The Humanity Party®’s Board of Director’s Message About Their Upcoming Book Release: The Game of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality

August 11, 2017 |

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE (2023): The plan for the book titled The Game of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality is being replaced by our upcoming book: The Dream of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality—A Sharp Two-Edged Sword: A Final Warning to the Human Race.



Apocalypse: Greek, meaning disclosure.

For us, the anonymous authors, the most important part of this book is a full disclosure about human existence upon this earth. It is our intent, to the best of our abilities, to disclose the real truth throughout this book. Only if humans know the real truth about who they are and why they exist can they set aside their differences and unite together and live in peace and harmony, not only with each other, but also with planet Earth.

At the time of the writing of this book, mortals have developed technology and weapons that could easily wipe out the entire human race. What present mortals don’t know is that the human race existed on Earth five previous times during the past billions of years that the earth has existed. In light of the fact that modern humans can only trace their origins back a few hundred thousand years, and this would be a speculation because human writing and the recording of human history has only been around for a few thousand, it should make sense that billions of years of Earth’s existence produced other time periods when humans existed.

The real truth is, the ancestors of modern humans have been around for over two million years, since the end of the last major ice age. Even two million years is a drop in a bucket compared to an ocean of time that the earth has been able to support and sustain living organisms. When humans are upon earth, they do things that are not natural compared to how other life forms live in symbiosis with the natural world. Symbiosis is when life forms live with each other on Earth and exist for the mutual benefit of each other. Humans exist for humans. Their intelligence dominates all other life forms. They exploit the earth for their own benefit unlike any other life form can. This unnatural way of existing upon Earth causes the earth to warm, thus eliminating any possibility of another ice age, but what happens if humans destroy themselves? They would no longer cause the earth to warm and another ice age would be the result.

If you consider the span of two million years in a timeline of five BILLION years, and you give each of the past five time periods when humans existed upon earth two million years each (enough time for humans to develop great civilizations and then kill each other off), that would still leave 4 billion, 9 hundred and ninety million years for Earth to exist without humans. Even five separate human time periods of two million years each is nothing compared to the time that Earth has been around. In the spectrum of time, it would seem that humans are of little significance to the earth’s existence, but the real truth is, the earth wouldn’t exist, couldn’t exist, without humans, any more than your own personal dream world could exist if you weren’t the dream character creating and experiencing it.

One might ask, how did humans come to exist on Earth? The simple answer would be an honest answer to this question: How did your dream self get inside your dreams? When you dream, isn’t it a world? Isn’t it an environment in which you are participating with other people, with other life forms, with plants, animals, buildings, etc.? Doesn’t it seem perfectly real while you’re dreaming? The real truth is, the exact same way that your dream world exists, so does planet Earth. The exact same way that you enter a dream and start living in a dream environment is the exact same way that you became a conscious, living part of this earth. (These concepts will make more sense as you continue to read this book.)

A little over one thousand years ago, humans discovered that by mixing three simple elements together, charcoal, sulfur, and salt, and sparking it with heat, it would explode. This discovery, as most discoveries do, happened by chance. A woman actually discovered it. She built a fire with wood and coal over a piece of ground that contained a lot of sulfur. She didn’t know what sulfur was. She simply found the place where she wanted to cook some meat and built a fire. She heavily salted the meat to taste. As some of the salt fell on the coals sitting on the sulfur ground, it ignited in a never before seen fashion. This woman discovered a powerful explosive powder. It didn’t take long for men to figure out how to use this powder to make weapons to kill. Gunpowder gave humans more power and control, not only over the natural world, because now they could kill any animal easily, but over each other. In just a few hundred years, until the early 20th century introduced a power much more destructive than gunpowder, men would masterfully manipulate gunpowder to create unimaginable weapons of destruction.

