THumP®’s Quick and Easy Guide To Why the U.S. Can Issue the Money Needed To End Poverty Throughout the World; and Why the U.S. Needs People To Remain Poor and Refuses to End Worldwide Poverty

May 11, 2016 |

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*PUBLISHER’S NOTE (2023): The following book has not yet been completed, but the concepts are still relevant today.

THumP® will eventually publish a short book outlining the philosophy behind its proposals and political platform called, The Way To World Peace. The book’s Index reads as follows:

(Note: the page numbers are for reference only and do not reflect the final draft’s page numeration.)



The book gives a clear overview of how our human problems began and how we can end them and live in peace and equality. One of the first ideas is that of knowledge vs. intelligence. Here’s a short quote from the book’s rough draft:




Any person who does not understand why and how the United States of America controls the world’s money system, from the World Bank to the International Monetary Fund, and therefore, has the power on its own to end worldwide poverty, has no intelligence. This person’s knowledge deceives them.

Those who sit on the Humanity Party®’s Board of Directors (”the Board”) are from extremely poor backgrounds. Different than others who were once poor but who have made a choice to become wealthy, the Board members choose to exist on just a few dollars a day and live among the lowest economic classes of people. Besides their personal passion to protect human free will*, living among the poor gives these individuals the knowledge that they need to come up with the solutions to end poverty without being unfair to the wealthy*. One cannot help people one does not understand. But the Board’s knowledge would be of no use if they didn’t have intelligence.

“Politicians and business people do NOT use intelligence; they use knowledge. The knowledge they use in controlling our lives benefits them, not us. The laws they force us to obey are their laws.”

The Board authorizes the spokesperson of The Humanity Party®

to say what needs to be said to represent the Humanity Party®; and also, what he is to write in this blog. An example of the Board’s intelligence is its ability to explain clearly Why the U.S. Can Issue All The Money Needed To End Poverty Throughout the World; and Why the U.S. Needs People To Remain Poor and Refuses to End Worldwide Poverty:

Money creates poverty and can, therefore, end poverty.

Money is controlled by trade in the economic markets of the world that are supported by supply and demand. The more demand that is made, the more the need to supply this demand. Demand is the same word as consumerism. No country in the world comes close to the amount of goods and services consumed (demanded) by the United States of America.

List of largest consumer markets

(millions of US$)

World:  43,021,279

1. United States:  11,484,340

2. China:  3,320,652

3. Japan:  2,999,598


ALL other countries in the world, to support their own economies, are forced to produce goods and services to meet U.S. demand. And since the U.S. uses the dollar in exchange for goods and services in the buying and selling transactions between its consumers (Americans), ALL countries who supply the U.S. demand are forced to value their currency on the dollar, IF that country wants to profit from what it provides to meet the U.S. consumers’ demand.

As the need for goods and services increases, the demand increases. As the demand increases, the need for currency to regulate and perform the transactions of buying and selling to meet the demand also increases exponentially. This is why the U.S. can issue its own money, which is much more valuable to the world’s economy than any other country’s currency, and why it will always be much more valuable … as long as the U.S. consumes more than any other country (by far).

Because world currency is based on and regulated by the U.S. economy (US$), it doesn’t matter how many US Dollars are issued, as long as there is a demand for the currency to meet the demands of the people in performing buying and selling transactions.

IF the United States would extend its welfare and social policies to include all people living in poverty throughout the word; IF the United States were to issue all people living in poverty US currency (using one example of THumP®’s economic plan), the demand for goods and services would skyrocket and the world’s economy would explode in a positive direction.


There are five times as many consumers living in China and India than there are U.S. consumers. IF the United States issued currency directly to the poor people of these nations, who would then have the means, therefore the demand, to buy goods and services, these nations would eventually become the GREATEST CONSUMER NATIONS in the world, overtaking the United State’s position by far!

If this scenario were to occur, then the currency that is used by the people living in China and India to buy and sell would quickly become more valuable to the world than the mighty U.S. dollar.

Clever and wealthy power brokers, who are the financial advisors to and supporters of U.S. politicians, understand this fact. These people, who are just a few, are NOT going to let this happen. As the consumer markets in China and India increase, the value of the U.S. dollar and its ability to control the world’s markets decreases exponentially.

There is a solution to the problem that will benefit all people equally, yet allow the United States to maintain its power and status as the world’s Greatest Nation. This solution is explained and presented by the Humanity Party®.

THumP® has the solutions because THumP® has the intelligence that no other group of people or organization has ever had.

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