There is an easy solution to underage prostitution: 

February 17, 2017 |

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There is an easy solution to underage prostitution:

Eliminate the need of the young to engage in prostitution.

More police and stricter criminal laws will not end the poverty that forces these children into prostitution. In fact, stricter laws will reduce the cash flow into these depressed economies that come from prostitution. Cash needs to flow into these economies, as long as cash is needed by the poor to survive.

Children are forced into prostitution as a means of providing for their families. Parents justify the allowance of their children’s participation because they do not have the means to provide for their family’s needs.

All the tears, all the concern, all the rhetoric, all the charitable causes and incentives represented by popular entertainers have never done anything to change or eliminate the problem.

The solution is simple:

Provide HumanECard®s to every impoverished family that will allow the family to obtain the basic necessities of life, free of charge and free of the necessity to earn money in economies that support prostitution. The Cards can be programmed to provide the basic human necessities of life. The Cards can be used in the local economy just like cash, except controlled to only purchase authorized goods and services. The influx of government cash that backs the cards will support and increase the businesses in the local economy that are setup to provide the basic goods and services that support human life.

The HumanECard® provides education voucher credits that will pay for local education, allowing the young to go to school while their family’s basic needs are provided for, replacing the time the youth spend soliciting prostitution for time in school.

The Humanity Party® has the solutions. View our video below.

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