The Humanity Party®’s Environmental Platform (declared policy) and Opinion

November 20, 2016 |

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THumP®’s platform is established on the position that human beings are the most important part of any environment. Without human beings, the environment would serve no real purpose (in regards to human life). Humans are the only life form that has the capability and capacity to ascribe a purpose to Earth’s environment and natural law.

THumP® takes no position in regards to how humans became the most important life form on Earth, as each person retains the right to hold an individual opinion and perception on the matter. THumP® maintains that the two competing sides of the matter, (evolution vs. creationism), has no bearing on the reality that humans are the most significant life form that exists.

Furthermore, the fact that THumP®’s intent is focused on establishing a government, not representative of any animal or plant species, but of humans, reinforces this position.

If, however, said environment exists for the sake and domination by humans, to be utilized for their happiness; and owing to the fact that a human cannot exist in any other type of known environment in the universe; THumP®’s position is to do everything possible to maintain and secure the environment for the happiness of humans.

To this end, THumP® proposes incorporating into any valid and worthy governing Constitution the specific mandate to its Congress respecting this requirement.

ARTICLE I, Section 1, subsection c.:

Requirement to protect Earth. Legislative powers shall be restricted to acts and procedures in the establishment of laws that support the wants and needs of the people proportionate to the support of the natural laws of Earth and its environs.

THumP®’s position is held in observation and respect of the differing personal opinions that exist on the subject, given that THumP®®’s political agenda is to create more peace and happiness on Earth without impeding the free will of any person.

In observing different viewpoints associated with the present arguments that ensue over the environment, THumP® offers the following example observations and logical argument, giving somewhat of a greater latitude to scientific theory over the creationist theory:

IF global warming is a natural consequence of human abuse of the environment, then who or what abused the environment that caused 5 different time periods of global warming consistent with the scientific conclusion that there were 5 different times when Earth was covered with ice?

Did the flatulent gases of meat-eating dinosaurs (the dominant life form at the time, as they ate the plant-eating dinosaurs), result in these gases bsolutions

eing trapped in the atmosphere, causing a warming trend during the Triassic period that melted the earth’s polar ice caps completely? These polar capes obviously reappeared through global cooling.

Did the earth cool after the Triassic period because dinosaurs disappeared? Or could it have cooled consistent with a cycle that naturally occurs to support whatever life form dominates the environment?

How many times have the polar ice caps melted throughout the history of the earth? The answer: many.

Is the current time period (Anthropocene, in which humans exist as the dominant life form) allowing for human gases to become responsible for the same trend of global warming, in that the polar caps are again disappearing?

IF the gases produced by the dominant species causes the environment to respond to protect itself, by destroying the species threatening it, (if the dinosaurs became extinct in this way), then what concern should humans have for an environment that will protect itself regardless of the actions of its dominant species? To what ends should humans act and allow themselves to be acted upon in the pursuit of human happiness?

There are many cold regions on earth where people live. To stay warm in these regions, humans burn fuel that causes what environmentalists have termed, “greenhouse gases.” IF these gases could one day cause the extinction of the human race, then human adaptation to these cold regions, in search of life and happiness, appears to be counterproductive to the survival of the species. Why, then, wouldn’t humans be satisfied with existing in the regions close to the earth’s equator where ambient temperatures exist that are perfect for human life? The answer: the pursuit of individual happiness.

IF, as is proposed by some, human-produced gases are destroying our environment, and the control thereof could save the environment, THumP® proposes that whatever action taken to protect the environment must FIRST and FOREMOST protect the human being in its purpose for living: happiness.

Furthermore, as humans increase their presence in earth’s environment, they are encroaching on the habitat of their own predators (animals that can eat them for food). Should humans allow another life form to eat them? Do humans allow viruses and bacteria (the smallest lifeforms) to kill them? Or do humans seek for the continuation of human life by eliminating those life forms that threaten it?

Where there exists a predatory species of animal or plant that can kill a human being, THumP® proposes that these species (of any size) be exterminated.

Others argue that the existence of predatory animals and plants are necessary to maintain the natural symbiotic nature of environment. THumP® proposes that with advanced technology and an increased understanding of our predators and natural laws, humans can take the place of and do for the environment exactly what predatory species do to maintain natural symbiosis.


Owing to the fact that human beings are the greatest and most dominant life form that exists; and that so being requires that humans form governments to protect each individual’s right to exist and pursue happiness; THumP®’s proposals are the only way that humans can maintain their dominance, and at the same time, protect the natural environment upon which they are dependent for their survival.

Humans have basic necessities of life. Without these necessities, humans cannot live. Humans will do whatever is necessary to the environment to obtain these necessities, regardless of the consequences to the environment. Human life, to each individual, is much more important than the environment in which life is sustained.

Good government can control the environment for the sake of those it governs. Governments are not set up for the sake of the environment, but for the sake of human happiness. Good government can provide all humans with the basic necessities of life, while at the same time protecting the environment upon which individual life is dependent.

Here are a couple of examples of how this can be done:

Every human can be provided with a technologically advanced home that is self-sufficient and constructed to exist without harming nature. The government can mandate laws and codes of construction that include solar and other green energy producers that supply the occupants with their basic human needs. This technology already exists. Without government interceding and mandating and financing the construction of these types of individual dwellings, those without the means to purchase this technology will be forced to do whatever they have to in order to survive, which often includes harming the environment.

The government can mandate laws and codes over the production of good healthy food products. These laws can include how food is produced properly and naturally, protecting the environment in which it is produced. In providing free healthy food to all people, the people will be less likely to destroy the environment so that they do not starve. Those who produce the food (by following the established government laws and codes set for its production) can be compensated fairly, thus enriching the producer compensatory to the value that the goods and services provided have on human existence.

Humans will always do whatever they must to survive. If their survival is threatened, they will usurp and destroy natural law in whatever way is necessary to protect their own lives.

A proper form of government can implement the correct laws that produce the goods and services that provide the basic necessities of human life that will decrease (and possibly completely eliminate), the need to harm the environment.

Humans come first. They always will as long as they exist. If they cease to exist, then it will be because they failed to act to protect their own species within the limits and parameters of the environment in which they are forced to exist.

The Humanity Party® can offer the proper solutions to both: 1) human government that supplies natural, sustainable basic human needs, and 2) to human acts that threaten the environment.

When power is given to a Congress of representatives to meet the needs of the people, Congress must be required to do everything within its power to meet these needs. This cannot be done without the proper blueprint that outlines the powers granted to government. The Humanity Party® has provided this blueprint.

THumP® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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