The controversial reason tens of thousands of people just lost their food stamps

April 2, 2016 |

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NOTHING is more devastating to a modern economy based on buying and selling with currency (money) more than limiting the the amount of money that the poor receive.

Here’s why:

The poor do NOT save their money. They simply cannot save money. Every penny that they earn, or are given through social programs, is put right back into the local economy. When a government gives poor people money (in whatever social support it is given), the government is actually supporting the economy!

Give the same money to the wealthy and they usually save it to increase their wealth, doing nothing for the local economy. Yes, the wealthy own the businesses that sell goods and services to the poor and provide the poor with employment opportunities. But these businesses can only be supported by the excess money that the poor majority have AFTER their basic needs are met.

The wealthy do not become so by paying high wages that make their workers rich. They become wealthy from the demand of their goods and services. If the demand goes down, so does the employment opportunities for the poor. If the poor have no money to purchase goods and services, the demand goes down exponentially.


If a government would just pay for a person’s rent, can one imagine how much more money would then go into the local economy? As it stands, the rents that the poor pay increase the wealth of usually just one individual, who probably puts the profits from the rents in some sort of an investment account to increase that person’s wealth without having to work. INVESTMENT ACCOUNTS AND SERVICES DO NOT SUPPORT A LOCAL ECONOMY like “money-in-the-hands” of the local consumers does.

CONCERNING investment accounts, especially the Stock Market:

Well did the revered Mahatma Gandhi claim as the NUMBER ONE World’s Deadliest Sin:

“Wealth Without Work” –Mahatma Gandhi


It’s okay for the wealthy to get money without work through legal investments, but it is not okay for the poor to get money without work through legal social programs? This abject hypocrisy is part of the problem.

The ridiculous act by some of the U.S. States to take people off public assistance will begin to erode their economies … just wait and see.

Of all politicians that exist in the United States, State Legislators (the law makers) are the most ignorant of all. They are part time politicians and hardly have the time during the few weeks that they meet each year to consider the effect of the bills that they turn into laws.

Check out the photos of two State Legislators who propose limiting helping the poor and needy found at the :20 second mark of the video included with the above story. See if you can determine what characteristic (appearance only) sets them apart from … let’s say … Bernie Sanders, a Socialist. Do either of these men appear to have ever had to depend on social programs for help? (Forgive the judgement on pure looks alone, but the point is made: the majority of Earth’s inhabitants do not have ‘the look’ that will enable them to have the world serve them with accolades and opportunity as does one with ‘the look.’)

The world needs the Humanity Party® and some courageous representatives of this political party who will stand up for the majority, in spite of the good looks and charisma of the minority who control the world.

THumP® has the solutions.

The controversial reason tens of thousands of people just lost their food stamps

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