The IDEOLOGY behind the Humanity Party® — What its Founding Members know about human existence

August 5, 2016 |

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Each person has an ideology–something each believes to be true and upon which each bases her or his expectations and desires of life. Our ideologies drive us and motivate us to act. They allow us to be acted upon by an outside influence of our choosing.

Those who established the Humanity Party®, and who are the primary authorities behind the movement, also have a general ideology that inspired the organization. Although progressive, the following ideology will eventually be proven and accepted by the majority of the people of the world who use common sense and base their knowledge on things as they are, things as they have been, and things as they will be in the future.

Science is progressive in nature because of its ability to observe what is and formulate theories based on what is experienced through empirical evidence. However, science is ever evolving and changing. THumP®’s ideology has never changed nor evolved, and never will.

The following information has been available for thousands of years. Those who have understood human existence as it is presented here, obviously were not understood, and usually rejected, and many killed because what they knew countered the systems of belief that were being used (and are being used) to enrich the few by the ignorance of the masses.

It is, and will always be, THumP®’s goal to educate the masses, so that upon being thus informed, the masses can create and support the proper government that serves all humans and the purpose for which we exist.

Here is the Humanity Party®’s ideology of human existence:

Human Existence

The elements, of which all matter is created, when unaffected by human intervention, are eternal. By itself, one particular element will remain unchanged forever, until forced to act, or forced into a compendium of other elements, by energy outside of itself. The ONLY energy that affects element is derived from and is created by the human mind. Without the human mind to perceive and create a reality, nothing would exist. Accordingly, all things exist to serve the purpose for human existence, which is the pursuit of individual worth.

The individual human being is the greatest compendium of elementary matter that exists anywhere in the Universe, of any dimension, of any time period. Human individuals have existed forever—none was created, nor can one be destroyed. The individual is defined and separated from other individuals through personal experience.

The Human experience is the greatest and most sophisticated interaction of organized matter. The human brain is the ultimate platform upon which these actions take place, as well as the highest capacity storage device that records these actions, thus creating new experiences that can be recalled and reflected upon by the individual.

The Mortal Game of Life

Since humans have always existed as the most advanced life forms possible, to increase individual experience, highly advanced and eternal humans participate with each other in extremely sophisticated brain simulations (games) of different levels of challenge and intelligence (skill). Part of these simulations is the mortal life we are experiencing now upon this earth.

Mortal life is nothing more than a highly advanced virtual multi-player game, of a particular skill level (very limited but progressive), played by highly advanced human beings. To prepare this specific level’s platform, so that all players will have a fair opportunity at the challenges and skills it offers, certain events have to occur within the game.

The players are allowed to create any reality they desire based on the limitations and rules allowed in mortal existence. As the players play without any knowledge of their true existence as highly advanced and eternal humans, they are prone to disobey the rules and selfishly pursue their individuality while not allowing others to do the same. The players do not like to be forced to play any other way than the way they desire to play, regardless of what their play does and how it affects other players.

The players are allowed to play the game, uninterrupted, unimpeded, and unconditionally for many years in order to allow them the chance to gain control of their game avatars and comply with the rules of the game that allow fair play for all. Those who learn these rules and abide by them, by controlling their avatars, will be rewarded for the way they played the game. Their reward will be greater than those who don’t learn or refuse to abide by the rules.

Their reward is the unconditional physical ability to interact within the environment (platform) of the game. Those who fail to follow the rules will be restricted in the way that they can physically experience the game. Physically interacting within the game is the way that our physical senses receive and react to stimuli from the environment.

The rules for the game are simple:

All players must be provided with everything they need inside the game to be able to exercise free will to act and be acted upon according to their desires in playing the game. In other words—in words that can be easily associated with the way humans are living life upon Earth today—no human being (no player) should ever be forced to work for another player in order to live (play). All people upon Earth (the platform for the game) must be provided with the basic necessities of life (in order to play). The rules also include the opportunity for all to equally play the Game of Life according to their own individual desires, never being forced to play by or for the sake of another player.

The Humanity Party®’s goal is to establish and promote the “rules of the game.”

THumP® has the solutions for the human dilemma. No one else does.

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