We’re Turning the Oceans Into Floating Pig Farms – All For One Unnecessary Reason

May 19, 2016 |

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ONLY THumP® presents a solution to the environmental problems facing the planet that will work.  Environmental movements and ideals lack the backing of a sound and powerful government.

Consider THumP®’s new constitutional proposal regarding the environment:

ARTICLE I, Section 1:

c. Requirement to protect Earth.

Legislative powers shall be restricted to acts and procedures in the establishment of laws that support the wants and needs of the people proportionate to the support of the natural laws of Earth and its environs.

This MUST be part of the main body of the Constitution so that Congress is FORCED to consider the protection of the environment as one of its priorities in establishing laws.

Furthermore, THumP®’s constitutional proposals FORCE the Congress to work for the people and stay in session, basically sequestered, until a unanimous decision is reached.  There will be no more stalling of any proposed bill (made by the people through their elected representative) “in committee” or “by committee,” or because a Congressperson with more power than others doesn’t want the bill to go forward.  ALL members of Congress, regardless of tenure, must be completely equal.  If the people propose a bill to become a law, ALL the people WILL FINALLY be heard:

e. Equality of Congress.

Congress shall not choose Seats nor designate Officers. There shall be no Classes, Committees, Chairpersons, or Seats, of any kind, in Congress. Each Member of Congress shall be equal to all other Members, regardless of tenure, age, race, gender, economic status, religion, or sexual orientation.

f. Consensus of Unanimity.

Without a consensus of unanimity among its elected Members, Congress shall pass no law incumbent on the people outside of the laws established by this Constitution. There shall be no law without the unanimous consenting vote of each Member of Congress, whether physically present at the time of the vote or not. Congress shall have the option of voting by proxy or electronically, as it may determine from time to time, is in the best interest of any particular Member, or the people of the Republic.

The argument is proposed that demanding unanimity will bog down Congress and limit their ability to make decisions.  This is absurd.  If a bill is not agreed upon by “the people,” no matter what part of the people, of any number, that might be, the bill is not written correctly and must be revised.

Congress works for and is paid by the people.  Its members MUST BE FORCED to do the job for which they get paid.

THumP® has the solutions.

We’re Turning the Oceans Into Floating Pig Farms – All For One Unnecessary Reason

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