WHY ISIS Wants a Global Civil War — The REAL TRUTH that no world leader wants to publicly admit — The Humanity Party® tells this truth and what the world can do about it

July 29, 2016 |

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Why does ISIS exist?

What happened in our world that caused humans to lose their humanity and justify indiscriminate murder of other innocent human beings?

Was it religion? Was it politics? Or maybe, a combination of both?

Religion has existed ever since humans first considered that their individual personal belief and perception of life was better than everyone else’s. Religion in some form has always existed. Politics, at some level, has always existed in human society whenever a group of free-willed people attempt to live in close proximity of each other.

Terrorism, in some form, also has always existed. But the modern form of terrorism sweeping throughout the world and disrupting the security and peace of all nations did not exist in the same form in the past. In the past, terrorism was isolated to defeat an enemy, usually of another warring culture. Modern forms of terrorism include people who sacrifice their lives in committing terrorist acts against innocent people of their own cultures and communities. The modern terrorist does not consider the effect the act has on other human beings, but the effect it has on world perception. Modern terrorists kill to make a point.

To understand how terrorism has evolved to what it has become, we need to consider the real truth about the way it developed in our modern times. This truth is not told by the mainstream media, and world leaders are afraid to admit it. The media is afraid it might offend and drive away its contributors and advertisers, if it tells the real truth. Politicians are afraid they will lose their popularity, and possibly their power, if they tell the real truth.

But unless we come to an understanding of what really happened that started modern terrorism, we will never be able to solve it and it will continue to grow and get much worse.

Simplified, the reason why terrorism exists is because economic inequality exists.

This inequality began in the early 20th century when oil was first discovered and drilled in Persia (now Iran). Oil was first discovered in the Middle East in 1908. One needs only to reflect upon what the Middle East cultures were like before oil was discovered and sold for profit, and what these cultures became within 100 years thereafter. What were the opinions and perceptions that Middle Eastern great-grandfathers passed down to their children, and then they to their children, until three short generations later, their decedents protest daily and support “death to America and the West”? What was said in the family discussions that developed such a traditional hate for America and the West?

The answer lies in whom profited from the discovery of oil.

The majority of the people of the Middle East never saw the prosperity and decadence that the oil industry provided to a few prominent Middle Eastern families. A good example of this is illustrated in a story published in Forbes magazine:

Home to 78 billionaires with an aggregate net worth of $209 billion, the Middle East claims just six female ten-digit fortunes. In this region, more than any other part of the world, wealth stays in the family: One third of the billionaires in the Middle East are related to each other.

Egypt’s Sawiris family and Mansour brothers comprise seven of the nation’s eight billionaires, while four Hariri brothers and two Mikati siblings make up Lebanon’s ultra-high-net worth individuals.

Turkey boasts the highest number of ten-digit fortunes, with 24 at last count. Israel is a close second, tallying 18 billion-dollar fortunes for a combined net worth of $51.75 billion. These two nations also claim the region’s only female billionaires – Israeli Shari Arison and Turkish Semahat Sevim Arsel, Suna Kirac, Ahsen Ozokur, as well as mother-daughter billionaires Deniz Sahenk and Filiz Sahenk.

Saudi Arabia’s $776 billion GDP puts it in the top 10 percentile of world nation’s gross domestic products. It has seven billionaires – fewer than the U.S. state of Georgia – but is home to the richest man in the region : Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud. His net worth of $20.4 billion at the time of publication comes from stakes in News Corp, Citigroup, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and other investments controlled through his Kingdom Holdings.

But what about the great-grandparents of the families who did not, and have not yet, benefited from the discovery of oil? How did they feel?

If we were to analyze these Middle Eastern billionaires and graph out their particular sect of the Islam religion, we would see a mirror of their power and control over other people. The more fanatical the sect of Islam, the more wealth and power is being protected by the few who belong to these sects. Our analyzation would discover how these few (far less than 1%) people have used the Islam religion to control the masses and force their will and secure their personal and family’s protection.

Needless to say, religion has alway been used by the wealthy minority to subdue the economically depressed majority to its will.

The great-grandfathers of the modern terrorist recognized what was happening back in their day and began to complain about it to their decedents. They saw that only a few people were profiting from the discovery of oil in their ancient lands, while the majority were suffering from the effects of this new-found wealth.

The more the gap between the rich and the poor grew, the more the people complained within the secret sanctuary of their home. But soon, neighbors would turn on neighbors for complaining against the leaders, who had convinced the people that their wealth was a blessing from Allah (Islam’s god) for their leadership and righteousness.

The wealthy knew that if the people remained divided theologically they would never unite in mass against the few who held all the wealth and power. For this very reason, the wealthy chose sides in the theological debates and gave money and support to the religious leaders who would support them. The ignorant masses never figured out what happened and how ideology has turned them so vehemently against their own people.

The United States, the greatest consumer nation the world had ever known at the time, didn’t concern itself with the local religious disputes of the people in the Middle East, as long as its supply of oil was not disrupted. But when the U.S. began to feel the effects of the local disputes, which disrupted its supply of cheap oil, it began to intercede in Middle Eastern affairs. The U.S. made a bold move in 1934. This was the year the United States officially recognized Afghanistan’s independence and set up an embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital.

The Afghan king at the time, King Amanollah Khan, had traveled throughout the West and saw how progressive and developed the Western countries were compared to his own third-world country. Khan’s family had not yet discovered oil in their country, and consequently, Afghanistan was not economically benefiting from the demand of the United States. Kahn wanted to become wealthy like many of his neighbors were becoming, and to do so, he realized that he needed to cooperate with and cede control to the West.

Although Afghanistan was not part of the oil economy at that time, its location in the Middle East made the country prime real estate, in the eyes of the U.S., in maintaining a presence and control between the arguing oil-producing countries. The intent of the United States had nothing to do with helping build Afghanistan’s economy, but all to do with controlling the supply of oil to meet the demands of the U.S. economy.

The real truth is,

The United States has never cared about the local people and their economic situation. The United States has cared about … the United States. And this is why the people of the Middle East are so upset with America and the West.

The masses are beginning to realize, and often are radicalized in this realization, that the United States is concerned only about how its involvement in other countries benefits the people of the United States. This is how U.S. politicians get elected. When Americans prosper, they give the praise to their politicians. When Americans are not prospering, they blame it on their politicians.

Radicalized by tradition (that which they learned at home) with hate for the West, a small group of Middle Eastern young men decided to hijack a couple of planes and do what they could to fight what they believed was the cause of their families’ and culture’s economic problems: U.S. control over world economics.

The U.S. world economic control is supported by U.S. law, and protected by the most powerful military the world has ever known. The World Trade Center (the economic symbol) and the Pentagon (military symbol) were the designated targets on September 11, 2001. Since this time, like many times before, the U.S. has used its military power to destroy countries and replace governments that it does not like. The U.S. never took into consideration what the conversations were like around the dinner table of the Middle Eastern people whose countries and traditions it destroyed.

Since that ominous day in history, the world has never been the same. At it will never be the same unless the concerns and complaints of the Middle Eastern great-grandfathers are addressed.

Addressing these concerns is a simple process of developing the economic prosperity of the people living in the Middle East and Africa. Before peace on Earth can be considered, the world must first unite together and do everything it can to establish economic equality.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.

(See THumP®’s economic plan here.)

WHY ISIS Wants a Global Civil War. The REAL TRUTH that no world leader wants to publicly admit. The Humanity Party® tells this truth and what the world can do about it.

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