Gunpowder was discovered in each of the last five human time periods, before the start of the last ice age. Weapons of mass destruction (powered ONLY by gunpowder) were eventually developed by humans and used to kill each other, ending the human race at those times. What had never been discovered before, in any of these previous human time periods upon earth, was nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is when the nucleus of certain elements split spontaneously or on impact with another element to release extraordinary amounts of energy. These other civilizations didn’t get that far along before they killed each other with gunpowder. It was early on during the industrial age in Europe (about 1780) when nuclear fission was first discovered, again by accident. Another hundred years or so would pass before men once again learned how to harness the power of a nuclear reaction to kill.

Anyone can make their own gunpowder and a gun with which to use it. That’s easy. Not everyone can make their own atomic weapon. It’s not that easy, but soon, VERY SOON, in the spectrum of modern time, creating an atomic reaction and using it as a weapon will be as easy as making gunpowder for a gun. Soon, anyone upon earth, with a few simple instructions, will be able to make an atomic weapon.

Many people believe that all people have the right to bear arms, i.e., own a gun. In the United States of America there are approximately 300 million gunpowder-driven firearms, one for every man, woman, and child living in the United states. What if there were 300 million nuclear bombs controlled by unregulated and opinionated individuals? What if a man entered a stadium full of people with a gun? How many people could he kill until he was gunned down himself? Not more than hundred, if that. What if he entered that stadium armed with a nuclear weapon? How many people would he kill? EVERYONE!

We know that the predictability of anyone being able to produce a crude but powerful nuclear weapon is certain – VERY CERTAIN! A nuclear weapon will replace a gun as the weapon of choice by individuals and groups who want to make a political or religious statement to the rest of the world. Once this starts happening, it is only a matter of a very few years before mortals, once again, for the sixth time during Earth’s existence, annihilate the human race.

Gun rights advocates claim that if everyone is armed, then it creates a safer society. This simply is not true. The real truth is, arming a person outside of a “well-regulated militia,” is dangerous and stupid. Gun violence in the United States of America, where the most vociferous gun rights activists exist, is shocking! Now consider what the United States would be like if everyone had the right to own their own nuclear weapon? A single instance of road rage would destroy an entire freeway system and any population living in close vicinity. It doesn’t matter how much control the governments of the world are trying to maintain over the production and manufacturing of nuclear weapons, in the near future, these impotent governments will not be able to stop it.

Why does a human want to kill another human?

There are two main reasons why humans kill each other: in protection of self-preservation and in protection of self-worth. Don’t take a man’s castle, his wife, his kids, or his food … or his gun—his ability to protect himself and his stuff! But just as important, don’t take away that man’s self-worth and value!

Arguments and disagreements about religion (philosophies) and politics (government) are, and have always been, the main reasons why humans, mostly men, have killed each other. Politics protect self-preservation. Religion protects self-worth. To end the desire that humans have to kill each other, we must first learn how to support and protect the ability of an individual to exist in this world, and just as important, we must learn how to support and protect the ability of an individual to have and maintain individual self-worth. To accomplish these two things, we must get rid of the philosophies and governments that have caused the problems, and will continue to cause the problems unless we get rid of them. How can this be done without more violence? What can free us from the threat of being killed by other humans? The answer: the real truth—understanding each other in a way that we have never understood each other before.

Well was it said, then written, the Truth Shall Set You Free! Who actually said this? Where did the idea come from? Millions of humans have lost their lives over fighting about from where this saying originated. The real truth is that it was first coined during the time of the first ancient Greek philosophers. Veritas liberabit vos, is how it was first written.

Writing has only been around for a few thousand years. Telling a story, or writing it out, for entertainment has been around for a lot less time. The ancient Greeks were the first culture that wrote down stories as a means of teaching and entertainment. Long before the Hebrew stories about Moses were first written down (they had been told orally for centuries), the Greek stories, the Iliad and Odyssey were fictitiously written stories that taught morals, entertained, and inspired the Greeks.

