The U.S. government and Western Environmentalists: the most tyrannical and subversive groups of humans that have ever existed in history

November 17, 2016 |

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The Humanity Party® exists to inform the people of the world. THumP®’s desire is to address the problems and point out the real truth behind the world events that have led to widespread human misery and economic turmoil, which produce hopelessness and terrorism.

To illustrate the United States’ role in disrupting peace on earth and contributing to the misery of the human race, we must consider what happened and is happening in the Middle East. We could look at any country in that area of the world to observe the scenario and implication of the U.S. role in decimated governments and the lives of millions of people.

Let’s consider the situation in Libya. But keep in mind, the same scenario of events took place, and are taking place, in many other Middle Eastern countries.

Once an ally of the United States, Libya’s late dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, was branded an enemy a few years ago, which led to the United States supporting his overthrow. The U.S. financed rebel groups in Gaddafi’s overthrow, which included supplying them with money, arms and air support.

Why did the U.S. turn on Gaddafi, when at one point, it supported him?

The answer:

Gaddafi wanted to stop trading oil in U.S. dollars, and supported forming a new global currency by which oil could be traded throughout the world.

Saddam Hussein wanted the same thing. Syria’s Assad, the same, and so on, and so forth.

What has happened since the Gaddafi “regime” was overthrown by the Libyan people under the guise of freedom and democracy supported by the U.S.?

1. Libya’s economy is a disaster. Owing to five years of armed conflict and political deadlock, the country has been prevented from exploiting its main source of income, oil, which accounts for more than 95 percent of export revenues. Today, Libyan oil production is reaching only a fifth of its potential, according to the World Bank. The drop in production has cost the government more than $68bn since 2013.

2.  The country is now running a major deficit, forcing the Central Bank to tap into its fast-depleting reserves. The government is unable to pay salaries on time or fund public investment, and limits on cash withdrawals from banks are being imposed.

3.  Sectarian division has impeded any new government progress. Instead of having a united political body, Libya ended up with three governments.

4.  Libya’s economy has deteriorated to a point that many of those who once supported Libya’s 2011 uprising are now regretting it. Food prices have gone from being subsidized under former leader Muammar Gaddafi, to being overpriced. All Libyans are suffering now. There are no winners. It can be seen clearly that the economic crisis has hit all west, south, and east of Libya.

The Libyan people are suffering like no other time in their history. They depend on oil production and sales to fund their economy and provide employment opportunities. And besides the U.S. support of rebel groups, another group of Westerners has complicated the situation even more: Environmentalists.

There is a major push throughout the world to limit oil production and replace it with “green solutions.”

Let’s say that the green movement got its way, and oil production and sales decreased by 50%. What would the people of the Middle East do, then, for employment, for jobs, for economic stability? The environmentalist movement fails to provide this answer, nor do those who support the “green movement” consider the devastating effect that limiting oil production would have on the innocent people of the Middle East.

The people of the Middle East are being attacked on two fronts: 1) the United States pride and economic desire to continue to control the oil markets with the U.S. dollar, and 2) the “green movement.”

While the United States uses its power and money in subversive ways to destroy the “regimes” of the Middle East, its politicians are continually pressured by selfish environmentalists who have no solution to the suffering of human beings, as they fight to protect what they see as an environmental catastrophe. To the “greenies,” nature is more important than humans.

Not to the Humanity Party®. Humans are the most important life form on Earth; all humans, regardless of race, religion, or nationality.

The people of Earth must unite under a one world government that exists for all humans equally, putting the power in the hands of the people. THumP® knows how to do this.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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