms and fight against their enemies. The “U.S.-led [military] effort” killed many in the justified collateral damage of war.

Real human beings died on all sides. These humans held strong personal feelings, beliefs, hopes and dreams for their future (however different these feelings, beliefs, hopes, and dreams might be from the majority of the people of the world).

The vacuous media reports the problems and the issues correctly, but has NEVER, NOT ONCE, reported on a viable solution.

THumP® has the proper solutions. The solutions are simple:

  • Provide specific areas on a vast, mostly uninhabited, planet where each person can pursue happiness according to their personal feelings, beliefs, hopes, and dreams.
  • Provide security and liberty so that people can travel to the area of their choice.
  • Eliminate the right to manufacture, sell, transport or possess weapons of any kind.
  • Provide each person with the basic necessities of life (FBNL®).

People should have the basic human right of the pursuit of happiness. People must be allowed to believe according to the dictates of their own conscience. Without condition or pressure, let all people worship how, where, or what they may.

Religion isn’t going away anytime soon.

In spite of all the empirical and clear evidence of its negative affect on the mortal human race, nothing is more powerful and more widely employed in the pursuit of happiness than religion. The human search for happiness and value is the core fuel that powers the course of human events upon this earth. And it’s in this search for happiness and value that religion is born and performs its greatest role. Religion has centralized itself in and has become the most effective and powerful energy manipulating and controlling the human mind.

People should have the right to peacefully assembly with others with shared beliefs. They should be protected in this right, which includes having a safe and secure place to assemble. To ensure this safety, weapons need to be controlled.

Weapons of all kinds are easily obtained by people. But someone has to make the weapons, including the manufacture of the gun powder and the ingredients required to produce explosives. The manufacture of weapons is primarily done by for-profit corporations throughout the world. Any corporation that is for-profit can be controlled by the government that establishes corporate law and prints the money from which profit is accessible.

Without strong and far-reaching controls on the manufacturing, sale, transportation, and possession of weapons, PEACE IS NOT POSSIBLE!

The laws concerning this must be International and accepted by all nations, or we need a One World Government to do it. Arms and their ingredients/parts should ONLY exist to maintain a “well-regulated militia.” A “well regulated militia” should ONLY exist to protect the rights of the people.

The governments of the world made a big mistake in the beginning when ISIS began to bear its ugly head and take over lands by force. The world should have united immediately and overwhelmed the Middle East with a military expeditionary force of unprecedented power. This move would have saved tens of thousands of innocent people.

There should have been an area designated by International law near Iraq and Syria where the ISIS believers could peacefully assembly. A strong military perimeter could have been set up surrounding this area that allowed no weapons in or out, nor any illegal contraband. People should have been allowed to come and go as they please through the perimeter. But only goods and services that provide the basic necessities of life should have been allowed to pass through.

Furthermore, if the world would eliminate cash currency and revise to a strictly monitored electronic financial system, a black market economy would be hard to maintain or even exist.

Ending the conflict by destroying ISIS with a strong military force (which is inevitable) will only exacerbate the reason why people fight for the ISIS ideology in the first place: the human desire to be valued and to pursue individual happiness according to one’s desire for happiness.

After ISIS is destroyed, poverty will still exist.

Strong religious divisions will still exist that divide the people and cause them to take up arms against each other.

Unregulated weapons of all kinds will still exist.

Human beings will still exist.

Unless the world agrees to completely wipe out every single human who believes that they have a god-given right to kill another in defense of themselves and their beliefs through war and bloodshed (i.e., the right to bear arms outside a well-regulated militia), there will continually be more war and bloodshed.

And if all the people upon earth were killed, who believe in their individual right to bear arms; who believe that economic opportunities that provide the basic necessities of life to all people equally should only be given to those who have a job and earn a paycheck; who believe that their ideology (religion, philosophy, science, belief) is better and more correct than anyone else’s, there wouldn’t be too many people left.

But those who would remain would be the most humane. And their names would be written in THumP’s Book of Life™ …

The Humanity Party® would be the only political faction left upon earth. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Only with patience in peace and goodwill towards all, treating our enemies with compassion, respect, and value, will the world ever see this outcome.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

Big Win Over ISIS Could Mean a New War that wouldn’t have been necessary if THumP® was in charge … THumP® has the solution

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