Feeding Famine—Ending Poverty

March 12, 2017 |

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Famine ‘largest humanitarian crisis in history of UN’

The Humanity Party®’s platform originates from the five basic needs of life (FBNL®) that all humans experience. Without adequate food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education, people cannot thrive; but rather suffer, often greatly, and perish, as is currently reoccurring in Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.

The Humanity Party® proposes simple answers to eradicate famine across the planet once and for all. While ending famine and other miserable global conditions might be the purpose of Governments and other assorted organizations, such as the United Nations, we believe they lack the proper solutions to accomplish the objective.

Our belief is that, regardless of thought or attitude, all humans want good to happen to them and others. Doing good is a universally inherent human trait. We propose that governments and organizations such as the United Nations, interested in the elimination of every type of human suffering, begin by legislating the provision of FBNL® to every human being, from birth until death.

There are sufficient global resources, technologies, and infrastructure to provide the FBNL® for all of Earth’s residents. Anyone questioning how to fund such a humanitarian endeavor can refer to the platform’s Fair Tax Plan – Consumption-based Taxation and accompanying Anti-Inflation Algorithm.

If the US controlled International Monetary Fund sent in humanitarian personnel to initially provide every person in a famine situation with an emergency care package, emergency services as needed and a Food-Electronic Benefit Transfer card for long term nutritional needs conflict refugees could escape suffering created by impotent Governments or politicized factions/insurgency and our world would begin to eliminate poverty created famine all over the world.

Famine is the “triple failure” of (1) food production, (2) people’s ability to access food, and, finally and most crucially, (3) in the political response by governments and international donors. Crop failure and poverty leave people vulnerable to starvation – but famine only occurs with political failure.

In conditions as currently occurring in South Sudan and Somalia:

1. Emergency care food packets, water, and supplies would be airlifted into the region for immediate distribution.

2. Temporary aid stations would be set up with supplies, aid services, and security personnel to fulfill emergency and protective perimeter requirements.

3. Every person would receive a Food Electronic Transfer Card (EBT) for their long term nutritional needs. People will also receive Housing cards, Healthcare cards, Education cards, and Clothing cards. [See information on our HumanECard®]

4. Corporate entities will be incentivized to enter these areas and begin building a presence as part of a longer-term economic infrastructure, helping form a robust economic future.

5. In doing so, local Governments collect business taxes, people find employment, corporations profit, and everyone win$.

6. As dire conditions are eliminated and money begins to flow, businesses are drawn in and people begin to thrive.

7. Ultimately, this model can be used in every impoverished scenario across the planet for all services and business interests associated with FBNL® to grow prosperous economies in which people can finally realize their human right to individualized life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The Humanity Party®’s solutions prioritize all human life through the provisions of FBNL®, helping to form lasting improved human infrastructures and services–particularly in impoverished nations. This helps avert drought-induced famines or the need for temporary catastrophic aid, assuring an end to all cyclical man-made suffering.

The Humanity Party® cannot make rain fall, but it does have the solutions to quench both climactic-induced and man-made poverty-induced problems. Mankind’s monetary valuation over human life is the global problem and The Humanity Party® is the global solution.

YOU are The Humanity Party®.

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