The real truth is, the Greeks were commissioned by Hebrew tribal leaders to listen to their oral histories and help them write their history down as a story. The stories of Moses that began Hebrew mythology are no more real than Greek mythology, but don’t attempt to convince a Jew, Muslim, or Christian of this. They will kill you! Why would they kill you? Because it is from their personal belief that they are a chosen people of the Hebrew god, who, according to the story, chose just one man, out of all the people upon Earth at that time, (Abraham), that Jews, Muslim, and Christians gain their self-worth and value. Remember, religion protects self-worth; and if you threaten a man’s self-worth, he will kill you, as he has done with gunpowder in the past, and as he will do with a nuclear weapon in the near future.

The only way to stop this human atrocity from happening, is if we can convince the “children of Abraham (i.e., Jews, Muslims, and Christians),” that Abraham was no more real than Prometheus (the main character of the Greek story). This can only be done if we can help people understand the real truth.

Because societies and cultures have developed that have placed themselves above all other societies and cultures, the people belonging to these societies and cultures believe that they have more rights to the resources of Earth than everyone else does. The ability of an individual to exist upon Earth by using Earth’s limited resources, is self-preservation. Remember, politics is the protection of self-preservation; and if you threaten a man’s self-preservation, he will kill you, as he has done with gunpowder in the past, and as he will do with a nuclear weapon in the near future!

The only way to stop this human atrocity from happening, is if we can convince the people of the world that we are all equal human beings and that there are plenty of resources on earth to provide for all of our needs equally. This can only be done if we can help people understand the real truth.

We intend to disclose the real truth to the people of Earth throughout this book. We intend on presenting enough evidence of who we really are as human beings and why we really exist as human beings to convince all people that we should not be killing each other. WE SHOULD BE LIVING IN PEACE AND HARMONY.

If our disclosure of real truth falls on deaf ears, human existence will end once again. This time, there will be no need for the solar system of planets of which Earth is a part. Just as easily as a dream world disappears when we wake up from our dreams, so shall this earth and the solar system and universe that sustains it disappear. Just as easily!

Our disclosure is truly THE EARTH’S APOCALYPSE!

Shortly after the New Testament of the Christian bible was created during the 4th century C.E., an esoteric piece of extraordinary Greek literature was anonymously submitted to the Catholic (Greek: worldwide) Church. The church’s councils were given charge of creating an official Roman Christian religion. The treatise was written in Greek. It was titled, the Apocalypse; which in the Greek language means, the Disclosure.

This comprehensive and detailed disclosure about the struggles of humankind was written in allegoric religious prose. This type of symbolic writing was familiar to the new Catholic Christian religion. Nevertheless, no other piece of literature associated with the world’s major religions has been more grossly misinterpreted and misread than this Greek masterpiece.

No other culture of a human society has ever been as proficient at using forms of allegory and symbolism as the Greeks were—none anciently, nor modernly. For this reason, it was by Greek hands, and first in the Greek language, that the New Testament of the Roman Catholic Church was written. Almost a thousand years prior to the creation of the New Testament, it was Greek writers who were commissioned to create the stories of the Old Testament. What these Greek mythical masters created has affected the world more than any other piece of literature.

The piece of extraordinary Greek allegoric literature mentioned above as the Apocalypse was eventually translated into other languages until it became known as the book of Revelation. The proof of the misuse and gross misinterpretation of this masterpiece is obvious in how most modern Christian faiths define the word Apocalypse. These misguided systems of belief have distorted the author’s original idea for his work. His literary work is a revelation—a disclosure—of certain things that he wanted to express about human nature and the state of the world.

Unscrupulous and ignorant religious leaders tout the book’s title as a symbol for the “end of the world.” When modern Christians hear the word “Apocalypse,” they immediately think of the world ending in some cataclysmic way. The book of Revelation says nothing … absolutely nothing … about the end of the world. Its storyline ends with a new world (a new heaven and new earth) ushered in by truth, justice, peace, and equality. The word, apocalypse, is not mentioned, not one time, in the body of the work.

