Global index  … an index financed by a man who holds people in slavery and has no real solutions for ending slavery

June 1, 2016 |

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Almost 46 million people trapped in slavery with North Korea, India key offenders: global index 

This story exemplifies the reasons why slavery will always exist under current economic ways and means.

Consider the following irony and hypocrisy of Andrew Forrest and his Walk Free Foundation. Read the following excerpt and see if you can spot the contradictory hypocrisy:

The index, by Australia-based human rights group Walk Free Foundation, increased its estimate of people born into servitude, trafficked for sex work, or trapped in debt bondage or forced labor to 45.8 million from 35.8 million in 2014.

Andrew Forrest, founder of Walk Free, said the rise of nearly 30 percent was due to better data collection, although he feared the situation was getting worse with global displacement and migration increasing vulnerability to all forms of slavery.

Forrest, an Australian mining billionaire and philanthropist, urged businesses to check their supply chains for worker exploitation, saying he found thousands of people trapped in slavery making goods for his company Fortescue Metals Group.

“But I’ve had some of some biggest entrepreneurs in the world look me in the eye and say I will not look for slavery in case I find it,” he said at the launch of the index in London.

The founder of Walk Free is “an Australian mining billionaire.”

There is no way that this man could have become a billionaire without taking advantage of slavery and worker exploitation throughout the world. No company or corporation can make a profit without slavery and worker exploitation. When one is FORCED to work to survive, this means that one is forced by necessity to go to a job each day in order to get a paycheck and purchase the basic necessities of life. When one is forced, one is a slave.

Mr. Forrest need only ask this simple question:

If all of the people who work for his companies were not forced to hold a job, would they work for his companies? Yes, or no?

Corporate leaders surround themselves with management levels of people who isolate them from the slaves who perform the actual labor. Often, Corporate Executives have no contact with the people around the world who extract the raw materials from the earth required of their company. They haven’t a clue what the day-to-day struggles are of those who are forced to punch a time clock for a wage, as they put the raw materials through the various stages of turning them into the parts that the company needs to produce its products.

IT takes slave labor in order to create a profit that allows just ONE PERSON to become a billionaire.

Sure, billionaires with successful companies provide jobs to many people. But what kinds of jobs do they provide? Would a billionaire stand for 10 hours or more a day on an assembly line? Would a billionaire perform physical labor all day long, many times in less than humanely favorable conditions? No!

The wealthy claim philanthropy to assuage their own humanity from their guilty conscience. The index of slavery developed by the Walk Free Foundation DOES NOTHING to end slavery. It presents no viable solutions.

THumP® has these solutions. THumP®’s proposals will eliminate the need for unions and worker representatives who fight against the company. If people are not forced to work in order to live, then companies, if they want to make being a billionaire a possibility, will be forced to provide employment opportunities that people enjoy doing. People will choose to work, usually for the purpose of earning money to buy what they want, because they’re not being forced to buy what they need.

Shame on Mr. Forrest and his foundation, Walk Free, a vacuous and hypocritical distraction from solving the real problem.

THumP® has the solutions.

Almost 46 million people trapped in slavery with North Korea, India key offenders: global index 

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