ARTICLE V: Voting, Campaigning, and Election Rights

ARTICLE V: Voting, Campaigning, and Election Rights

SECTION 1: Voting Age and Restrictions


Each person who has attained the age of twenty-one, regardless of race, country of origin, gender, economic status, religion, sexual persuasion, or criminal history, shall possess the right to vote.

SECTION 2: Undeniable Right to Vote


The right to vote is guaranteed and protected for all people who meet the laws established by this Constitution, without exception, and shall remain undeniable forever.

SECTION 3: Unamendable Right to Vote


No act of any government authority, not of the Legislative, Executive, or Judicial Branches, at any time, for any reason, shall amend or affect a person’s right to vote.

SECTION 4: Registering to Vote

a. Time and Age of Registration

Each person of legal age, who freely elects to do so, shall register to vote every fourth year.

b. Electronic Voter Registration and Database

Upon adoption of this Constitution, each person of legal age shall initially register into a centralized Republic database from which the separate voting districts shall be calculated and established. Each person shall register electronically and shall be identified according to that person’s unique genetic characteristics, as established by Congress (i.e., fingerprints, iris scan, or other genetic identification, according to the most advanced technology available and provided at the time of registration).

c. Voter Registration and Election Times

Voter registration shall be held during the first quarter of every fourth year to coincide with the elections of Members of Congress, of the President, and of Judges, which shall be held during the last quarter of the same year.

d. Payment of Voter Registration and Elections

As set forth in Article I, Section 5, of this Constitution, Congress shall establish the times, places, manner, and support the means and costs of voter registrations and elections. There shall be two days assigned for registrations at the first of every fourth year, and two days for elections at the end of every fourth year. The times and dates for registrations and elections shall be designated Federal Holidays and called “World Voter Registration Days” and “World Election Days,” respectively. All employees of any business or corporation of any kind established throughout the Republic of Earth shall be compensated their full pay and benefits for each of these days.

SECTION 5: Campaigning for Election and Balloting

a. Running for Public Office; Financial Contributions Prohibited

Congress shall establish laws and rules that allow all persons: TO register to campaign for public office; and, TO prohibit financial contributions, of any kind, towards a Candidate’s campaign for any office.

b. Election Registration Numbers

Candidates shall register on a designated website and shall be assigned an Election Registration Number (ERN) by which the Candidate shall campaign and be followed and recognized throughout the campaign period for election.

c. Campaign Limitations

All campaigns shall be restricted to free social media venues of the Campaigner’s choice.

d. Election Ballots

Ballots shall be provided to voters that allow them to write in the ERN of the person whom they have chosen for each office. Each election booth shall provide an alphabetized reference guide of all persons running for office and their corresponding District and ERN.

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