The book presents the Christian savior, as a man riding on “a white horse … called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war … and out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations; and he shall rule them with a rod of iron … KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.”

Ironically, when this “savior” comes and judges the people of earth, there are ONLY two main groups of people who are punished: “the kings and merchants of the earth”—the politicians and business people. Politicians are meant to support and protect an individual’s right to self-worth and value. Businesses are meant to support and protect an individual’s right to self-preservation. Combined, these two social entities should exist to protect all people’s rights equally, but they combine in secret, behind the backs of the masses. They do not combine in secret to support the self-preservation and self-worth of the masses. They combine in secret to protect their own selfish interests. Revelation’s author knew how corrupt the politicians and business entities of the Roman Empire had become. He knew, however, that he couldn’t openly condemn these powerful secret combinations. He had to present the idea to the people the best way he could without openly defying and condemning these great powers. He wrote the allegory of Revelation:

The politicians and business people, “who have committed fornication and lived deliciously [on earth], shall bewail [earth], and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning.” This “burning,” like most everything else written in the context of the story, is not a physical, but an emotional one.

The “lake of fire burning with brimstone” was taken directly from ancient Greek mythology. The River Pyriphlegethon (Fire) was the place where tormented souls would go and forever sail throughout the underworld in misery. These condemned sailors were distressed (felt a burning) because of the way that they treated others during their mortal life.

Revelation’s author witnessed, firsthand, the suffering of the masses upon Earth (throughout the entire Roman Empire) as a result of the power and control of Roman politicians and business owners. The masses were suffering unlike at any other time, up to that point, in recorded human history. These sufferings led to great uprisings throughout the Roman Empire.

Emperor Constantine called on the “kings and merchants” throughout the land for advice. Once gathered and consulted—the councils at Nicea being only a part of these gatherings—these “kings and merchants,” who were also the people’s spiritual leaders, found a way to give hope to the masses. They gave the people what the people had already been convinced to accept as their only hope: a promised Messiah, a savior, who would, who could, save them.

This messianic theme was presented for hundreds of years throughout Greek literature. The Greek gods, always aware of the miserable situation that the masses were experiencing upon earth, created saviors to show their mercy and compassion to mortals. Hercules, born of a virgin mother and of the great Greek god, Zeus, was just as popular throughout ancient Greece, as Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ, the savior of the world, was throughout the Roman Christian empire.

The story of hope that Hercules implied worked for the Greeks. These types of stories quieted the ignorant masses, gave hope to the poor and downtrodden, and controlled the exploited majority existing under the power, wealth, and control of the Greek “kings and merchants” … the Greek politicians and business people.

Revelation’s author tied into the idea that one of Jesus’ disciples, John the Beloved, became immortal,

“Then went this saying abroad among the brethren, that the disciple should not die; yet Jesus said not unto him, He shall not die; but, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee?”

Revelation’s author is the same Roman-Greek who authored the Gospel of John. Written for the new Christian mindset, the idea would hold that if John the Beloved was immortal, then he would have lived through the rise and fall of the Great Roman Empire. He would have known the cause thereof. He would be able to disclose this cause to the world. He could offer an allegoric warning to the world of what had happened when the “kings and merchants” of the Great Roman Empire maintained their control and power over the people. He could also give people hope and show them the way to a “new heaven and a new earth,” but only if the people were willing and able to get rid of the secret combination of politics and business and start to control things for everyone equally.

Unfortunately, the corrupt Christian religious leaders didn’t have a clue of how to interpret the author’s symbolism. They never looked beyond their false prophecies and corrupt teachings. Their pretended learning gave them prestige and power in the eyes of the masses and allowed them to control the people. They could never connect Revelation’s symbolism to its original source: early Greek writings, especially those of the Greek Old Testament.

