WE THE UNITED PEOPLE of Earth (formerly known by many different sovereignties), in order TO form a more perfect Union among us; TO establish justice for each person equally, regardless of age, race, country of origin, gender, economic status, religion, or sexual orientation; TO defend each person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness according to each individual’s desire of happiness; TO promote the general welfare of each person according to each person’s individual needs; TO protect each person’s right to vote for those who enact the laws that govern them and protect their rights; TO guarantee and promote worldwide tranquility and continued peace; and finally, TO secure and defend these liberties for each of us and for our posterity and for any person who exists among us, and for any person who will ever exist among us; WE, the people of Earth, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United People of Earth as the principles and standards upon which we stand united.

ACCORDINGLY, WE stand united in our resolve to establish this Constitution under a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT AND ONE REPUBLIC—undivided by Nations, States, or Territories and their separate boundaries. We stand united in the conviction that all people upon Earth are created equal and possess equal inalienable rights. We stand united in the conviction that in order to protect these rights, a Government cannot be divided into separate Sovereigns of authority, but must be established as ONE united World, indivisible. We stand united in the conviction that our former Constitutions and Governments were created and established at a different time in our history, under different circumstances, with different intents and purposes that are no longer relevant in securing liberty and justice for all people equally. Whereas a Constitution is a body of fundamental principles and established standards according to which a united group of people is to be governed, we stand united and give our honor and trust, and submit our lives to this, the Constitution of the United People of Earth.

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