EU pays €3bn to Turkey in exchange for help on refugee crisis

March 19, 2016 |

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NOTHING COULD BE A WORSE waste of money, and more foolish, than for the European Union to give money to Turkey!

The Turkish government is already in extreme debt and owes interests and holds other debts which will surely receive some of the aid money. Furthermore, the government has its own coffers, its own bureaucracy, its graft and corruption, which will also take a chunk.

The ONLY way to ensure that the money gets to the people it is meant to help, is to GIVE THE MONEY DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE!

Issue HumanECard®s backed by the €3 billion that can only be used for goods and services the people need. The people can then offer the cards to the local economies to enhance the economy and provide more jobs in supplying the demand of the Refugees.

If you take the €3 billion and divide it by the 500,000 Refugees, that’s €6 thousand each! That’s plenty for at least a year of basic goods and services!

Think, World! Think!

THumP® has the solutions! Give us a chance.

EU pays €3bn to Turkey in exchange for help on refugee crisis

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