These corrupt spiritual leaders turned a beautiful hope-laced piece of literature into a fear-based speculation of unprecedented emotional influence. Instead of seeing Revelation as a disclosure (Apocalypse) of what actually causes human misery, religious leaders turned the story into a fantasy about the devil. Nothing is more evident of this deception than the following verse:

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for its number is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six (666).”

The author embedded this important clue to demonstrate the corrupt ignorance of the religious leaders who would make future attempts to interpret this easy-to-understand phrase. Revelation’s author knew that NONE … not one Christian leader of any sect … would have the “understanding” to solve this simple riddle. In their ignorance and deception, Christian leaders would attribute “the number of the beast” to the devil. They couldn’t have been more wrong … and corrupt!

The “man” and “his number” came directly from the Old Testament:

“Now the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was Six hundred three score and six (666) talents of gold.”

The “beast” and its “number,” its “image,” and its “mark,” was all about the economic system upon which the people of the earth were dependent—a system completely controlled by the “kings and the merchants.”

The people of the world had become materialistic and completely dependent upon this great beast. Revelation’s author would disclose that this economic system was like a “great whore that sitteth upon many waters [i.e., throughout the whole earth]; with whom the kings of the earth have committeth fornication [i.e., corrupt politicians and governments] and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.”

It is an economic system that has power to give life to its own image, deceiving the people of Earth to believe that worldly things and economic prosperity, and the image of economic success was more important than being kind, equal, compassionate people. This great “beast” causes all people, “both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand [i.e., in the works that they do], or in their foreheads [i.e., in the thoughts that they have]. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

This “first beast,” was the Great Roman Empire that fell. Revelation’s author recognized the inevitable: a second beast, “another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon [i.e., pretending to be innocent like a lamb in its own defense {horns} proclaiming its greatness and power]. It doesn’t take a genius to see that history often repeats itself; that this same economic system that had caused the fall of the Great Roman Empire would be the result if the people continued to allow “kings and merchants” to have power and control over them.

The modern United States of America couldn’t be a better representation of an economic power with “two horns like a lamb [that speaks] as a dragon, where politicians and business have power and control over society.

The profound DISCLOSURE (the Apocalypse) that the people of modern Earth have repeated history is evident in the emotional distress that most people upon Earth are experiencing today.

“The smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosever receiveth the mark of his name [in his right hand or in his forehead].

Economic distress and disparity is the cause of most of our problems. The people of Earth are being forced to participate in the economic structure outlined and controlled by Earth’s politicians (kings) and business corporations (merchants). There is no government that exists upon Earth that is just, fair, and equitable for all. There is no government that represents the masses. Governments represent and are controlled by the “kings and merchants of the earth.”

The people of Earth can no longer afford to wait upon “Hercules” to save us. We must become the force—the “man riding upon the white horse with a two-edge sword coming out of his mouth.” We must “smite the nations,” the “king” and the “merchants” with one voice, a strong voice as if it were coming from heaven, proclaiming that we want a “new heaven and a new earth.”

We must unite together and create a just, worldwide government whose existence and purpose is not to punish the wealthy, but to work with them to fulfill the great and last judgment that the Christian “Hercules” proclaimed would be his final judgement upon the people of earth. We must unite, for we are the “Sons and Daughters of man.” We must regain our glory as equal human beings. With the power of ONE VOICE, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all, we must “gather all the nations together” and separate the people in power and control who do not give meat to the hungry, water to the thirsty, a home to the homeless, health and mental care to the sick, and care for and help those who have been imprisoned for cause, not always a just cause, but because they were forced to worship the beast and his image … we must separate the people in power, who do not provide these things to all people equitably, from those of us who do, or at least who want to.

We are each individually upon this earth writing our own “Book of Life.” However, we cannot write, we cannot live upon earth and write our own book, when we are forced by poverty and inequality to subject our minds and souls to the great beast that others have created—to that beast that receives its power from the politicians and merchants of the earth. WE ARE WRITING THEIR BOOK OF LIFE!

