This is a GREAT video, but offers NO solutions

September 25, 2015 |

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This is a GREAT video, but is typical of the rhetoric and the emotional webs that draw in and capture our attention to the problems in the world. It has over 11 million views, WITHOUT OFFERING EVEN ONE SUGGESTION AS A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEMS IT POINTS OUT!

Yet, the Humanity Party® has offered comprehensive and detailed solutions to most human problems, that WILL WORK, and THumP® can’t even get 15,000 people to pass on or recommend our website of solutions.

Why? Here’s why:

It’s much easier for the human mind to consider things that already exist than to consider things that don’t yet exist.

There has never been a time in recorded (”accepted”) world history when the problems of human poverty and inequality were non-existent. It is a part of our world and is justified by the masses as, “Just the way things are.” Likewise, there has never been a time when workable and viable solutions have been presented for consideration. “Oh, but it’s too good to be true!” usually eliminates one’s motivation to support something good. Or, “If God can’t do it, and God rules the Earth, then how could mortals? We’ll wait on God.”

Also, and important to understand, egos get in the way of coming together and defining the solutions. If THumP® can answer all of the complaints in Spencer Cathcart’s video, and offer all the solutions to his complaints, he might then be viewed only as a complainer, hypocritically calling out all of us to be the change we want to see, while he has no idea what change needs to be made. It would be a good thing if he linked his video to THumP®*. Yes, ego is the one human trait that stands in the way of change. Especially males. It would be virtually impossible to get all males to accept that fact that they don’t know what they’re doing and get them to sit down together and come up with a solution for which no individual gets credit, nor gets paid.

These emotional videos do the exact same thing to our minds that religion does: they emotionally affect our minds, fill us with a sense of our shared humanity (religion does it with the concept of “God”) and causes us to think, for a moment, that WE ARE THE CAUSE OF OUR OWN PROBLEMS. The difference between this particular video and religion, is that this video at least explains something that no religion does: WE CAN ALSO BE THE SOLUTIONS TO OUR OWN PROBLEMS.

THumP® will strive tirelessly to take its message to the people of the world, attempting to unite them under one human order, under one human government, under one entity of individuals willing to unite as a group of the most intelligent lifeforms that exist, yet never losing the important sense of individuality and self-worth.

*Coincidentally, the producers of this video used a similar image to the cover of the book: Human Reality–Who We Are and Why We Exist, a free book written by an anonymous author, which also has a detailed explanation of the problems we face on Earth along with the solutions. And yes, the anonymous author of this book is an integral part of THumP®.

THumP® has the solutions.

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