The wise Greek authors who were responsible for the stories of the new Roman Christian savior, Jesus, knew what they were doing. They knew what had worked and what had not in their own culture. They knew what caused the downfall of the Greek Republic, of the Roman Republic, and eventually of the Great Roman Empire. They warned us and gave us hope. Yes, they used a fictitious Hercules-type character to represent a hope that all of us share, a spirit of unity, faith in humanity, and love for each other.

It’s this “Spirit of Christ” that exists in each one of us born into this world. It is by this HOPE and SPIRIT that we can change the world, making a new heaven and earth. These Greek authors presented the great judgement of Christ as simply those who take care of the poor and needy and those who don’t. Those who do, are saved … those who can save the world. Those who don’t are condemned … they are the problem. These authors presented this parable in the modern New Testament, the twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew.

The author of the book of Revelation profoundly presented the same idea of the judgment of the world that the Greek New Testament authors presented in Matthew. Regarding this judgment, he wrote that all the people of earth will “stand before God; and the books were opened; and another book was opened, which is the book of life; and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS … ACCORDING TO IF THEY GAVE MEAT TO THE HUNGRY, WATER TO THE THIRSTY, HOMES TO STRANGERS, HEALTH AND MENTAL CARE TO THE SICK, AND COMPASSION AND LOVE TO THE IMPRISONED.

We have no hope UNLESS we have the right hope! We must come to realize how all ancient religious scripture was written, from where its concepts came, who actually wrote it, for what purpose they wrote what they did, and when they actually wrote it. We must no longer allow ourselves to be controlled and deceived by religious and spiritual leaders who haven’t the intelligence to figure out the very basic and easy clues given in the greatest DISCLOSURE ever penned by a mortal: the APOCALYPSE.

We must release ourselves from the bonds of ignorance by which we have been chained for thousands of years, controlled and manipulated by the “kings and merchants and false prophets” of Earth. We must realize that our salvation rests solely in our own hands.

The authors of this book comprise a think-tank of extraordinary human beings who have done the research, spent years of study and contemplation, and read everything humanly possible in order to be able present a plan to the human race upon Earth that will keep history from repeating itself. There has never been a “Hercules” who has saved anyone. There has never been one who has changed the world for the better. Hercules does not exist, but the “Spirit of Hercules” exists in each one of us. We know what will save our world, what will save us from each other, what can usher in peace on Earth and goodwill towards all. We know what needs to be done.

We offer this Apocalypse to the people of the world in hopes that they will see through the ignorance of the past and join with us, placing our names in the ONLY Book of Life® that exists upon Earth, legally and properly. By submitting our names and personal information in the Book of Life®, we commit ourselves to the establishment of a ONE World Government and a NEW Constitution and its order of law. This NEW Constitution shall establish law that provides each and every human being living upon our earth with the basic necessities of life, (i.e., nutritious food and clean water, secure housing, basic clothing, health and mental care, and education), free of any debt or charge, from the moment of our birth to the moment of our death.

We have established The Humanity Party® as an alternative to the corrupt governments that the “kings and merchants” have established throughout our history. We have outlined the changes that need to take place. We have offered the solutions to most of the human problems that affect humanity upon Earth. We have presented a “sword of truth and justice,” one that if wielded by the majority of the people on Earth will cut asunder the “kings and merchants” and slay the beast that has power and control over our lives.

Throughout this book, The Game of Mortal Life, Understanding Human Reality, we will present sound alternatives of real truth and logical explanations of who we are and why we exist. We will confound all the philosophies of men mingled with their scripture—everything that has created the false religions that divide us and cause most of our problems. However, none of these explanations will do any good unless we can set aside our differences and opinions and unite as ONE WORLD, UNDER OUR TRUE HUMANITY, INDIVISIBLE, WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. (See how this can be done at

And finally, this is OUR APOCALYPSE:

We either unite as ONE and save ourselves, or with a false hope in something other than ourselves, we will end up destroying each other. For the last time.

The Humanity Party® has the solutions. No one else does.®

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